Alohomora: A Harry Potter TCG


// 08th February 2017
- Alohomora has been on hiatus since September 26th 2016. Games are still playable, but it has had no update since.
- I have 296 Galleons.

// 03rd October 2016
- Dracos Wheel (Charms): hbp-hermione13, dh-princestale102, dh-bookcover07
- Rons Memory: ps-oliver01, ps-boats12, ps-bookcover02, 6G
- Dumbledore's Hidden Word: ps-mcgonagall14, hbp-poster206, 5G
- Pick a Pet: poa-blowingup13, ootp-luna17, ps-sorting02, 3G
- Harrys Slot Machine: gof-ageline08, poa-trelawney20, rupertgrint10, 9 Galleons
- Dobbys Gift: hbp-draco13, ps-hermione08, hbp-ginny20, 3  G
- Hermione's Freebies: hbp-bookcover13, gof-worldcup17, ps-boats13, gof-hermionesentrance14, 17 G
- Luna's Secret Number: bonniewright08, poa-bookcover07
- Hermione's Tombola (Medium): ps-bookcover11, gof-hermionesentrance13, gobletoffire09, 9 G
- Draco's War: ootp-harry07, ps-creatures11, hbp-harry06, 6 G
- Hagrid's Vote: ootp-tonks06, gof-hermionesentrance04, hbp-hermione07, 6G
- Maron has placed the game on Hiatus, though games are still playable.

// 05th September 2016
- Doubles Exchange: (exchanged my cos-cornishpixies01, cos-dobby10, cos-ginny09, cos-weasleyfamily01, dh-19yearslater11, dh-19yearslater16, dh-battleofhogwarts15, gof-harryhermione01, gof-harryhermione20, hbp-bookcover16, hbp-draco16, hbp-harry15, hbp-harry16, hbp-lavender19, matthewlewis04, nataliatena02, nataliatena06, poa-remuslupin06, poa-trelawney06, ps-arrivingathogwarts09, ps-creatures20, ps-gringotts08, ps-mcgonagall19, ps-ron05, ps-ron20, ps-snake18) for ps-arrivingathogwarts11, ootp-weasleyfamily08, poa-remuslupin13, poa-sirius14, ps-draco01, ps-snape01, gof-bookcover19, hbp-harry07, cos-poster319, hbp-poster115, dh-princestale203, cos-cornishpixies16, ps-owl14, cos-howler19, cos-ginny08, ootp-weasleyfamily02, dh-princestale216, gof-worldcup19, gof-yuleball02, poa-trelawney12, ps-owl06, poa-trelawney12, ps-ron17, dh-returntohogwarts11, ootp-tonks19, hbp-luna14
- Mastered ps-bookcover: ootp-bookcover11, ootp-bookcover12, dh-returntohogwarts18, ps-sorting20, ps-sorting01, 30 Housepoints, 20G
- Gringotts Wizarding Bank (Choice Card Coupon): ps-bookcover19
- Gringotts Wizarding Bank (Choice Card Coupon): ps-bookcover15
- Gringotts Wizarding Bank (Choice Card Coupon): ps-bookcover12
- Update Wish - Adelicya: (2 poster) cos-poster101, cos-poster103
- Update Wish - Marina: alanrickman02, helenabonhamcarter06
- Update Wish - Jennifer: cos-poster306, cos-poster308, dh1-hermione05, dh1-hermione07, gof-hermionesentrance07, gof-hermionesentrance09
- New Decks: cos-poster302, cos-poster304, dh1-hermione01, dh1-hermione03, gof-hermionesentrance03, gof-hermionesentrance05
- Puzzle (September): dh-bookcover14, cos-gilderoy18, cos-ron05, ps-letters09, 24 Galleons
- Nevilles Card Claim: (September 5): ps-quidditch08, cos-ginny07
- Dumbledore's Hidden Word: gof-cho12, poa-poster202, 9G
- Magic Generator (September): choice (1 Choice Card Coupon), cos-weasleyfamily01, hbp-bookcover16, ps-creatures20, gof-bookcover14
- Wishing Well (September): 50 Galleons
- Draco's Wheel (Charms): bonniewright15, ootp-bookcover05, gobletoffire10
- Ron's Memory: ps-arrivingathogwarts09, cos-harry18, evannalynch03, 7 Galleons
- Harry's Slot Machine: gof-harryhermione01, ralphfiennes04, poa-poster216, 7 Galleons
- Hermione's Freebies: ps-boats13, hbp-poster210, poa-remuslupin06, dh-princestale119, 11 Galleons
- Luna's Secret Number: gof-cho15, dh-princestale108
- Hermione's Tombola (Small): hbp-lavender17, 4 Galleons
- Hagrid's Vote: hbp-draco04, hbp-ginny08, ps-draco05, 5 Galleons

// 15th August 2016
- Mastered nataliatena: ps-bookcover08, ps-bookcover09, cos-ginny15, dh-19yearslater06, ps-harry17, 30 Housepoints, 20G
- Level Up: nataliatena18, deathlyhallowspart118, poa-blowingup19, ps-quidditch20, nataliatena09, 50 Housepoints, 20G
- Flourish and Blotts (Random Large): alanrickman05, deathlyhallowspart119, philosophersstone07, ootp-harry07, ootp-tonks11, ps-bookcover03, dh-battleofhogwarts15, ps-gringotts08, ootp-luna18, cos-gilderoy15
- Flourish and Blotts (Choice Large): 5 Choice Card Coupons (Cost 250G)
- Mastered dh-bookcover: nataliatena16, nataliatena17, ps-oliver12, ps-letters02, nataliatena02, 30 Housepoints, 20G
- Gringotts Wizarding Bank (Choice Card Coupon): dh-bookcover16
- Mastered poa-bookcover: dh-bookcover11, dh-bookcover15, cos-hermione05, ralphfiennes10, cos-ron15, 30 Housepoints, 20G
- Gringotts Wizarding Bank (Choice Card Coupon): poa-bookcover07
- Mastered cos-bookcover: poa-bookcover04, poa-bookcover06, cos-draco13, ps-snape13, hbp-dumbledoreharry02, 30 Housepoints, 20G
- Trade Reward: cos-cornishpixies01, hbp-dumbledoreharry10, 20 Housepoints, 10G
- Wish - Whitney and Allison (HAPPYBIRTHDAYHARRY): helenabonhamcarter01, poa-bookcover01, ps-bookcover05, ps-bookcover06, evannalynch07, helenabonhamcarter02, cos-hermione03, alanrickman20, nataliatena14, hbp-bookcover04, davidtennant15, nataliatena15, ps-harry14, hbp-bookcover05, davidtennant14, ralphfiennes08, cos-bookcover19, evannalynch06
- Wish - Pam (SUMMER): cos-bookcover18, rupertgrint09, ps-hermione01, ps-hermione03, poa-bookcover03, ralphfiennes10
- Wish - Adelicya (JULY): dh-bookcover09 (no J decks), rupertgrint07, alanrickman01, ps-harry15
- Harrys Slot Machine: gof-bookcover19, evannalynch11, cos-weasleyfamily01, 4 Galleons
- Update Freebie: special09
- New Decks (Aug 1): alanrickman05, alanrickman10, hbp-ginny03, poa-remuslupin04, dh2-hermioneron05, poa-remuslupin06
- Dracos Wheel (Charms): bonniewright19, alanrickman13, cos-harry10
- Rons Memory: hbp-dumbledoreharry05, ps-owl05, cos-cornishpixies18, 7G
- Dumbledore's Hidden Word: gof-ginny03, poa-poster113, 10G
- Pick a Pet: ootp-bookcover19, ootp-umbridge15, ps-ron13, 7G
- Dobbys Gift: gof-harryhermione20, ps-hogwarts16, poa-poster216, 5G
- Hermione's Freebies: hbp-albus20, gof-yuleball04, danielradcliffe19, ps-snape17, 18G
- Luna's Secret Number: hbp-poster318, dh-19yearslater15
- Hermione's Tombola (Medium): dh-threebrothers10, prisonerofazkaban14, ootp-harry16, 5G
- Draco's War: hbp-harry13, poa-blowingup18, dh-19yearslater11, 7G
- Nevilles Card Claim: (August 15): hbp-hermione14, ps-hermione02
- Hagrid's Vote: davidtennant13, ps-snake14, gof-cho17, 10G
- Your House won the Housecup!: dh-bookcover17, cos-ron19, ootp-firework09, gof-cedric13, ootp-umbridge18, 50G
- First House Cup Winner (Ravenclaw): choice, choice, hbp-lavender15, cos-poster205, dh-19yearslater11, philosophersstone16, poa-blowingup11, 100G

// 01st August 2016
- Flourish and Blotts (Random Large): hbp-bookcover17, hbp-luna19, ootp-weasleyfamily18, prisonerofazkaban20, poa-trelawney18, chamberofsecrets18, hbp-lavender02, gof-yuleball01, cos-harry17, cos-poster102
- Slug and Jiggers Apothecary: evannalynch09
- Sudoku (August): dh-princestale111, nataliatena06, poa-poster216, cos-bookcover07, ootp-harry06, 30G
- Dumbledore's Hidden Word: poa-poster320, poa-poster301, 7G
- Magic Generator (August): bp-harry15, deathlyhallowspart106, nataliatena01, 100G
- Wishing Well (August): 66G
- Dracos Wheel (History of Magic): gof-yuleball14, ps-hermione05, 7G
- Rons Memory: gof-harryhermione01, gof-fleur12, ps-mcgonagall19, 7G
- Harrys Slot Machine: hbp-harry19, hbp-poster103, ootp-weasleyfamily02, 8G
- Dobbys Gift: ootp-creatures16, gof-ageline02, hbp-draco08, 6G
- Hermione's Freebies: philosophersstone04, ps-draco19, ps-harry04, dh-battleofhogwarts02, 14G
- Luna's Secret Number: poa-trelawney06, evannalynch11
- Hermione's Tombola (Small): dh-dance18, 5G
- Nevilles Card Claim: (August 1): ps-ron05, cos-cornishpixies11
- Hagrid's Vote: ps-mcgonagall18, gof-ginny07, cos-dobby10, 8G

// 31st July 2016
- Wish (angelrose): [Fire in Alberta] ralphfiennes07, danielradcliffe05, rupertgrint03, evannalynch02, danielradcliffe08, nataliatena12, davidtennant10, helenabonhamcarter05, ps-bookcover02, rupertgrint06, ralphfiennes03, nataliatena13, poa-bookcover10
- Wish (Nicolie): [May] helenabonhamcarter15, davidtennant11, evannalynch04
- Wish (Adelicya): [2 characters] cos-hermione04, cos-hermione06
- New Decks (17 July): deathlyhallowspart104, helenabonhamcarter16, ps-diagonalley15, cos-poster218, dh-obliviate13, dh-princestale315, helenabonhamcarter03, ps-letters03, ootp-weasleyfamily19, hbp-poster311, ootp-harry12, ps-oliver01

// 09th June 2016
- Trade Reward: ootp-bookcover10, hbp-ron02, 20 Housepoints, 10G
- Mastered tomfelton: nataliatena10, nataliatena11, ps-ron20, hbp-albus03, dh-dance20, 30 Housepoints, 20G
- Gringotts Wizarding Bank (Choice Card Coupon): tomfelton20
- Flourish and Blotts (Choice Small): 1 Choice Card Coupon
- Slug and Jiggers Apothecary: ralphfiennes17
- Mastered bonniewright: tomfelton18, tomfelton19, ps-gringotts17, gof-worldcup07, cos-weasleyfamily15, 30 Housepoints, 20G
- Level Up (Lv.5): bonniewright20, ps-quidditch10, danielradcliffe09, hbp-lavender19, dh-19yearslater16, 50 Housepoints, 20G
- Update Wish - Pam: [SPRING] cos-bookcover13, ootp-bookcover06, ralphfiennes05, davidtennant09, evannalynch03, bonniewright19
- Update Wish - Mirai: [JUNE] bonniewright16, rupertgrint04, nataliatena09, evannalynch10
- Update Wish - Nina: [SUMMER] cos-bookcover12, rupertgrint02, tomfelton11, tomfelton15, davidtennant07, ralphfiennes02
- New Decks (5 June): evannalynch05, evannalynch15, ootp-creatures03, dh-threebrothers04, ps-quidditch05, ps-sorting06
- Nevilles Card Claim: (June 9): cos-ginny09, evannalynch01
- Rons Memory: ps-snake04, ps-ron16, hbp-luna20, 7G
- Luna's Question: poa-sirius10, poa-poster102, hbp-albus12, poa-bookcover08, 13G
- Wishing Well: cos-ron08, dh-19yearslater04, cos-cornishpixies10, poa-poster107, cos-howler02, matthewlewis04, ps-arrivingathogwarts15, rupertgrint17
- Snapes Spell: ps-sorting07, ps-quidditch19, cos-draco03, 6G
- Harrys Slot Machine: hbp-draco16, ps-halloween03, dh-threebrothers20, 6G
- Hermione's Freebies: matthewlewis17, ootp-luna16, hbp-bookcover14, hbp-dumbledoreharry06, 10G
- Luna's Secret Number: poa-poster213, gof-poster119
- Hagrid's Vote: ps-snake18, ps-bookcover17, ps-creatures20, 7G
- SPEW (May): cos-bookcover14, hbp-harry16, cos-poster114

// 31st May 2016
- Doubles Exchange: (my) cos-cornishpixies13, gof-cho13, hbp-hermione15, prisonerofazkaban05 for (new) ps-hermione10, hbp-luna15, nataliatena19, davidtennant08
- Doubles Exchange: (my) cos-dobby07, cos-dobby14, cos-ginny05, cos-ron11, gof-fleur04, gof-harryhermione16, gof-poster113, hbp-dumbledoreharry07, hbp-harry09, hbp-hermione15, hbp-poster110, hbp-poster205, hbp-ron12, matthewlewis02, matthewlewis19, ootp-tonks08, poa-poster206, poa-trelawney06, ps-draco09, ps-gringotts19, ps-snake04 for (new) ootp-umbridge02, cos-cornishpixies13, gof-harryhermione04, ps-snake18, ps-snake09, ps-snape02, ps-draco02, gof-cho13, chamberofsecrets01, hbp-hermione15, cos-ginny13, poa-sirius17, hbp-poster117, prisonerofazkaban05, ps-owl18, ps-hogwarts01, ps-arrivingathogwarts14, matthewlewis12, ps-creatures17, cos-cornishpixies01, ps-draco06
- Flourish and Blotts (Random Large): gof-ageline01, hbp-poster208, gof-cho18, cos-bookcover14, gof-worldcup17, hbp-hermione04, poa-poster202, ps-harry10, hbp-harry09, poa-poster206
- Flourish and Blotts (Random Large): matthewlewis18, davidtennant02, cos-harry05, ps-gringotts05, ps-mcgonagall02, hbp-ron10, hbp-ron12, hbp-lavender03, hbp-hermione01, poa-hermione20
- Flourish and Blotts (Random Large): gof-worldcup05, hbp-harry17, prisonerofazkaban15, poa-poster313, poa-blowingup09, hbp-ron02, ootp-firework12, gobletoffire03, gof-poster113, hbp-lavender14
- Mastered matthewlewis: bonniewright12, bonniewright14, ps-mcgonagall19, hbp-luna08, ps-hermione10, 30 Housepoints, 20G
- Gringotts Wizarding Bank (Choice Card Coupon): matthewlewis18
- Gringotts Wizarding Bank (Choice Card Coupon): matthewlewis17
- Gringotts Wizarding Bank (Choice Card Coupon): matthewlewis16
- Gringotts Wizarding Bank (Choice Card Coupon): matthewlewis15
- Gringotts Wizarding Bank (Choice Card Coupon): matthewlewis07
- Trade Reward: cos-ron11, hbp-dumbledoreharry07, 20 Housepoints, 10G
- Trade Reward: ps-owl19, cos-hermione05, 20 Housepoints, 10G
- Level Up: matthewlewis06, matthewlewis19, dh-19yearslater13, ps-snape08, nataliatena19, 50 Housepoints, 20G
- Update Wish (Meg): cos-hermione13, ps-hermione15
- Update Wish (Pam): bonniewright11, davidtennant06, matthewlewis12
- Update Wish (Adelicya): davidtennant05, ps-bookcover01
- Update Freebies: (SHORTBREAK) matthewlewis09, hbp-bookcover01, tomfelton14, rupertgrint01, davidtennant02, bonniewright18, ralphfiennes01, cos-bookcover05, nataliatena05, dh-bookcover06
- SPEW (April): choice
- Stamp - First time - Comment: tomfelton02, ootp-firework10, cos-ginny05, 20G
- Stamp - First time - Trade: hbp-ron12, cos-bookcover04, ootp-tonks16, 20G
- Stamp - First time - Master: chamberofsecrets20, gof-cedric18, rupertgrint05, 20G
- Stamp - Trader 10: cos-draco01, gof-ginny19, ralphfiennes20, 20G
- Stamp - House: cos-weasleyfamily03, gof-poster115, dh-battleofhogwarts01, 20G
- Dumbledore's Hidden Word: dh1-hermioneron07, poa-poster208, 10G
- Rons Memory: hbp-draco20, ps-harry09, dh1-hermioneron11, 3G
- Harrys Slot Machine: dh-dance15, tomfelton16, hbp-draco16, 8G
- Dracos Wheel (Defence Against the Dark Arts): special, choice, 7G
- Luna's Secret Number: chamberofsecrets19, ootp-tonks08
- Luna's Question: gof-worldcup16, poa-trelawney03, ralphfiennes19, poa-hermione05, 10G
- Wishing Well: ps-hermione14, poa-trelawney06, dh-battleofhogwarts09, gof-fleur04, dh-battleofhogwarts15, gof-harryhermione16, poa-hermione17, dh-19yearslater16
- Hermione's Tombola (Medium): matthewlewis04, gof-harryhermione16, poa-trelawney09, 6G
- Ron's Quote: bonniewright13, ps-snake04, 7G
- Snapes Spell: ps-halloween01, ps-snake04, hbp-poster115, 5G
- Pick a Pet: hbp-albus14, prisonerofazkaban05, poa-bookcover13, 4G
- Hermione's Freebies: ps-gringotts14, dh-dance10, ps-gringotts08, ootp-bookcover17, 16G
- Nevilles Card Claim: (May 31): ootp-umbridge11, ps-ron12
- Hagrid's Vote: ootp-umbridge10, hbp-poster205, dh-dance01, 6G

// 28th April 2016
- Update Wish (Fae): ootp-luna11
- Update Wish (Nicolie): cos-bookcover03, ootp-bookcover05, hbp-bookcover03, matthewlewis05, tomfelton10, bonniewright10
- Update Wish (Jennifer): choice token
- New Decks (24 Apr): ralphfiennes04, ralphfiennes06, prisonerofazkaban07, prisonerofazkaban09, dh-dance02, dh-dance04
- Nevilles Card Claim: (April 28): gof-cho16, poa-trelawney06
- Dumbledore's Hidden Word: hbp-lavender06, cos-dobby06, 9G
- Luna's Question: cos-draco11, ps-hermione02, 7G
- Ron's Quote: ps-hogwarts11, ps-hermione07, 3G
- Draco's War: ootp-bookcover02, tomfelton05, hbp-hermione03, 3G
- Luna's Secret Number: hbp-draco13, cos-howler01
- Hermione's Freebies: ps-draco09, cos-harry02, hbp-draco03, gof-yuleball19, 17G
- Hagrid's Vote: dh-bookcover12, cos-draco20, gof-cho13, 7G
- Donation - Tradecard: ps-arrivingathogwarts06, 10G, 10 Housepoints
- Donation - Tradecard: gof-yuleball11, 10G, 10 Housepoints

// 15th April 2016
- Trade Reward: hbp-dumbledoreharry16, poa-trelawney01, 20 Housepoints, 10G

// 11th April 2016
- Nevilles Card Claim: (April 11): cos-howler18, poa-blowingup20
- Update Wishes (Mirai, Adelicya): cos-bookcover01, nataliatena04 + replaying a weekly game (Neville's Card Claim)
- New Decks: ps-halloween07, ootp-tonks08, ps-arrivingathogwarts09, hbp-draco10, hbp-luna11, cos-hermione12
- Mastered danielradcliffe: bonniewright08, bonniewright09, ps-harry11, ps-ron05, tomfelton17, 30 Housepoints, 20G
- Gringotts Wizarding Bank (Choice Card Coupon): danielradcliffe20
- Gringotts Wizarding Bank (Choice Card Coupon): danielradcliffe19
- Melting Pot: Traded my poa-trelawney14 for bonniewright07
- Nevilles Card Claim: (April 11): ps-draco03, cos-dobby14
- Harrys Slot Machine: hbp-poster112, matthewlewis20, hbp-dumbledoreharry14, 7G
- Rons Memory: ps-bookcover04, gof-ginny04, gof-cedric10, 4G
- Dumbledores Wish: cos-weasleyfamily17, hbp-hermione12, 10G
- Snapes Spell: philosophersstone15, hbp-albus15, hbp-luna09, 3G
- Draco's War: nataliatena02, gof-yuleball12, gof-cho05, 6G
- Luna's Secret Number: poa-emergencytransport08, cos-howler09
- Hermione's Freebies: hbp-luna20, hbp-dumbledoreharry15, hbp-ron11, cos-ron11, 16G
- Hagrid's Vote: matthewlewis02, poa-trelawney17, hbp-poster107, 10G
- Trade Reward: poa-trelawney02, ps-bookcover13, 20 Housepoints, 10G

// 07th April 2016
- Flourish and Blotts (Random Large): cos-dobby07, poa-trelawney14, hbp-hermione15, gof-yuleball07, cos-howler18, hbp-albus16, ootp-bookcover15, matthewlewis02, ps-ron05, davidtennant01 (cost 130G)
- Slug and Jiggers Apothecary: matthewlewis13 (cost 20G)
- Mastered emmawatson: danielradcliffe17, danielradcliffe18, hbp-hermione15, poa-blowingup06, poa-blowingup04, 30 Housepoints, 20G
- Gringotts Wizarding Bank (Choice Card Coupon): emmawatson20
- Gringotts Wizarding Bank (Choice Card Coupon): emmawatson19
- Flourish and Blotts (Choice Large): 5 Choice Card Coupons (cost 250G)
- Harrys Missing Snitch (April):  hbp-poster108, poa-blowingup15, gof-bookcover20, ootp-bookcover08, gof-ginny17, 20G
- Level Up (Lv.3): emmawatson18, cos-dobby07, hbp-hermione12, gof-worldcup19, hbp-dumbledoreharry07, 50 Housepoints, 20G
- Update Freebie: gof-bookcover01, danielradcliffe14, emmawatson17, tomfelton04, davidtennant01, bonniewright05, poa-bookcover12, emmawatson16, danielradcliffe16, matthewlewis02, tomfelton06, bonniewright06
- Event Freebies: special04, special05, special06
- New Decks: nataliatena01, nataliatena03, gobletoffire05, ootp-luna07, ps-draco09, dh1-hermioneron11, ootp-firework13, dh1-hermioneron15
- Update Wish (Allison): emmawatson15, tomfelton01, tomfelton02, matthewlewis01, bonniewright03, emmawatson14, bonniewright04, danielradcliffe10, danielradcliffe13
- Update Wish (Rheanna): emmawatson13, danielradcliffe07
- Nevilles Card Claim: (April 7): nataliatena02, ps-snake13
- Dumbledore's Hidden Word: gof-cedric19, gof-fleur05, 6G
- Wishing Well: cos-ron18, gof-cedric10, ps-hogwarts16, cos-ron01, poa-emergencytransport17, cos-harry07, cos-dobby14, danielradcliffe06
- Hermiones Tombola (Grandprize):  gof-yuleball20, poa-poster210, gof-cedric08, ps-bookcover16, 10G
- Luna's Question: gof-yuleball13, gof-harryhermione15, 7G
- Dracos Wheel: cos-dobby02, ps-snape15, 3G
- Draco's War: ootp-firework18, ps-gringotts19, gof-harryhermione20, 7G
- Luna's Secret Number: gof-harryhermione11, hbp-poster101
- Hermione's Freebies: ps-hermione13, ps-ron20, cos-ginny09, cos-howler19, 19G
- Hagrid's Vote: ps-gringotts16, ps-owl03, ootp-firework02, 4G
- SPEW March: cos-bookcover11, ps-harry19, hbp-poster205, 0 , 0 Housepoints

// 30th March 2016
- Slug and Jiggers Apothecary: tomfelton17 (-20G)
- Mastered hbp-hermione: emmawatson03, emmawatson04, bonniewright02, hbp-harry18, poa-trelawney04, 30 Housepoints, 20G
- Gringotts Wizarding Bank (Choice Card Coupon): hbp-hermione19
- Gringotts Wizarding Bank (Choice Card Coupon): hbp-hermione18
- Update Question (Mar 27): hbp-hermione14
- Update Freebie (Mar 27): special03
- New Decks (Mar 27): bonniewright01, bonniewright02, davidtennant03, davidtennant04, ps-snape05, ps-hogwarts06, poa-sirius07, poa-sirius08
- Update Wish (Michelle): chamberofsecrets10
- Update Wish (Meg): hbp-hermione09, danielradcliffe02, cos-bookcover10, matthewlewis10, emmawatson01, dh-bookcover02, hbp-hermione07, poa-sirius06, danielradcliffe06, emmawatson07, cos-ginny04
- Slug and Jiggers Apothecary: hbp-hermione13 (-20G)
- Level Up: hbp-hermione06, matthewlewis03, hbp-harry12, danielradcliffe04, poa-emergencytransport19, 50 Housepoints, 20G
- Nevilles Card Claim: (March 30): hbp-hermione08, matthewlewis14
- Rons Memory: cos-poster102, ootp-bookcover03, ps-owl09, 4G
- Snapes Spell: emmawatson11, cos-ron17, cos-ron10, 3G
- Harrys Slot Machine: ps-snake12, ps-hermione15, gof-cedric17, 3G
- Dobbys Gift: ps-owl16, ps-gringotts19, cos-poster116, 8G
- Luna's Secret Number: ps-hogwarts01, hbp-bookcover15
- Hermione's Freebies: hbp-harry15, gof-ginny06, ps-snake16, gof-yuleball06, 20G
- Hagrid's Vote: chamberofsecrets12, ps-snake15, cos-cornishpixies16, 4G
- Easter Egg: 18G

// 29th March 2016
- Easter Egg: 14G

// 27th March 2016
- Easter Egg: ps-hogwarts09, ps-hogwarts02, 8G

// 26th March 2016
- Easter Egg: 26G

// 25th March 2016
- Easter Egg: cos-ginny05, poa-bookcover11, 8G

// 24th March 2016
- Easter Egg: ps-hermione04, gof-fleur04

// 23rd March 2016
- Easter Egg: ps-gringotts03, tomfelton03, 10G

// 22nd March 2016
- Update Freebie (EASTER): hbp-hermione02, danielradcliffe15, emmawatson09, emmawatson10, danielradcliffe05, hbp-hermione03
- Easter Egg: hbp-bookcover10, cos-ginny11, 6G
- Referred Jams: ps-gringotts02, gof-harryhermione11, 20G, 10 Housepoints

// 19th March 2016
- Update Freebies: special01, special02
- Update Freebies (PREJOIN): hbp-hermione01, danielradcliffe01, tomfelton05, emmawatson05, hbp-hermione20, emmawatson02, danielradcliffe08
- Update Question: choice card (hbp-hermione10)
- Wishing Well: ps-gringotts13, cos-cornishpixies02, hbp-poster110, gof-ginny08, ps-gringotts14, cos-poster105, cos-poster118, hbp-ron08
- Joined SPEW: Cost 10G
- Dumbledores Wish: poa-trelawney18, poa-poster206, 10G
- Melting Pot: Traded (my) gof-poster111 for danielradcliffe04
- Harrys Missing Snitch (March):  choice, gof-cho14, cos-draco08, danielradcliffe12, hbp-ron17, ootp-bookcover18, 28G
- Rons Memory: cos-bookcover17, hbp-hermione05, cos-ron20, 7G
- Dumbledore's Hidden Word: cos-ginny08, danielradcliffe11, 7G
- Hermiones Tombola (Grandprize):  choice, danielradcliffe11, gof-ageline01, ps-ron15, tomfelton12, 10G
- Luna's Question: gof-yuleball12, cos-bookcover07, 5G
- Snapes Spell: hbp-harry09, gof-worldcup02, gof-bookcover03, 4G
- Harrys Slot Machine: ps-bookcover20, dh-bookcover05, gof-cedric06, 8G
- Luna's Secret Number: ps-ron06, gof-fleur08
- Nevilles Card Claim: (March 19): hbp-hermione15, danielradcliffe03
- Draco's War: cos-draco01, hbp-ron12, hbp-albus18, 4G
- Hermione's Freebies: dh-bookcover01, danielradcliffe09, cos-cornishpixies13, poa-emergencytransport10, 17 G
- Hagrid's Vote: gof-fleur01, gof-poster111, cos-weasleyfamily15, 3 Galleons

// 12th March 2016
- Starter Pack: hbp-hermione17, hbp-hermione04, hbp-hermione12, cos-draco06, cos-ginny05, ps-gringotts02, cos-ron05, cos-dobby10, 50 Galleons
// 22nd August 2016
- Traded Allison: my ps-oliver12, ps-letters02, ps-letters03, poa-blowingup15, poa-blowingup20 for gof-poster101, gof-poster102, poa-poster218, hbp-poster204, hbp-poster207

// 15th August 2016
- Traded Nina: my ootp-tonks16 for davidtennant13

// 14th August 2016
- Traded Allison: my prisonerofazkaban15, ps-quidditch19, dh-threebrothers04, poa-sirius06, poa-sirius07, poa-sirius08, ps-diagonalley15, poa-trelawney01, poa-trelawney03, poa-trelawney04, poa-trelawney09, poa-trelawney17, poa-trelawney18 for helenabonhamcarter04, helenabonhamcarter13, nataliatena20, ralphfiennes09, rupertgrint08, rupertgrint11, ps-bookcover11, cos-bookcover09, gof-bookcover06, gof-bookcover14, ps-hermione17, ps-hermione18, ps-hermione19

// 06th August 2016
- Traded Nina: my gof-harryhermione11, mc-Jennifer for ps-bookcover07, mc-Nina

// 03rd August 2016
- Traded Christine: my gof-yuleball01, gof-yuleball07, gof-yuleball11, gof-yuleball12, mc-Jennifer for rupertgrint16, ps-bookcover03, poa-poster119, hbp-poster203, mc-Christine

// 10th June 2016
- Traded rosielouise: my ps-snape05, ps-snape15, hbp-dumbledoreharry06, hbp-dumbledoreharry07, mc-Jennifer for cos-bookcover20, dh-bookcover18, ootp-bookcover20, poa-bookcover02, mc-Rosielouise

// 04th June 2016
- Traded Allison: my cos-draco11, philosophersstone15, gobletoffire03, ps-snake04, ps-snake09, ps-snake12, ps-snake13, ps-snake15, ps-snake16 for bonniewright15, bonniewright17, ralphfiennes19, cos-bookcover16, poa-bookcover17, poa-bookcover19, ps-bookcover10, cos-howler05, cos-howler11

// 31st May 2016
- Traded Marina: my gof-yuleball13, gof-yuleball20, hbp-ron10, hbp-ron17, hbp-ron02, davidtennant02 for nataliatena07, cos-bookcover06, hbp-bookcover12, hbp-bookcover20, poa-bookcover09, poa-bookcover12

// 23rd May 2016
- Traded Kath: my dh-dance02, poa-emergencytransport17, poa-emergencytransport19 for matthewlewis19, poa-bookcover14, hbp-lavender19

// 05th May 2016
- Traded LaMoonstar: my hbp-luna09, hbp-luna11, hbp-luna20, ps-hermione04, mc-Jennifer for gof-bookcover18, hbp-bookcover16, ootp-bookcover04, ps-bookcover14, mc-LaMoonstar

// 02nd May 2016
- Traded Adelicya: my hbp-hermione12, hbp-ron12, mc-Jennifer for hbp-harry04, hbp-harry16, mc-Adelicya

// 22nd April 2016
- Traded Mirai: my chamberofsecrets10, mc-Jennifer for matthewlewis08, mc-Mirai

// 21st April 2016
- Traded LaMoonstar: my hbp-luna09, hbp-luna11, hbp-luna20, ps-hermione04, mc-Jennifer for gof-bookcover18, hbp-bookcover16, ootp-bookcover04, ps-bookcover14, mc-LaMoonstar

// 16th April 2016
- Traded Rie: my ps-hogwarts02, mc-Jennifer for gof-bookcover12, mc-Rie

// 15th April 2016
- Traded Alecks: my cos-ginny04, cos-ginny11, cos-draco01, cos-draco06, cos-draco08, ps-draco03, mc-Jennifer for davidtennant12, nataliatena08, gof-bookcover02, poa-bookcover18, poa-bookcover20, ps-bookcover18, mc-Alecks
- Traded Nicolie: my dh1-hermioneron11, dh1-hermioneron15, gobletoffire05, gof-cedric06, gof-cedric08, gof-cedric10, gof-cedric17, gof-cedric19, mc-Jennifer for matthewlewis08, matthewlewis19, nataliatena06, tomfelton13, cos-bookcover02, poa-bookcover15, poa-bookcover16, mc-Nicolie, bonniewright09
- Traded Pam: my gof-cedric10, poa-emergencytransport08, mc-Jennifer for nataliatena06, tomfelton08, mc-Pam

// 12th April 2016
- Traded Marina: my tomfelton17, ps-hermione15, hbp-draco10, gof-yuleball06 for gof-bookcover11, dh-bookcover08, dh-bookcover14, dh-bookcover19

// 10th April 2016
- Traded Fae: my ootp-luna07, mc-Jennifer for ootp-bookcover07, mc-Fae
- Traded Allison: my ps-ron05, ps-hogwarts01, ps-hogwarts06, ps-hogwarts09, ps-hogwarts16, ps-gringotts02, ps-gringotts03, ps-gringotts16, cos-howler18, cos-howler19, mc-Jennifer for cos-bookcover08, dh-bookcover07, gof-bookcover13, hbp-bookcover02, hbp-bookcover06, hbp-bookcover08, matthewlewis11, ootp-bookcover01, ootp-bookcover09, poa-bookcover05, mc-Allison

// 09th April 2016
- Traded Rheanna: my ps-hermione13, gof-worldcup19, mc-Jennifer for cos-bookcover15, dh-bookcover20, mc-Rheanna

// 24th March 2016
- Traded Maron: my cos-ginny05, cos-ginny08, gof-ginny08, mc-Jennifer for dh-bookcover03, dh-bookcover10, dh-bookcover13, mc-Maron

// 23rd March 2016
- Traded Elin: my ps-gringotts13, ps-gringotts14, ps-gringotts20, mc-Jennifer for matthewlewis04, dh-bookcover04, ootp-bookcover14, mc-Elin
- Traded Marina: my gof-harryhermione11, ps-ron15, mc-Jennifer for emmawatson06, emmawatson08, mc-Marina

// 22nd March 2016
- Traded Betty: my hbp-albus18, mc-Jennifer for hbp-hermione11, mc-Betty

// 20th March 2016
- Traded Fleur: my gof-fleur01, gof-fleur08, mc-Jennifer for hbp-hermione16, mc-Fleur, tomfelton09
- Traded Ash: my gof-yuleball12, poa-emergencytransport10, mc-Jennifer for emmawatson12, tomfelton07, mc-Ash
- Traded Ajisaitea: my ps-ron06, mc-Jennifer for ps-gringotts20, mc-Ajisaitea
- Traded Jenny: my cos-ron05, cos-weasleyfamily15, gof-ageline01, gof-worldcup02, mc-Jennifer for cos-poster104, gof-poster111, gof-poster113, hbp-poster110, mc-Jenny
// Mastered Decks
	bonniewright (20/20)
	cos-bookcover (20/20)
	danielradcliffe (20/20)
	dh-bookcover (20/20)
	emmawatson (20/20)
	hbp-hermione (20/20)
	matthewlewis (20/20)
	nataliatena (20/20)
	poa-bookcover (20/20)
	ps-bookcover (20/20)
	tomfelton (20/20)

// Member Cards
mc-Adelicya, mc-Ajisaitea, mc-Alecks, mc-Allison, mc-Ash, mc-Betty, mc-Christine, mc-Elin, mc-Fae, mc-Fleur, mc-Jennifer, mc-Jennifer, mc-Jenny, mc-LaMoonstar, mc-Marina, mc-Maron, mc-Mirai, mc-Nicolie, mc-Nina, mc-Pam, mc-Rheanna, mc-Rie, mc-Rosielouise

// Currency & Items
choice, choice, choice, special

// Cards
cos-hermione03, cos-hermione04, cos-hermione05, cos-hermione06, cos-hermione12, cos-hermione13, cos-poster101, cos-poster102, cos-poster103, cos-poster104, cos-poster105, cos-poster114, cos-poster116, cos-poster118, cos-poster205, cos-poster218, cos-poster302, cos-poster304, cos-poster306, cos-poster308, cos-poster319, dh1-hermione01, dh1-hermione03, dh1-hermione05, dh1-hermione07, gof-poster101, gof-poster102, gof-poster111, gof-poster113, gof-poster115, gof-poster119, hbp-hermione07, hbp-hermione13, hbp-hermione14, hbp-poster101, hbp-poster103, hbp-poster107, hbp-poster108, hbp-poster110, hbp-poster112, hbp-poster115, hbp-poster117, hbp-poster203, hbp-poster204, hbp-poster205, hbp-poster206, hbp-poster207, hbp-poster208, hbp-poster210, hbp-poster311, hbp-poster318, poa-hermione05, poa-hermione17, poa-hermione20, poa-poster102, poa-poster107, poa-poster113, poa-poster119, poa-poster202, poa-poster202, poa-poster206, poa-poster208, poa-poster210, poa-poster213, poa-poster216, poa-poster216, poa-poster216, poa-poster218, poa-poster301, poa-poster313, poa-poster320, ps-hermione01, ps-hermione02, ps-hermione03, ps-hermione05, ps-hermione07, ps-hermione10, ps-hermione14, ps-hermione15, ps-hermione17, ps-hermione18, ps-hermione19, alanrickman05, bonniewright02, bonniewright08, bonniewright09, bonniewright15, bonniewright19, chamberofsecrets01, chamberofsecrets12, chamberofsecrets18, chamberofsecrets19, chamberofsecrets20, cos-bookcover07, cos-bookcover14, cos-cornishpixies01, cos-cornishpixies02, cos-cornishpixies10, cos-cornishpixies11, cos-cornishpixies13, cos-cornishpixies16, cos-cornishpixies16, cos-cornishpixies18, cos-dobby02, cos-dobby06, cos-dobby07, cos-dobby10, cos-dobby14, cos-draco01, cos-draco03, cos-draco13, cos-draco20, cos-gilderoy15, cos-gilderoy18, cos-ginny05, cos-ginny07, cos-ginny08, cos-ginny09, cos-ginny13, cos-ginny15, cos-harry02, cos-harry05, cos-harry07, cos-harry10, cos-harry17, cos-harry18, cos-hermione05, cos-howler01, cos-howler02, cos-howler05, cos-howler09, cos-howler11, cos-howler18, cos-howler19, cos-poster102, cos-ron01, cos-ron05, cos-ron08, cos-ron10, cos-ron11, cos-ron15, cos-ron17, cos-ron18, cos-ron19, cos-weasleyfamily01, cos-weasleyfamily03, cos-weasleyfamily15, cos-weasleyfamily17, danielradcliffe04, danielradcliffe05, danielradcliffe06, danielradcliffe08, danielradcliffe09, danielradcliffe11, danielradcliffe19, davidtennant01, davidtennant13, deathlyhallowspart104, deathlyhallowspart106, deathlyhallowspart118, deathlyhallowspart119, dh-19yearslater04, dh-19yearslater06, dh-19yearslater11, dh-19yearslater13, dh-19yearslater15, dh-19yearslater16, dh-battleofhogwarts01, dh-battleofhogwarts02, dh-battleofhogwarts09, dh-battleofhogwarts15, dh-bookcover07, dh-bookcover14, dh-dance01, dh-dance04, dh-dance10, dh-dance15, dh-dance18, dh-dance20, dh-obliviate13, dh-princestale102, dh-princestale108, dh-princestale111, dh-princestale119, dh-princestale203, dh-princestale216, dh-princestale315, dh-returntohogwarts11, dh-returntohogwarts18, dh-threebrothers10, dh-threebrothers20, dh1-hermioneron07, dh1-hermioneron11, dh2-hermioneron05, evannalynch03, evannalynch11, gobletoffire09, gobletoffire10, gof-ageline01, gof-ageline02, gof-ageline08, gof-bookcover14, gof-bookcover18, gof-bookcover19, gof-cedric13, gof-cedric18, gof-cho05, gof-cho12, gof-cho13, gof-cho14, gof-cho15, gof-cho16, gof-cho17, gof-cho18, gof-fleur04, gof-fleur05, gof-fleur12, gof-ginny03, gof-ginny04, gof-ginny06, gof-ginny07, gof-ginny17, gof-ginny19, gof-harryhermione01, gof-harryhermione04, gof-harryhermione15, gof-harryhermione16, gof-harryhermione20, gof-hermionesentrance03, gof-hermionesentrance04, gof-hermionesentrance05, gof-hermionesentrance07, gof-hermionesentrance09, gof-hermionesentrance13, gof-hermionesentrance14, gof-worldcup05, gof-worldcup07, gof-worldcup16, gof-worldcup17, gof-worldcup17, gof-worldcup19, gof-yuleball02, gof-yuleball04, gof-yuleball14, gof-yuleball19, hbp-albus03, hbp-albus12, hbp-albus14, hbp-albus15, hbp-albus16, hbp-albus20, hbp-bookcover16, hbp-draco03, hbp-draco04, hbp-draco08, hbp-draco13, hbp-draco13, hbp-draco16, hbp-draco20, hbp-dumbledoreharry02, hbp-dumbledoreharry05, hbp-dumbledoreharry10, hbp-dumbledoreharry14, hbp-dumbledoreharry15, hbp-dumbledoreharry16, hbp-ginny03, hbp-ginny08, hbp-ginny20, hbp-harry04, hbp-harry06, hbp-harry07, hbp-harry09, hbp-harry12, hbp-harry13, hbp-harry15, hbp-harry16, hbp-harry17, hbp-harry18, hbp-harry19, hbp-hermione01, hbp-hermione03, hbp-hermione04, hbp-hermione12, hbp-hermione15, hbp-lavender02, hbp-lavender03, hbp-lavender06, hbp-lavender14, hbp-lavender15, hbp-lavender17, hbp-lavender19, hbp-luna08, hbp-luna14, hbp-luna15, hbp-luna19, hbp-luna20, hbp-poster115, hbp-ron02, hbp-ron08, hbp-ron11, hbp-ron12, matthewlewis02, matthewlewis04, matthewlewis08, matthewlewis12, matthewlewis17, matthewlewis18, matthewlewis19, nataliatena01, nataliatena02, nataliatena06, nataliatena09, nataliatena19, ootp-bookcover04, ootp-bookcover05, ootp-creatures03, ootp-creatures16, ootp-firework02, ootp-firework09, ootp-firework10, ootp-firework12, ootp-firework13, ootp-firework18, ootp-harry06, ootp-harry07, ootp-harry07, ootp-harry12, ootp-harry16, ootp-luna11, ootp-luna16, ootp-luna17, ootp-luna18, ootp-tonks06, ootp-tonks08, ootp-tonks11, ootp-tonks19, ootp-umbridge02, ootp-umbridge10, ootp-umbridge11, ootp-umbridge15, ootp-umbridge18, ootp-weasleyfamily02, ootp-weasleyfamily02, ootp-weasleyfamily08, ootp-weasleyfamily18, ootp-weasleyfamily19, philosophersstone04, philosophersstone07, philosophersstone16, poa-blowingup04, poa-blowingup06, poa-blowingup09, poa-blowingup11, poa-blowingup13, poa-blowingup18, poa-blowingup19, poa-bookcover07, poa-bookcover12, poa-remuslupin04, poa-remuslupin06, poa-remuslupin13, poa-sirius10, poa-sirius14, poa-sirius17, poa-trelawney02, poa-trelawney06, poa-trelawney12, poa-trelawney12, poa-trelawney18, poa-trelawney20, prisonerofazkaban05, prisonerofazkaban07, prisonerofazkaban09, prisonerofazkaban14, prisonerofazkaban20, ps-arrivingathogwarts06, ps-arrivingathogwarts09, ps-arrivingathogwarts11, ps-arrivingathogwarts14, ps-arrivingathogwarts15, ps-boats12, ps-boats13, ps-boats13, ps-bookcover02, ps-bookcover03, ps-bookcover11, ps-bookcover14, ps-creatures11, ps-creatures17, ps-creatures20, ps-draco01, ps-draco02, ps-draco05, ps-draco06, ps-draco09, ps-draco19, ps-gringotts02, ps-gringotts05, ps-gringotts08, ps-gringotts14, ps-gringotts17, ps-gringotts19, ps-halloween01, ps-halloween03, ps-halloween07, ps-harry04, ps-harry09, ps-harry10, ps-harry11, ps-harry14, ps-harry15, ps-harry17, ps-harry19, ps-hermione02, ps-hermione08, ps-hermione10, ps-hogwarts01, ps-hogwarts11, ps-hogwarts16, ps-letters09, ps-mcgonagall02, ps-mcgonagall14, ps-mcgonagall18, ps-mcgonagall19, ps-oliver01, ps-oliver01, ps-owl03, ps-owl05, ps-owl06, ps-owl09, ps-owl14, ps-owl16, ps-owl18, ps-owl19, ps-quidditch05, ps-quidditch08, ps-quidditch10, ps-quidditch20, ps-ron05, ps-ron12, ps-ron13, ps-ron16, ps-ron17, ps-ron20, ps-snake04, ps-snake14, ps-snake18, ps-snape01, ps-snape02, ps-snape08, ps-snape13, ps-snape17, ps-sorting01, ps-sorting02, ps-sorting06, ps-sorting07, ps-sorting20, ralphfiennes04, ralphfiennes10, tomfelton02, tomfelton05, alanrickman13, alanrickman05, alanrickman10, alanrickman01, alanrickman20, alanrickman02, davidtennant01, davidtennant03, davidtennant04, davidtennant12, davidtennant02, davidtennant05, davidtennant06, davidtennant08, davidtennant07, davidtennant09, davidtennant11, davidtennant10, davidtennant13, davidtennant14, davidtennant15, evannalynch01, evannalynch05, evannalynch15, evannalynch10, evannalynch03, evannalynch04, evannalynch02, evannalynch11, evannalynch09, evannalynch06, evannalynch07, helenabonhamcarter16, helenabonhamcarter03, helenabonhamcarter15, helenabonhamcarter05, helenabonhamcarter04, helenabonhamcarter13, helenabonhamcarter01, helenabonhamcarter02, helenabonhamcarter06, ralphfiennes04, ralphfiennes06, ralphfiennes19, ralphfiennes20, ralphfiennes01, ralphfiennes19, ralphfiennes02, ralphfiennes05, ralphfiennes17, ralphfiennes07, ralphfiennes03, ralphfiennes09, ralphfiennes08, ralphfiennes10, rupertgrint05, rupertgrint01, rupertgrint17, rupertgrint02, rupertgrint04, rupertgrint03, rupertgrint06, rupertgrint16, rupertgrint08, rupertgrint11, rupertgrint07, rupertgrint09, rupertgrint10, gof-bookcover01, gof-bookcover02, gof-bookcover03, gof-bookcover11, gof-bookcover12, gof-bookcover13, gof-bookcover18, gof-bookcover20, gof-bookcover06, gof-bookcover14, gof-bookcover19, ootp-bookcover01, ootp-bookcover02, ootp-bookcover03, ootp-bookcover04, ootp-bookcover05, ootp-bookcover06, ootp-bookcover07, ootp-bookcover08, ootp-bookcover09, ootp-bookcover10, ootp-bookcover14, ootp-bookcover15, ootp-bookcover17, ootp-bookcover18, ootp-bookcover20, ootp-bookcover19, ootp-bookcover11, ootp-bookcover12, hbp-bookcover01, hbp-bookcover02, hbp-bookcover03, hbp-bookcover06, hbp-bookcover08, hbp-bookcover10, hbp-bookcover12, hbp-bookcover14, hbp-bookcover15, hbp-bookcover16, hbp-bookcover20, hbp-bookcover17, hbp-bookcover04, hbp-bookcover05, hbp-bookcover13

// Cards (Worth 2)
special01, special02, special03, special04, special05, special06, special09