Fellowship: A Lord of The Rings TCG


// 22nd July 2010
Forum - Higher or Lower: funeraloftheodred04, sonsofthesteward12.
Forum - Complete The Deck: proudtofight02.
New Decks: passingofelves14, awedding14, viggomortensen14, theshire09, hollywood-fotrpre14, nevertoreturn07.
Weekly Freebie: killedanotherone07.
Guess the Number: theshire08.
Lottery: gandalfthewhite08, longshanks01.
Memory: legolas201, beaconsarelit12 .
Character Guess: thepalantir10.
Quoted: eomer310.
Recognize This?: merrypippin202, rivendell03.
Scene It: awedding01, pippin301.
Choices: rohan07, shallnotpass09.
Torn Card: atfirstlight04.
Puzzled: thepalantir05, rivendell10.
Caption Contest Voting: eomer317.
Smudged: wormtongue209, arwen112.
Make A Wish: Take one #10 card of choice - eowyn210.
Doubles Trade-in: merrypippin208 to replace my rivendell03.

// 16th July 2010
Guess the Number: ianmckellen08
Memory: pathofthedead08, wormtongue206
Character Guess: frodosamrotkp06
Mix-Up: thering02, faramir306
Quoted: minastirith08
Recognize This?: aragornarwen103, livtyler06
Scene It: rivendell03, welcometoisengard11
Choices: openingfotr12, openingttt07
Torn Card: rideoftherohirrim07
Puzzled: aragornarwen106, merry216
Smudged: eowyn214, longshanks06
Weekly Freebie: aragorn315
Forum Freebie: arwen111, neverlate01, legolasrotkp01, livtyler05, funeraloftheodred12, legolasrotkp02, eowynfaramir303
Forum - Complete the Deck: submitted longshanks06.

// 14th July 2010
Starter Pack: eowynfaramir301, eowynfaramir302, beatpeace03, eowyn208, faramir301, frodo311, shallnotpass04, whatwillisee04, wormtongue203.
// 29th July 2010
Traded with Wistaire: arwen112, thering02 FOR livtyler07, livtyler08 + membercards

// 26th July 2010
Traded with Emma: neverlate01, merrypippin208 FOR eowynfaramir307, eowyn207 + membercards

// 20th July 2010
Traded with Kenzie: welcometoisengard12 FOR eowynfaramir309
Traded with Kari: ianmckellen08, merry216 FOR eowynfaramir310, eowyn203
aragorn315, aragornarwen103, aragornarwen106, arwen111, arwen112, atfirstlight04, awedding01, awedding14, beaconsarelit12, beatpeace03, eomer310, eomer317, eowyn200, eowyn203, eowyn207, eowyn208, eowyn210, eowyn214, eowynfaramir300, eowynfaramir301, eowynfaramir302, eowynfaramir303, eowynfaramir307, eowynfaramir309, eowynfaramir310, faramir300, faramir301, faramir306, frodo31, frodosamrotkp06, funeraloftheodred04, funeraloftheodred12, gandalfthewhite08, hollywood-fotrpre14, killedanotherone07, legolas201, legolasrotkp01, legolasrotkp02, livtyler05, livtyler06, livtyler07, livtyler08, longshanks01, longshanks06, mc-Emma, mc-Jennifer, mc-Wistaire, merrypippin202, minastirith08, nevertoreturn07, openingfotr12, openingttt07, passingofelves14, pathofthedead08, pippin301, proudtofight02, rideoftherohirrim07, rivendell03, rivendell10, rohan07, shallnotpass04, shallnotpass09, sonsofthesteward12, thepalantir05, thepalantir10, thering02, theshire08, theshire09, viggomortensen14, whatwillisee04, wormtongue203, wormtongue206, wormtongue209