Elite Trainer: A Pokémon TCG


// 08th February 2017
- The last update to Elite Trainer was on September 14th, 2016. Looks like it has been abandoned, and I'll be archiving my post soon.

// 09th April 2016
- Spring Event Final: spring06_07, spring09_04, spring06_08, spring03_05, spring04_09, spring09_01, spring03_07, spring10_09, nidorina01_09, tentacruel02_07, safari_fighting, safari_electric

// 08th April 2016
- Spring Pokemon 10: spring09_01, spring07_02, spring05_04, eevee02_08, safari_flying
- Spring Pokemon 9: spring05_01, spring01_08, spring01_01, growlithe02_07, safari_rock
- Spring Pokemon 1: spring03_09, spring05_08, safari_poison
- Spring Pokemon 7: spring05_08, spring06_01, aerodactyl02_05, safari_fairy
- Spring Pokemon 8: spring09_08, spring05_07, spring10_06, abra01_07, safari_steel
- Spring Pokemon 6: spring06_05, spring02_03, mrmime01_01, safari_ghost
- Spring Pokemon 4: spring09_02, spring05_01, tangela02_09, safari_dark
- Spring Pokemon 3: spring03_06, spring10_08, safari_ground
- Spring Pokemon 5: spring02_07, spring05_02, rapidash02_06, safari_grass
- Spring Pokemon 2: spring05_04, spring03_08, safari_dark
- Hometown Black Jack: froakie02_05, mudkip02_08, evo_domefossil
- Hometown Level Guess: piplup01_05, totodile02_03, evo_clawfossil
- Starter Slots: squirtle03_06, squirtle01_06, mega_gardevoirite
- Hometown Tic Tac Toe: charmander02_09, chespin01_08, evo_shinystone

// 04th March 2016
- Hometown Tic Tac Toe: froakie02_01, froakie02_09, mega_sceptilite
- Hometown Level Guess: charmander03_04, piplup01_06, evo_whippeddream
- Hometown Black Jack: totodile02_03, bulbasaur01_06, evo_dragonscale

// 21st February 2016
- Hometown Tic Tac Toe: totodile01_02, charmander02_09, safari_bug
- Hometown Level Guess: totodile02_03, snivy01_06, ball_great
- Hometown Black Jack: snivy02_07, bulbasaur03_03, evo_ability
- Starter Slots: chespin02_03, charmander02_07, mega_swampertite

// 13th February 2016
- Starter Slots: mudkip01_08, totodile02_05, evo_waterstone
- Hometown Tic Tac Toe: cyndaquil01_04, totodile02_08, evo_skullfossil
- Hometown Level Guess: fennekin01_09, turtwig01_05, evo_location
- Hometown Black Jack: cyndaquil02_01, charmander01_02, evo_electirizer

// 05th February 2016
- Starters: froakie02_07, bulbasaur01_04, treecko02_01, treecko02_09, 1 choice (rattata01_01), 3 Pokeballs
// 14th April 2016
- Traded Rae: my charmander02_09, rapidash02_06, eevee02_08, growlithe02_07 for raticate01_04, raticate01_09, raticate02_06, rattata02_08

// 06th March 2016
- Traded Hotaru: my totodile02_03 for raticate01_06

// 17th February 2016
- Traded Mirai: my cyndaquil01_04, totodile02_08, treecko02_01 for rattata01_03, rattata01_06, rattata01_07
rattata01_01, rattata01_03, rattata01_06, rattata01_07, rattata02_08, raticate01_04, raticate01_06, raticate01_09, raticate02_06, abra01_07, aerodactyl02_05, bulbasaur01_04, bulbasaur01_06, bulbasaur03_03, charmander01_02, charmander02_07, charmander02_09, charmander03_04, chespin01_08, chespin02_03, cyndaquil02_01, fennekin01_09, froakie02_01, froakie02_05, froakie02_07, froakie02_09, mrmime01_01, mudkip01_08, mudkip02_08, nidorina01_09, piplup01_05, piplup01_06, snivy01_06, snivy02_07, spring01_01, spring01_08, spring02_03, spring02_07, spring03_05, spring03_06, spring03_07, spring03_08, spring03_09, spring04_09, spring05_01, spring05_01, spring05_02, spring05_04, spring05_04, spring05_07, spring05_08, spring05_08, spring06_01, spring06_05, spring06_07, spring06_08, spring07_02, spring09_01, spring09_01, spring09_02, spring09_04, spring09_08, spring10_06, spring10_08, spring10_09, squirtle01_06, squirtle03_06, tangela02_09, tentacruel02_07, totodile01_02, totodile02_03, totodile02_03, totodile02_05, treecko02_09, turtwig01_05