Gobstones: A Harry Potter TCG

I was a First Year student, sorted into Ravenclaw. My wand is a 9 and 3/4 inches birch with thestral tail hair core.


// 07th December 2015
- Gobstones is still undergoing renovation, but I've logged in to claim my birthday rewards as I think the TCG part is staying the same?
- Birthday: events02, dobbyswarning18, injured16, misleading18, dumbledorefalls20, 1 regular card of choice (sorcerersstone20), +100 galleons

// 20th April 2015
- Gobstones is being revamped, the last game update was on January 5th.

// 14th January 2015
- Mastered gobletoffire: sorcerersstone18, sorcerersstone19, prisonerofazkaban13, prisonerofazkaban02
- Mastered deathlyhallows1: clemencepoesy10, clemencepoesy14, halfbloodprince10, halfbloodprince16
- Mastered 15thanniversary-ps: deathlyhallows117, deathlyhallows118, chamberofsecrets07, chamberofsecrets10, +2 choice cards from different decks (deathlyhallows119, sorcerersstone16)
- Mastered 15thanniversary-hbp: deathlyhallows113, deathlyhallows114, halfbloodprince17, halfbloodprince07, +2 choice cards from different decks (clemencepoesy06, sorcerersstone13)
- Mastered 15thanniversary-cos: 15thanniversary-ps08, 15thanniversary-ps10, clemencepoesy03, clemencepoesy01, +2 choice cards from different decks (15thanniversary-ps11, gobletoffire20)
- Update Freebie (Jan 05): (20, 15) deathlyhallows120, 15thanniversary-hbp15
- Wish (Jan 05): (Nina) clemencepoesy04, 15thanniversary-hbp14, chamberofsecrets09, deathlyhallows112
- Wish (Jan 05): (Shalini) 15thanniversary-ps07, chamberofsecrets08, 15thanniversary-hbp13, 15thanniversary-cos14, gobletoffire19, clemencepoesy03
- Wish (Jan 05): (Kathryn) deathlyhallows111, 15thanniversary-cos12, gobletoffire18, 15thanniversary-hbp09, 15thanniversary-ps06, clemencepoesy02
- Wish (Jan 05): (Mewkeere) halfbloodprince01, chamberofsecrets20, sorcerersstone15
- Wish (Jan 05): (Betty) halfbloodprince02, sorcerersstone12, chamberofsecrets05
- Wish (Jan 05): (Jennifer) abitputout01, creatures02, powerful03, willbefamous04, sectumsempra05, couldloseyourself06, dumbledoresweapon07, creatures08
- New Decks (Jan 05): theministryofmagic01, powerful02, willbefamous03, sectumsempra04, herebyexpelled05, couldloseyourself06, dumbledoresweapon07, untiltheend08
- Freebies: weasleys12, highinquisitor10, chosenone05, ss-poster06 and chocolate frog
- Horace Slughorn's Hangman: harryattheorder14, deathlyhallows104, loony06, worldcup14
- Seamus' Slots: celebrity03, garyoldman04, nopostonsunday01, fourthchampion18
- Sirius Blackjack: technicallyaferret04, 15thanniversary-poa10, powerful13, polyjuicepotion01
- Tonks' Tic-Tac-Toe: dumbledorefalls03, fireworks07, ootpsiriuspromo05
- Bertie Bott's Beans: 15thanniversary-hbp12, escapee19

// 15th December 2014
- Mastered 15thanniversary-poa: 15thanniversary-cos07, 15thanniversary-cos09, clemencepoesy12, clemencepoesy08, +2 choice cards from different decks (15thanniversary-cos10, 15thanniversary-hbp08)
- Update Wish (Dec 15): (Shalini) theburrow18
- Update Freebie (Dec 15): 15thanniversary-cos01, 15thanniversary-hbp07, gobletoffire17, halfbloodprince08, 15thanniversary-ps03, deathlyhallows110, clemencepoesy07, prisonerofazkaban09, chamberofsecrets03
- Update Wish (Dec 15): (MoLi) 15thanniversary-ps14, 15thanniversary-cos06, chamberofsecrets04, gobletoffire14, orderofthephoenix09, 15thanniversary-hbp04, clemencepoesy11
- Update Wish (Dec 15): (Mariko) deathlyhallows115, orderofthephoenix10, 15thanniversary-poa11, clemencepoesy17, chamberofsecrets02, 15thanniversary-cos03, gobletoffire07, halfbloodprince13, 15thanniversary-hbp03
- Update Wish (Dec 15): (Jennifer) clemencepoesy20, 15thanniversary-cos08, deathlyhallows116, 15thanniversary-poa12
- Update Wish (Dec 15): (Cami) 15thanniversary-hbp01, 15thanniversary-cos04, clemencepoesy01, 15thanniversary-ps04, halfbloodprince12, 15thanniversary-poa14, deathlyhallows108
- Update Events (Dec 15): events15, events16, events17, events18, layouts04
- New Decks (Dec 15): injured06, clemencepoesy09, clemencepoesy13, loyal06, chosen07, chosen08
- Doubles Exchange: misleading15, ss-poster04, withfriends11, mopingmoaningmyrtle11, sherbetlemon08, malicious13, bride02, uninvitedguest02, grimattack09, truegryffindor08, katieleung08, 15thanniversary-poa13, cockroach09, sherbetlemon15, prisonerofazkaban07, notalastresort15, malicious06, chosen10, keeperofkeys09, chosen18, bride01, highinquisitor13, jinxedbroom01, 15thanniversary-ootp01, mopingmoaningmyrtle13, dhtriopromo08, clemencepoesy05, wedding15, blackfamilytree08 (exchanged: abitdifferent16, aftermath19, blackfamilytree08, cos-moviecover09, dementedpt109, dhronpromo07, dhronpromo07, dhronpromo08, escapee04, flyinglesson03, houseelf19, imustnottelllies02, keeperofkeys19, king13, maraudersmap20, princestalept205, princestalept301, propertyof06, rupertgrint06, sevenpotters05, ss-moviecover04, ss-moviecover05, ss-moviecover08, technicallyaferret11, todiagonalley19, unfairtactics13, wedding13, youreawizard05, youreawizard05)
- Freebies: advanceguard04, sherbetlemon12, alluring12, spoiledeverything09 and chocolate frog
- Horace Slughorn's Hangman: ministerisdead20, maraudersmap20, keeperofkeys19, fleshoftheservant07
- Trivia Prisoner of Azkaban: danielradcliffe20, houseelf19, 12 Galleons
- Sirius Blackjack: therightsort04, theoryofcharms08, notalastresort09, ss-moviecover05
- Trivia Deathly Hallows: uninvitedguest07, yuleball20, 13 Galleons
- Tonks' Tic-Tac-Toe: loony04, massbreakout18, imustnottelllies02
- Bertie Bott's Beans: ss-poster02, thirdtask18
- Mirror of Erised: dhtriopromo13, trollboogies19
- Card Claim (December 15): propertyof10, occlumency02
- Upcoming Decks Vote: king13, kiss12, emmawatson04, torture02, half-blood14
- Advent Calendar: blackfamilytree08, garyoldman14, polyjuicepotion03, nearlyheadless04, triwizardchampions18

// 13th December 2014
- Advent Calendar: (2 cards with green borders) flyinglesson04, flyinglesson05

// 12th December 2014
- Advent Calendar: 15thanniversary-hbp06, finalbattle16, advanceguard19

// 10th December 2014
- Advent Calendar: yuleball04

// 03rd December 2014
- Advent Calendar: sevenpotters05, rupertgrint01, escapee04, orderofthephoenix04, misleading01

// 01st December 2014
- Regular Token Submission: 15thanniversary-ps01
- Regular Token Submission: 15thanniversary-poa10
- Mastered orderofthephoenix: 15thanniversary-poa07, 15thanniversary-poa09, 15thanniversary-poa01, 15thanniversary-poa05
- Mastered 15thanniversary-ootp: orderofthephoenix15, orderofthephoenix16, 15thanniversary-cos13, 15thanniversary-cos15
- Mastered 15thanniversary-dh: 15thanniversary-ootp13, 15thanniversary-poa06, 15thanniversary-ps15, 15thanniversary-ps05, +2 choice cards from different decks
- Level Up (Level 5): 15thanniversary-ootp09, 15thanniversary-ootp12, sister18, keeperofkeys19, massbreakout13
- Turned In Trade Card: 15thanniversary-ootp10, riddikulus18, dementedpt109, backtothecup10, thirdtask16, +30 House Points
- Regular Token Submission: 15thanniversary-poa05
- Regular Token Submission: 15thanniversary-dh15
- Mastered 15thanniversary-gof: 15thanniversary-dh11, 15thanniversary-dh12, 15thanniversary-ps12, 15thanniversary-ps13, +2 choice cards from different decks
- Regular Token Submission: 15thanniversary-ootp07
- Regular Token Submission: 15thanniversary-dh13
- Mastered maggiesmith: 15thanniversary-gof15, 15thanniversary-dh09, 15thanniversary-ps15, 15thanniversary-ps09, +2 choice cards from different decks
- Choice Token Submission: 15thanniversary-gof14
- Choice Token Submission: 15thanniversary-gof13
- Regular Token Submission: 15thanniversary-gof12
- Advent Calendar: harryattheorder13, escapee01, deathlyhallows109
- Birthday: events02, 15thanniversary-ootp04, malicious12, aftermath11, buckbeak19, 1 regular card of choice, +100 galleons
- Update Wish (Nov 26): (Elizabeth, 1 choc, 1 choice) CFcard05, 15thanniversary-gof09
- Update Freebies (Nov 26): (#11, food) 15thanniversary-cos11, youvegotdirt04
- Update Wish (Nov 26): (Sanna, 2 spell markers) flick-swish-right-up-red, flick-left-red
- Update Wish (Nov 26): (Mariko, WINTERBREAK) deathlyhallows106, gobletoffire04, 15thanniversary-dh05, 15thanniversary-cos15, maggiesmith19, 15thanniversary-gof06, 15thanniversary-hbp10, 15thanniversary-poa03, chamberofsecrets06, 15thanniversary-ootp05, prisonerofazkaban06
- Update Wish (Nov 26): (Aji, BLACK) 15thanniversary-hbp11, deathlyhallows107, 15thanniversary-dh06, 15thanniversary-cos13, prisonerofazkaban08
- Update Wish (Nov 26): (Shalini, FAITH) 15thanniversary-gof07, 15thanniversary-hbp12, 15thanniversary-ootp06, 15thanniversary-poa04, 15thanniversary-dh07
- New Decks (Nov 26): 15thanniversary-cos02, 15thanniversary-cos05, 15thanniversary-ps02, 15thanniversary-ps05, 15thanniversary-hbp02, 15thanniversary-hbp05, forgotten06, alluring11
- Card Claim (December 1): 15thanniversary-ootp15, chamberofsecrets13
- Upcoming Decks Vote: rupertgrint06, bride16, youreawizard05, narcissamalfoy01, trollboogies05
- Mirror of Erised: pureblood06, sherbetlemon20
- Horace Slughorn's Hangman: dobbyswarning15, forbidden06, ollivanders14, polyjuicepotion06
- Freebies: advanceguard12, evillittlecockroach01, monsterbook07, truegryffindor10 and a chocolate frog
- Sirius Blackjack: ootpsiriuspromo01, orderofthephoenix12, davidtennant08, katieleung15
- Bertie Bott's Beans: firsttask17, nearlyheadless08
- Tonks' Tic-Tac-Toe: helenacarter04, abitdifferent10, youvegotdirt02

// 26th November 2014
- Student of the Week: loony18, theexecution16, todiagonalley04, dementedpt106, orderofthephoenix19, helenacarter16, propertyof04, aftermath19, +2 regular cards of choice, +25 House Points

// 11th November 2014
- Update Freebies (Nov 03): (ABSENCE) maggiesmith18, prisonerofazkaban05, 15thanniversary-gof05, deathlyhallows105, 15thanniversary-dh04, chamberofsecrets07, orderofthephoenix17
- Update Wish (Nov 03): (Lyn, AUTUMN) 15thanniversary-ootp04, houseelf19, 15thanniversary-gof04, buckbeak12, maggiesmith17, 15thanniversary-poa02
- Update Wish (Nov 03): (Pauline, #03 #01 #10 #08 #01, RIP James and Lily) 15thanniversary-dh03, chamberofsecrets01, 15thanniversary-gof10, 15thanniversary-poa08, fleshoftheservant01
- Update Wish (Nov 03): (MoLi, brown, yellow, orange) prisonerofazkaban11, 15thanniversary-gof11, 15thanniversary-dh08
- Update Wish (Nov 03): (Shalini, retired member card) mc-Jane
- Update Wish (Nov 03): (Whitney, 1 per movie) sorcerersstone11, chamberofsecrets18, prizonerofazkaban01, gobletoffire13, orderofthephoenix14, halfbloodprince11, deathlyhallows103, aftermath19
- New Decks (Nov 03): 15thanniversary-gof01, 15thanniversary-gof03, 15thanniversary-dh01, 15thanniversary-dh02, fleshoftheservant06, mudblood07, torture08, chosenone09
- Upcoming Decks Vote: 15thanniversary-gof08, riddlehouse17, ifitrains18, rupertgrint09, dhronpromo11
- Card Claim (November 11): firsttask06, weasleys17
- Horace Slughorn's Hangman: blackfamilytree08, flyinglesson09, fireworks10, harryattheorder02
- War with the Weasleys: propertyof15, theoryofcharms11
- Freebies: veela17, finalbattle14, grimattack13, partners19
- Sirius Blackjack: gobletoffire05, dursleys11, sevenpotters05, theoryofcharms14
- Trivia Deathly Hallows: youreawizard05, lastminutepoints10, 13 Galleons
- Tonks' Tic-Tac-Toe: shesbeautiful08, pureblood03, nearlyheadless17
- Bertie Bott's Beans: veela19, hermionessecret09
- Mastered alanrickman: maggiesmith13, maggiesmith14, 15thanniversary-dh14, 15thanniversary-dh10
- Potterween Trade-In: jinxedbroom12, keeperofkeys09, checkmate12, lastminutepoints08, cosdobbypromo10, dobbyswarning12, sister08, whackawizard05, partners04, 15thanniversary-gof02, technicallyaferret02, inthehogshead07, escapee04, inthehogshead10, imustnottelllies03, acidpops20, dhtriopromo09, torture07, alanrickman19, maggiesmith15

// 22nd October 2014
- Shopping Spree! Bought: Halloween Kitten (400G), Trick-or-Treat Bag (350G), Pumpkin Pasty (50G), Pumpkin Pasty (50G), Pumpkin Candy (25G), Pumpkin Candy (25G) = 900G spent in total

// 21st October 2014
- Mastered garyoldman: alanrickman16, alanrickman17, maggiesmith06, maggiesmith05, +2 choice cards from different decks (alanrickman18, maggiesmith12)
- Turned In Trade Card: alanrickman15, spoiledeverything14, chamberofsecrets17, garyoldman19, yuleball06, +30 House Points
- Turned In Trade Card: alanrickman14, organized17, dursleys06, maraudersmap20, princestalept217, +30 House Points
- Regular Token Submission: maggiesmith10
- Regular Token Submission: garyoldman18
- Regular Token Submission: garyoldman17
- Regular Token Submission: garyoldman16
- Mastered helenacarter: garyoldman11, garyoldman12, alanrickman12, alanrickman07, +2 choice cards from different decks (garyoldman13, alanrickman13)
- Update Wish (Oct 20): (Mewkeere, GHOST) maggiesmith09, helenacarter20, garyoldman15, sorcerersstone09, gobletoffire12
- Update Wish (Oct 20): (Sponge, POA) prisonerofazkaban04, garyoldman08, helenacarter19
- New Decks (Oct 20): ministerisdead04, escapee09, triwizardchampions14, 15thanniversary-poa01, halfbloodprince06, narcissamalfoy08
- Update Wish (Oct 13): (Shalini, J) jinxedbroom04
- Update Question (Oct 13): (Are you happy with your house? YES, I'm super happy with Ravenclaw!) CFcard20
- Update Wish (Oct 13): (Nina, POTTERWEEN) prisonerofazkaban03, garyoldman07, sorcerersstone03, 15thanniversary-ootp02, maggiesmith07, alanrickman11, deathlyhallows102, orderofthephoenix13, gobletoffire11, helenacarter18
- Update Wish (Oct 13): (Cami, PUMPKIN) prisonerofazkaban01, wonderful01, maggiesmith05, orderofthephoenix10, alanrickman10, gobletoffire10, helenacarter17
- New Decks (Oct 13): quidditchlesson06, keeperofkeys07, threeturnsshoulddo08, bride09, nymphadora10, maggiesmith04
- Update Wish (Oct 06): (Shalini, random ingredient) lacewing
- Update Wish (Oct 06): (Taty, choice Hermione) prisonerofazkaban15
- Update Freebies (Oct 06): layouts03, events14, (any pumpkin card) partners17
- New Decks (Oct 06): detention04, thirdtask05, whackawizard06, brewglory07, trollboogies08, theexecution09
- Update Wish (Oct 06): (Aji, OCTOBER) garyoldman04, alanrickman09, sorcerersstone07, orderofthephoenix08, gobletoffire07, maggiesmith02, helenacarter16
- Update Wish (Oct 06): (MoLi, HALLOWEEN) helenacarter15, alanrickman07, garyoldman03, gobletoffire06, sorcerersstone02, deathlyhallows101, maggiesmith01, orderofthephoenix20, prisonerofazkaban02
- Mastered tomfelton: helenacarter08, helenacarter12, maggiesmith20, maggiesmith16
- Mastered rupertgrint: helenacarter06, helenacarter07, maggiesmith03, maggiesmith06, +2 choice cards from different decks (alanrickman03, garyoldman02)
- Mastered bonniewright: tomfelton17, helenacarter10, maggiesmith08, maggiesmith11
- Mastered davidtennant: bonniewright15, tomfelton12, garyoldman05, garyoldman01
- Mastered jkrowling: davidtennant10, davidtennant15, helenacarter02, helenacarter13
- Update Wish (Oct 06): (Sarah-Jeanne, red/yellow/orange bordered card) rupertgrint19
- Update Wish (Oct 06): (Mariko, 10 choice, 2 per deck) bonniewright16, bonniewright19, davidtennant12, davidtennant14, rupertgrint14, rupertgrint15, tomfelton18, tomfelton19, alanrickman04, alanrickman06
- Found Trevor: princestalept209, 15thanniversary-ootp01, cos-moviecover02, CFcard06
- Card Claim (October 21): garyoldman19, halfbloodprince19
- Upcoming Decks Vote: sister04, prisonerofazkaban07, forbidden20, mopingmoaningmyrtle10, garyoldman06
- Horace Slughorn's Hangman: wedding13, whackawizard17, illgowithyou03, unfairtactics13
- Freebies: prisonerofazkaban07, nymphadora03, cheers05, flyingcar19 and a chocolate frog
- Trivia Chamber of Secrets: potioneer16, flyinglesson03, 12 Galleons
- Sirius Blackjack: gobletoffire04, occlumency07, helenacarter05, flyinglesson03
- Trivia Philosophers Stone: modernmagic15, spoiledeverything05, 3 Galleons
- Tonks' Tic-Tac-Toe: unbreakablevow11, danielradcliffe07, abitdifferent16
- Bertie Bott's Beans: helenacarter14, triwizardchampions17

// 01st October 2014
- Melting Pot: exchanged wedding19 for ootpsiriuspromo15
- Upcoming Decks Vote: ss-moviecover04, breakin01, killedharrypotter05, weasleys15, pureblood09
- Card Claim (October 1): orderofthephoenix07, gobletoffire08
- Trivia Order of the Phoenix: propertyof06, dumbledorefalls05, 11 Galleons
- Trivia Chamber of Secrets: howler10, peverellbrothers20, 17 Galleons
- Hagrid's Eggs: monsterbook19, acidpops19, forbidden08, monsterbook14, celebrity15
- Sirius Blackjack: peverellbrothers08, pureblood05, illgowithyou15, propertyof03
- New Decks (Sept 27): helenacarter04, helenacarter09, garyoldman10, garyoldman20, deathlyhallows104, loony09, backtothecup06, cockroach03, weasleys07, killedharrypotter01
- Update Wishes (Sept 27): (Nina, Luna) loony13, (MoLi, 1 movie) orderofthephoenix03, (Maron, female) jkrowling19, (Jennifer, double all others) loony11, orderofthephoenix04, jkrowling20
- Kerri's 25th Birthday: (02, 05) helenacarter02, alanrickman05

// 25th September 2014
- New Decks (Sept 22): alanrickman01, alanrickman02, 15thanniversary-ootp03, illgowithyou04, secondtask05, acrossthebridge06, heartbroken07, pureblood08
- Update Wishes (Sept 22): (Nina, S card) ootpsiriuspromo11, (Crissy, HERMIONE) hogwartsexpress10, rupertgrint09, jkrowling14, tomfelton11, davidtennant09, cosdobbypromo01, bonniewright12, ss-moviecover04, (Nicolie, 2 random CFC) CFcard04, CFcard32
- Update Freebie (Sept 14): layouts02
- New Decks (Sept 14): blackfamilytree06, dumbledorefalls07, harryattheorder08, evillittlecockroach09, breakin10, blackfamilytree11
- Upcoming Decks Vote: cheers20, patheticallydim02, withfriends17, secondtask09, peverellbrothers10
- Mirror of Erised: impersonated07, flyinglesson06
- Card Claim (September 25): dhronpromo08, impersonated20
- Seamus' Slots: abitdifferent08, yuleball09, fireworks11, technicallyaferret15
- Trivia Half-Blood Prince: knight18, prisonerofazkaban18, potioneer01
- Trivia Prisoner of Azkaban: rupertgrint06, peverellbrothers16 + unicorn blood
- War with the Weasleys: dhronpromo07, cafeattack18
- Horace Slughorn's Hangman: sherbetlemon18, orderofthephoenix18, perspective10, sherbetlemon07
- Freebies: welcometohogwarts11, cos-moviecover09, wedding17, abitdifferent18 and chocolate frog
- Trivia Deathly Hallows: kiss14, dhtriopromo14, todiagonalley01 + moonstone
- Trivia Philosophers Stone: ootpsiriuspromo12, katieleung19
- Tonks' Tic-Tac-Toe: technicallyaferret11, massbreakout08, massbreakout11
- Grawp's Wheel: withfriends16, flyingcar08, occlumency08, sorcerersstone05, acrossthebridge04, cleverness01, gobletoffire02, knightbus04
- Bertie Bott's Beans: orderofthephoenix06, wizardbank04

// 14th September 2014
- Email - Reported Error in Seamus's Slots: (2 choice) davidtennant19, bonniewright10
- Seamus' Slots: theburrow20, wedding19, jkrowling16, princestalept204 & I HIT THE JACKPOT: perspective06, jinxedbroom02, cosdobbypromo13, princestalept301, propertyof02, potioneer19, orphanage07, abitdifferent16

// 08th September 2014
- Mastered katieleung: jkrowling09, jkrowling10, davidtennant04, davidtennant20, +2 choice cards from different decks
- Regular Token Submission: katieleung20
- Regular Token Submission: katieleung15
- Regular Token Submission: katieleung12
- Mastered evannalynch: katieleung10, katieleung11, davidtennant08, davidtennant18, +2 choice cards from different decks
- Regular Token Submission: evannalynch19
- Choice Token Submission: events02
- Mastered emmawatson: evannalynch17, evannalynch18, rupertgrint02, rupertgrint08
- Level Up (Level 4): evannalynch08, evannalynch14, howler20, katieleung03, dhronpromo08
- Level Up (Level 3): emmawatson14, emmawatson15, impersonated19, maraudersmap13, wedding12
- Mastered danielradcliffe: emmawatson12, emmawatson19, emmawatson12, emmawatson13, +2 choice card tokens
- Card Claim (September 8): evannalynch13, rupertgrint16
- Trivia Order of the Phoenix: yuleball05, ss-moviecover12, wedding13
- Trivia Chamber of Secrets: princestalept301, ollivanders17, welcometohogwarts13
- Sirius Blackjack: howler08, potioneer06, imustnottelllies02, hogwartsexpress02
- Trivia Deathly Hallows: fourthchampion02, celebrity11, nopostonsunday10 + boomslang
- Trivia Goblet of Fire: mopingmoaningmyrtle05
- Trivia Philosophers Stone: partners01, prisonerofazkaban20
- Tonks' Tic-Tac-Toe: todiagonalley19, technicallyaferret11, theburrow10
- Bertie Bott's Beans: acidpops19, orderofthephoenix12
- New Decks (Sept 8): youreawizard05, notslytherin03, extendableears01, technicallyaferret19, nopostonsunday13, nopostonsunday15
- Forum - Welcome Freebies: orderofthephoenix19, rupertgrint16, davidtennant05, ss-poster03

// 01st September 2014
- Welcoming Feast (Find - Lemon): evannalynch10, fourthchampion15, orphanage08
- Welcoming Feast (Find - Dirt): advanceguard07, spoiledeverything04, peverellbrothers04
- Welcoming Feast (Find - Cinnamon): firsttask20, emmawatson20
- Welcoming Feast (Find - Bacon): checkmate09, cosdobbypromo14
- Update Freebies: (blue border choice) tomfelton20 + (game freebies) jkrowling08, emmawatson11, bonniewright09, davidtennant08
- Update Event: events11, events12, events13
- Update Wishes (Sept 1): (Nina, frog) CFcard11, (Crissy, HOUSES + 1 House Member) evannalynch06, bonniewright06, katieleung07, emmawatson08, davidtennant03, ss-moviecover02 + abitdifferent04 (Luna, Ravenclaw), (Maron, CATS) evannalynch07, davidtennant04, bonniewright07, emmawatson09, (Shalini, FEAST) tomfelton08, bonniewright08, emmawatson10, ss-moviecover03, davidtennant07, (Mariko, House Robes) robe-ravenclaw

// 27th August 2014
- Freebies: jkrowling03, jkrowling13, princestalept205, malicious02 and chocolate frog
- Welcoming Feast (Guess): ootpsiriuspromo13, theoryofcharms19, dementedpt109
- Email - Error Report: choicereg, choicereg
- Update Question: (2 choice) danielradcliffe15, danielradcliffe16
- Update Wishes: (Christina, FORTY) danielradcliffe14, bonniewright05, danielradcliffe18, emmawatson07, evannalynch03, (Xtina, 1 card from a hottie!) davidtennant02, (Mariko, 9 choice) danielradcliffe17, bonniewright04, emmawatson04, evannalynch04, jkrowling06, katieleung05, rupertgrint04, tomfelton04, davidtennant05
- Update Freebies: events09, events10 + choice token
- New Decks: spoiledeverything03, perspective05, theoryofcharms07, partners09, fourthchampion10, impersonated12, king13
- Grawp's Wheel: mopingmoaningmyrtle15, houseelf14, tomfelton02, unfairtactics13, impersonated14, partners07, unbreakablevow11, ss-moviecover05 (wow, I hit the jackpot!)
- Tonks' Tic-Tac-Toe: emmawatson20, princestalept105, partners09
- Trivia: Goblet of Fire: celebrity09
- Find Trevor: matchbegins08, patheticallydim09, abitdifferent16, CFcard01
- Trivia: Deathly Hallows: davidtennant16, rupertgrint20, monsterbook08 + ginger
- Sirius Blackjack: knightbus02, wedding01, gobletoffire01, princestalept306
- Trivia: Chamber of Secrets: katieleung14, ss-moviecover13
- Trivia: Order of the Phoenix: howler03
- Trivia: Philosopher's Stone: cosdobbypromo03, cafeattack11
- Bertie Bott's Beans: dhronpromo07, knightbus01
- Horace Slughorn's Hangman: princestalept205, occlumency05, dhronpromo07, riddikulus20
- Card Claim (August 27): bonniewright17, jkrowling17

// 21st August 2014
- Level Up (1-2): dhronpromo15, firsttask13, tomfelton16, danielradcliffe10, danielradcliffe11
- New Decks (August 18): polyjuicepotion10, mopingmoaningmyrtle09, half-blood08, dementedpt107, patheticallydim06, acidpops05, fireworks04, uninvitedguest03, buckbeak02, dursleys01, abitdifferent11, howler12, cheers13, highinquisitor14
- Update Freebie (August 18): events08
- Update Wishes (August 18): (Rachel, FAMILIAR) tomfelton03, evannalynch02, emmawatson03, jkrowling04, katieleung04, davidtennant01, danielradcliffe09, rupertgrint03, (Bloo, free pet) I chose a brown cat (cat-brown)
- Update Freebies (August 11): events07
- Update Wish (August 11): (Shalini, 1 choice) danielradcliffe19
- Trivia: Chamber of Secrets: mopingmoaningmyrtle03, tomfelton15
- Trivia: Goblet of Fire: lastminutepoints19
- Trivia: Deathly Hallows: jkrowling07, checkmate20, jkrowling13, spiders
- Trivia: Order of the Phoenix: jkrowling15
- Trivia: Philosopher's Stone: welcometohogwarts13
- Double Trouble: cheers14
- Double Trouble: theslugclub12, modernmagic20, todiagonalley07
- Double Trouble: riddikulus19, abitdifferent09
- Sirius Blackjack: celebrity08, theslugclub18
- Card Claim (August 21): ss-moviecover08, firsttask19
- War with the Weasleys: howler09, propertyof06
- Hagrid's Eggs: orderofthephoenix02, cos-moviecover09, cleverness06, hogwartsexpress11
- Tonks' Tic-Tac-Toe: prisonerofazkaban17, sevenpotters06, emmawatson18
- Horace Slughorn's Hangman: massbreakout08, maraudersmap16, peverellbrothers12
- Freebies: organized03, gobletoffire16, ss-moviecover11, houseelf02
- Bertie Bott's Beans: monsterbook06, cosdobbypromo05

// 05th August 2014
- Forum - Higher or Lower #1: monsterbook11, propertyof15, firsttask10
- Update Question: regular choice (danielradcliffe07)
- New Decks: gobletoffire04, orderofthephoenix01, princestalept308, wizardbank09, nearlyheadless11, withfriends07
- Update Event: events04, events05, events06
- Update Wishes: (Nina, AUGUST) danielradcliffe05, rupertgrint02, jkrowling03, unfairtactics06, emmawatson01, tomfelton02, (Crissy, BOOKS) bonniewright03, orderofthephoenix05, organized06, katieleung03, sorcerersstone10
- Find Trevor: flyinglesson15, withfriends13, malicious06, CFcard08
- Bertie Botts Beans: unfairtactics05, emmawatson05
- Freebies: emmawatson16, wizardbank17, unicorn-blood
- Lottery: ss-moviecover08, katieleung02
- Ollivander's: Spent 40G on my new wand: 9 and 3/4 inches birch with thestral tail hair core!

// 28th July 2014
- New Decks: rupertgrint02, rupertgrint03, davidtennant01, davidtennant02, prisonerofazkaban01, prisonerofazkaban02
- Mirror of Erised: (Christina, PREJOIN) rupertgrint01, danielradcliffe04, evannalynch01, jkrowling02, bonniewright01, katieleung01, tomfelton01
- Freebies: wedding16, riddlehouse01, evannalynch16
- Lottery: davidtennant13, bonniewright11, emmawatson17
- Bertie Bott's Beans: forbidden16, dhtriopromo06

// 25th July 2014
- Peeves threw a book at me! I now have History of Magic (hom).

// 22nd July 2014
- Find Trevor: thehearing16, checkmate16, CFcard34
- Lottery: flyingcar06
- Freebies: knightbus15, bonniewright09, ss-poster15
- Bertie Bott's Beans: cafeattack19, monsterbook05
- New Decks (July 21): wonderful04, wonderful09, wedding03, princestalept208, youvegotdirt11, sorcerersstone14

// 19th July 2014
- New Decks (July 18): prejoin01, bigmistake06, maraudersmap05, therightsort07, peverellbrothers03, propertyof02, sevenpotters01
- Update Freebies: layouts01, events03
- Update Question: danielradcliffe03

// 16th July 2014
- Update Freebies (July 15): events01, danielradcliffe02, jkrowling01

// 15th July 2014
- Spin The Wheel: thehearing14
- Freebies: matchbegins20, tomfelton09, malicious17
- Wishing Well: (Cost: 10G) 10G
- Lottery: riddlehouse04
- Guess The Number: riddikulus14, todiagonalley19
- Starter Pack: danielradcliffe01, danielradcliffe06, danielradcliffe12, flyinglesson11, houseelf04, katieleung13, matchbegins01, ss-moviecover01, todiagonalley15 + 30 Galleons (+ 10 Galleons for being accepted)
// 04th November 2014
- Traded Aji: my garyoldman19, partners09, partners17, acidpops19, maggiesmith05, maggiesmith06, mc-Jennifer for alanrickman20, mc-Aji, 15thanniversary-ootp14, dhtriopromo01, dhtriopromo03, dhtriopromo05, dhtriopromo11

// 29th October 2014
- Traded Nina: my occlumency07, occlumency08 for halfbloodprince10, 15thanniversary-poa15

// 23rd October 2014
- Traded Nina: my wizardbank04, wizardbank09 for halfbloodprince03, halfbloodprince04

// 16th October 2014
- Traded Shalini: my howler20, breakin10, peverellbrothers04, peverellbrothers08, peverellbrothers10, peverellbrothers12, peverellbrothers16, mc-Jennifer for 15thanniversary-ootp08, 15thanniversary-ootp11, orderofthephoenix11, sorcerersstone06, sorcerersstone08, sorcerersstone14, sorcerersstone17, mc-Shalini

// 15th October 2014
- Traded Gosia: my dumbledorefalls05, dumbledorefalls07, half-blood08, perspective05, perspective06, perspective10, riddikulus19 for alanrickman08, helenacarter03, helenacarter11, rupertgrint11, gobletoffire05, gobletoffire09, orderofthephoenix09

// 14th October 2014
- Traded Nina: my princestalept306, princestalept308 for garyoldman09, gobletoffire03

// 13th October 2014
- Traded Nicolie: my abitdifferent18 for helenacarter01

// 09th October 2014
- Traded Nina: my breakin01, malicious06 for sorcerersstone01, sorcerersstone04
- Traded MoLi: my loony09, loony11, loony13, mc-Jennifer for bonniewright18, davidtennant11, gobletoffire15, mc-MoLi

// 08th October 2014
- Traded Nina: my welcometohogwarts13 for garyoldman14

// 23rd September 2014
- Traded Nicolie: my davidtennant08, mc-Jennifer for jkrowling12, mc-Nicolie

// 16th September 2014
- Traded Nina: my celebrity08 for rupertgrint12

// 09th September 2014
- Traded Nina: my howler09, mc-Jennifer for rupertgrint17, mc-Nina

// 08th September 2014
- Traded Crissy: my extendableears01, modernmagic20 for rupertgrint06, tomfelton10

// 01st September 2014
- Traded Crissy: my fireworks04 for rupertgrint13
- Traded Crissy: my riddikulus20, abitdifferent09, abitdifferent11, abitdifferent16, polyjuicepotion10, mc-Jennifer for bonniewright14, evannalynch05, evannalynch10, jkrowling18, katieleung08, mc-Crissy

// 29th August 2014
- Traded Nina: my massbreakout08 for rupertgrint08

// 27th August 2014
- Traded Brittany: my acidpops05, buckbeak02, cleverness06, partners07, partners09, unbreakablevow11 for davidtennant17, evannalynch12, evannalynch15, rupertgrint05, tomfelton13, tomfelton14

// 26th August 2014
- Traded Nina: my forbidden16 for katieleung16

// 21st August 2014
- Traded Victor: my gobletoffire04, prisonerofazkaban01 for evannalynch20, tomfelton07

// 20th August 2014
- Traded Shalini: my princestalept208, sorcerersstone14 for katieleung06, katieleung18

// 18th August 2014
- Traded Sanna: my matchbegins20 for katieleung19

// 12th August 2014
- Traded Brittany: my checkmate16, dhtriopromo06, maraudersmap05, propertyof02, withfriends07 for bonniewright13, bonniewright20, danielradcliffe08, danielradcliffe13, davidtennant06

// 08th August 2014
- Traded Nina: my propertyof15 for tomfelton05

// 07th August 2014
- Traded Fleur: my wedding03, monsterbook11 for emmawatson06, tomfelton06
- Traded Xtina: my malicious17, flyinglesson11 for evannalynch11, jkrowling05

// 30th July 2014
- Traded Crissy: my prisonerofazkaban02, riddikulus14, sevenpotters01 for bonniewright02, katieleung17, rupertgrint10

// 28th July 2014
- Traded Nina: my wonderful04, wonderful09 for emmawatson02, katieleung09
- Traded Nina: my monsterbook05, wedding16, peverellbrothers03 for danielradcliffe20, rupertgrint07, rupertgrint18

// 19th July 2014
- Traded Christina: my matchbegins01 for jkrowling11

// 18th July 2014
- Traded Kayori: my riddlehouse04 for evannalynch09
// Inventory (worth 0)
cat-brown, chocofrog, chocolatefrog, chocolatefrog, hom, robe-ravenclaw

// Potions & Ingredients (worth 0)
boomslang, ginger, lacewing, moonstone, spiders, unicorn-blood, unicorn-blood

// Spells & Markers (worth 0)
flick-left, flick-swish-right-up

// Chocolate Frog Cards (worth 0)
CFcard01, CFcard04, CFcard05, CFcard06, CFcard08, CFcard11, CFcard20, CFcard32, CFcard34

// Member Cards (Worth 1)
mc-Aji, mc-Crissy, mc-Jane, mc-Jennifer, mc-MoLi, mc-Nicolie, mc-Nina, mc-Shalini

// Mastered Decks (Worth 1)

// Special Cards (Worth 2)
events01, events02, events03, events04, events05, events06, events07, events08, events09, events10, events11, events12, events13, events14, events15, events16, events17, events18, layouts01, layouts02, layouts03, layouts04, prejoin01, events02

// Regular Cards (Worth 1)
chamberofsecrets01, chamberofsecrets02, chamberofsecrets03, chamberofsecrets04, chamberofsecrets05, chamberofsecrets06, chamberofsecrets07, chamberofsecrets08, chamberofsecrets09, chamberofsecrets13, chamberofsecrets17, chamberofsecrets18, chamberofsecrets20, chamberofsecrets10, clemencepoesy05, clemencepoesy09, clemencepoesy13, clemencepoesy01, clemencepoesy20, clemencepoesy17, clemencepoesy11, clemencepoesy07, clemencepoesy12, clemencepoesy08, clemencepoesy02, clemencepoesy03, clemencepoesy04, clemencepoesy06, clemencepoesy10, clemencepoesy14, halfbloodprince01, halfbloodprince02, halfbloodprince03, halfbloodprince04, halfbloodprince06, halfbloodprince08, halfbloodprince10, halfbloodprince11, halfbloodprince12, halfbloodprince13, halfbloodprince19, halfbloodprince17, halfbloodprince07, halfbloodprince16, prisonerofazkaban01, prisonerofazkaban07, prisonerofazkaban17, prisonerofazkaban18, prisonerofazkaban20, prisonerofazkaban02, prisonerofazkaban03, prisonerofazkaban04, prisonerofazkaban05, prisonerofazkaban06, prisonerofazkaban08, prisonerofazkaban09, prisonerofazkaban11, prisonerofazkaban15, prisonerofazkaban13, sorcerersstone01, sorcerersstone02, sorcerersstone03, sorcerersstone04, sorcerersstone05, sorcerersstone06, sorcerersstone07, sorcerersstone08, sorcerersstone09, sorcerersstone10, sorcerersstone11, sorcerersstone12, sorcerersstone14, sorcerersstone15, sorcerersstone17, sorcerersstone13, sorcerersstone16, sorcerersstone18, sorcerersstone19, sorcerersstone20, cos-moviecover02, cos-moviecover09, cosdobbypromo01, cosdobbypromo03, cosdobbypromo05, cosdobbypromo10, cosdobbypromo13, cosdobbypromo14, dhronpromo07, dhronpromo08, dhronpromo11, dhronpromo15, dhtriopromo01, dhtriopromo03, dhtriopromo05, dhtriopromo08, dhtriopromo09, dhtriopromo11, dhtriopromo13, dhtriopromo14, ootpsiriuspromo01, ootpsiriuspromo05, ootpsiriuspromo11, ootpsiriuspromo12, ootpsiriuspromo13, ootpsiriuspromo15, ss-moviecover01, ss-moviecover02, ss-moviecover03, ss-moviecover04, ss-moviecover05, ss-moviecover08, ss-moviecover11, ss-moviecover12, ss-moviecover13, ss-poster02, ss-poster03, ss-poster04, ss-poster06, ss-poster15, 15thanniversary-cos13, 15thanniversary-cos15, 15thanniversary-hbp12, 15thanniversary-ootp01, 15thanniversary-ootp04, 15thanniversary-poa01, 15thanniversary-poa05, 15thanniversary-poa10, 15thanniversary-ps05, 15thanniversary-ps15, abitdifferent04, abitdifferent08, abitdifferent10, abitdifferent16, abitputout01, acidpops19, acidpops20, acrossthebridge04, acrossthebridge06, advanceguard04, advanceguard07, advanceguard12, advanceguard19, aftermath11, aftermath19, alanrickman07, alluring11, alluring12, backtothecup06, backtothecup10, bigmistake06, blackfamilytree06, blackfamilytree08, blackfamilytree08, blackfamilytree11, brewglory07, bride01, bride02, bride09, bride16, buckbeak12, buckbeak19, cafeattack11, cafeattack18, cafeattack19, celebrity03, celebrity09, celebrity11, celebrity15, chamberofsecrets07, checkmate09, checkmate12, checkmate20, cheers05, cheers13, cheers14, cheers20, chosen07, chosen08, chosen10, chosen18, chosenone05, chosenone09, clemencepoesy01, clemencepoesy03, cleverness01, cockroach03, cockroach09, couldloseyourself06, couldloseyourself06, creatures02, creatures08, danielradcliffe07, danielradcliffe20, davidtennant04, davidtennant05, davidtennant08, deathlyhallows104, dementedpt106, dementedpt107, dementedpt109, detention04, dobbyswarning12, dobbyswarning15, dobbyswarning18, dumbledorefalls03, dumbledorefalls20, dumbledoresweapon07, dumbledoresweapon07, dursleys01, dursleys06, dursleys11, emmawatson04, emmawatson12, emmawatson20, escapee01, escapee04, escapee09, escapee19, evannalynch10, evillittlecockroach01, evillittlecockroach09, finalbattle14, finalbattle16, fireworks07, fireworks10, fireworks11, firsttask06, firsttask10, firsttask13, firsttask17, firsttask19, firsttask20, fleshoftheservant01, fleshoftheservant06, fleshoftheservant07, flyingcar06, flyingcar08, flyingcar19, flyinglesson03, flyinglesson04, flyinglesson05, flyinglesson06, flyinglesson09, flyinglesson15, forbidden06, forbidden08, forbidden20, forgotten06, fourthchampion02, fourthchampion10, fourthchampion15, fourthchampion18, garyoldman04, garyoldman14, gobletoffire04, gobletoffire05, gobletoffire07, grimattack09, grimattack13, half-blood14, halfbloodprince10, harryattheorder02, harryattheorder08, harryattheorder13, harryattheorder14, heartbroken07, helenacarter02, helenacarter04, helenacarter16, herebyexpelled05, hermionessecret09, highinquisitor10, highinquisitor13, highinquisitor14, hogwartsexpress02, hogwartsexpress10, hogwartsexpress11, houseelf02, houseelf04, houseelf14, houseelf19, howler03, howler08, howler10, howler12, ifitrains18, illgowithyou03, illgowithyou04, illgowithyou15, impersonated07, impersonated12, impersonated14, impersonated19, impersonated20, imustnottelllies02, imustnottelllies03, injured06, injured16, inthehogshead07, inthehogshead10, jinxedbroom01, jinxedbroom02, jinxedbroom04, jinxedbroom12, jkrowling03, jkrowling13, katieleung03, katieleung08, katieleung15, katieleung19, keeperofkeys07, keeperofkeys09, keeperofkeys09, keeperofkeys19, killedharrypotter01, killedharrypotter05, king13, kiss12, kiss14, knight18, knightbus01, knightbus02, knightbus04, knightbus15, lastminutepoints08, lastminutepoints10, lastminutepoints19, loony04, loony06, loony18, loyal06, malicious02, malicious06, malicious12, malicious13, maraudersmap13, maraudersmap16, maraudersmap20, massbreakout08, massbreakout11, massbreakout13, massbreakout18, matchbegins08, ministerisdead04, ministerisdead20, misleading01, misleading15, misleading18, modernmagic15, monsterbook06, monsterbook07, monsterbook08, monsterbook14, monsterbook19, mopingmoaningmyrtle03, mopingmoaningmyrtle05, mopingmoaningmyrtle09, mopingmoaningmyrtle10, mopingmoaningmyrtle11, mopingmoaningmyrtle13, mopingmoaningmyrtle15, mudblood07, narcissamalfoy01, narcissamalfoy08, nearlyheadless04, nearlyheadless08, nearlyheadless11, nearlyheadless17, nopostonsunday01, nopostonsunday10, nopostonsunday13, nopostonsunday15, notalastresort09, notalastresort15, notslytherin03, nymphadora03, nymphadora10, occlumency02, occlumency05, ollivanders14, ollivanders17, orderofthephoenix04, orderofthephoenix09, orderofthephoenix10, orderofthephoenix12, orderofthephoenix19, organized03, organized06, organized17, orphanage07, orphanage08, partners01, partners04, partners19, patheticallydim02, patheticallydim06, patheticallydim09, peverellbrothers20, polyjuicepotion01, polyjuicepotion03, polyjuicepotion06, potioneer01, potioneer06, potioneer16, potioneer19, powerful02, powerful03, powerful13, princestalept105, princestalept204, princestalept205, princestalept209, princestalept217, princestalept301, prisonerofazkaban01, prisonerofazkaban02, prisonerofazkaban07, prisonerofazkaban07, propertyof02, propertyof03, propertyof04, propertyof06, propertyof10, propertyof15, pureblood03, pureblood05, pureblood06, pureblood08, pureblood09, quidditchlesson06, riddikulus18, riddlehouse01, riddlehouse17, rupertgrint01, rupertgrint02, rupertgrint06, rupertgrint08, rupertgrint09, rupertgrint16, secondtask05, secondtask09, sectumsempra04, sectumsempra05, sevenpotters05, sevenpotters06, sherbetlemon07, sherbetlemon08, sherbetlemon12, sherbetlemon15, sherbetlemon18, sherbetlemon20, shesbeautiful08, sister04, sister08, sister18, spoiledeverything03, spoiledeverything04, spoiledeverything05, spoiledeverything09, spoiledeverything14, technicallyaferret02, technicallyaferret04, technicallyaferret11, technicallyaferret15, technicallyaferret19, theburrow10, theburrow18, theburrow20, theexecution09, theexecution16, thehearing14, thehearing16, theministryofmagic01, theoryofcharms07, theoryofcharms08, theoryofcharms11, theoryofcharms14, theoryofcharms19, therightsort04, therightsort07, theslugclub12, theslugclub18, thirdtask05, thirdtask16, thirdtask18, threeturnsshoulddo08, todiagonalley01, todiagonalley04, todiagonalley07, todiagonalley15, todiagonalley19, tomfelton02, torture02, torture07, torture08, triwizardchampions14, triwizardchampions17, triwizardchampions18, trollboogies05, trollboogies08, trollboogies19, truegryffindor08, truegryffindor10, unbreakablevow11, unfairtactics05, unfairtactics06, unfairtactics13, uninvitedguest02, uninvitedguest03, uninvitedguest07, untiltheend08, veela17, veela19, weasleys07, weasleys12, weasleys15, weasleys17, wedding01, wedding12, wedding13, wedding15, wedding17, welcometohogwarts11, welcometohogwarts13, whackawizard05, whackawizard06, whackawizard17, willbefamous03, willbefamous04, withfriends11, withfriends13, withfriends16, withfriends17, wizardbank17, wonderful01, worldcup14, youreawizard05, youvegotdirt02, youvegotdirt04, youvegotdirt11, yuleball04, yuleball05, yuleball06, yuleball09, yuleball20