Intrinsic: A Nature TCG

Intrinsic had some really interesting game mechanics: Crestfallen Cards, for example, which were worth -1 and Remedies which when mastered would counteract the negative points. It was pretty fun!


// 08th February 2017
- Still no update. I'll be archiving my post soon.

// 01st August 2016
- Intrinsic hasn't been updated since the end of May, so I'm moving it to my inactive category.

// 31st May 2016
- Mastered cf-piranhas: botodolphins10, botodolphins11, weepingwillows04, galaxies01, lilies16, cf-ecoli04
- Mastered garlic: botodolphins01, botodolphins02, tigers07, moon14, rubies19, cf-ecoli06
- Level Up: garlic19, cf-piranhas08, ametrine06, bears05, sunsets04, cf-fireants09
- New Decks: mf-seacreatures16, mf-seacreatures01, mf-seacreatures07
- Update Wish (Qualisa): pearls16, owls20, garlic17, garlic12, cf-piranhas06
- Update Wish (Nicolie): cf-piranhas01, cf-fireants05
- Mixup: mf-seacreatures10, dioptase09, dolphins02, cf-fireants07
- Rainbow Wheel - Green: 1 Choice Card (garlic18)
- Melting Pot: Traded grandcanyon11 for cf-piranhas09
- Card Claim: volcanoes13, cf-piranhas02
- Card Claim: volcanoes07, volcanoes20
- Memory: bamboo05, seaturtles10, 1 Seed
- Closeup: dolphins19, bamboo17, grandcanyon20, 1 Seed
- Blackjack: dolphins11, pinklake11, bamboo09
- Water the Flowers: fluorite17, armadillos12, silver01, 1 Seed
- Hangman: botodolphins03, stars10, bamboo14, chocolatelab08, 1 Seed
- Deck Vote: seaturtles17, cenotes11, moon20, cherries16, 1 Seed
- War: bears03, armadillos01
- Slots: cenotes07, cf-piranhas04, 1 Seed
- Puzzle: ametrine05, cf-ecoli09, gold02, 2 Seeds
- Higher or Lower: waves14, waves10, agate16
- Freebies: fluorite09, silver07, weepingwillows03, 2 Seeds

// 14th May 2016
- Mastered moon: garlic13, garlic15, pinklake03, grandcanyon11, cenotes04, cf-piranhas03
- Doubles Exchange: (exchanged my)amethyst11, armadillos04, bears13, dioptase02, hummingbirds20 for ametrine19, mint12, caves05, stars11, beaches11
- Doubles Exchange: (exchanged my) agate05, armadillos04, bamboo01, bamboo05, caves17, dioptase02, honeybees06, hummingbirds10, meadows18, meadows18, pinklake04, robins01, silver17, wisteria03 for tigers09, lightning07, amethyst11, armadillos04, hummingbirds20, snowflakes04, jade11, dioptase02, hummingbirds09, snowflakes12, honeybees15, tornadoes06, bears13, bears13
- Update Wish - Marina: (5 Colours) garlic10, galaxies04, snowflakes06, tornadoes03, volcanoes05
- Update Wish - Minty: (RAINBOW) garlic09, stars07, galaxies06, lightning05, beaches04, tornadoes02, snowflakes04
- Update Freebies: (MOTHERSDAY) moon19, volcanoes10, stars06, lightning02, sunsets12, garlic20, snowflakes01, tornadoes01, galaxies08, grandcanyon06
- Make A Wish: chocolatelab16, moon12, meadows18, 1 Seed
- Memory: ametrine06, hummingbirds07, 1 Seed
- Deck Vote: chocolatelab11, agate06, coral16, bamboo16, 2 Seeds
- Card Claim: garlic03, sunsets01
- Hangman: dolphins13, bears03, bears16, cf-piranhas05, 2 Seeds
- Slots: cenotes07, bamboo01, 1 Seed
- Blackjack: tornadoes08, bamboo14, bats08, 1 Seed
- Water the Flowers: robins01, coral04, waves20, 1 Seed
- Rainbow Wheel - Red: lilies17, silver17, 1 Seed
- Lotto: armadillos03
- War: wisteria03, kiwis05, 3 Seeds
- Puzzle: robins16, amethyst12, emperorpenguins03, 1 Seed
- Card Claim: dolphins01, tigers13
- Freebies: pinklake10, caves17, honeybees06, cenotes08, armadillos19, chocolatelab09, 3 Seeds

// 09th May 2016
- May Freebies: garlic11, garlic04, lightning20, lightning18, caves17, caves20, caves05, meadows18, glaciers20, cf-piranhas07
- Four Leaf Clover: gold08, bats09, hummingbirds20, pinklake09, 1 Seed
- Crestfallen Exchange: cf-fireants04, cf-piranhas10 for tigers03, tigers20
- Mastered cf-ecoli: moon15, moon17, galaxies20, honeybees07, sapphires05, cf-fireants04
- Level Up: cf-ecoli07, cf-ecoli09, silver17, amethyst07, hummingbirds16, cf-fireants09
- Shop - 5 Random: galaxies12, amethyst16, pearls09, cenotes10, agate19
- Update Wishes: [MAYDAY + GIRAFFES] moon07, stars01, amethyst11, tornadoes07, snowflakes11, amethyst19 + galaxies02, galaxies03, garlic06, garlic07, cf-ecoli01, cf-ecoli04, snowflakes18, stars02
- New Decks: bats06, cenotes05, cenotes04, fluorite03, mint02, mint01
- Card Claim: lightning08, honeybees06
- Puzzle: honeybees20, stars04, moon13, 1 Seed
- Puzzle Series - 2: waves09, bamboo01
- Puzzle Series - 1: botodolphins12, bats12
- Rainbow Wheel - Orange: ametrine13, chocolatelab15
- Memory: moon14, wisteria03
- Lotto: volcanoes03, garlic01
- Hangman: dioptase02, beaches19, tigers11, kiwis20, 1 Seed
- Deck Vote: garlic01, moon11, fluorite13, pinklake04, 2 Seeds
- Pick A Season: robins08, 1 Choice Card (moon04), 2 Seeds
- War: grandcanyon08, tigers18, 1 Seed
- Slots: kiwis07, garlic08, 1 Seed
- Freebies: sunsets06, cenotes19, garlic02, agate09, 2 Seeds

// 21st April 2016
- Update Event (Apr 17): special02
- New Decks (Apr 17): emperorpenguins04, emperorpenguins14, meadows08, meadows18, stars04, stars08, waves09, waves10
- Update Wishes (Apr 17): (Maron and Adelicya) galaxies15, sunsets05, (Mysti) moon01, galaxies20, tornadoes05, sunsets10, stars10, snowflakes05
- Blackjack: robins10, dioptase02, cf-piranhas10, 1 Seed
- Water the Flowers: caves11, hummingbirds14, owls10, robins01
- Rainbow Wheel - Yellow: snowflakes07, pearls12, waves11, 1 Seed
- Memory: meadows16, stars15, 1 Seed
- Lotto: snowflakes16
- Hangman: victoriafalls11, cherries04, pearls16, coral12
- Deck Vote: victoriafalls07, beaches06, amethyst18, beaches17
- Slots: pearls20, silver02, emperorpenguins11, 1 Choice Card (moon18)
- Puzzle: hummingbirds15, cf-fireants04, agate05, 1 Seed
- Card Claim: lilies14, victoriafalls08
- Higher or Lower: waves05, galaxies19, waves02
- Freebies: agate01, pearls14, garlic16, botodolphins14, owls14

// 16th April 2016
- Special Rewards: cherries02, silver20, 1 Choice Card (moon13)

// 10th April 2016
- Update Freebies: pinklake04, tornadoes04, galaxies05, jade09, moon20, lightning07, moon16 + agate13, tornadoes06, lightning03, pinklake06, snowflakes03, galaxies10, cf-ecoli03 + special01
- Mixup: caves19, ametrine03, kiwis16, snowflakes12, 1 Seed
- Puzzle Series - 4: pearls07, grandcanyon04, owls04, 1 Choice Card (moon09)
- Puzzle Series - 3: botodolphins15, amethyst04, beaches08
- Puzzle Series - 2: agate11, jade13
- Puzzle Series - 1: wisteria13, hummingbirds10
- Member's Favorite: cf-ecoli02, lightning10, cf-ecoli06
- Melting Pot: Traded my silver02 for lightning04
- Hard Slots: sunsets07, hummingbirds10, snowflakes02, cf-ecoli10
- Pick A Season: agate07, 1 Choice Card (moon06), 1 Seed
- Four Leaf Clover: agate03, dolphins12, pearls19, pearls03, 1 Seed
- Make A Wish: armadillos20, silver02, silver04
- Water the Flowers: hummingbirds08, grandcanyon10, cf-ecoli05
- Rainbow Wheel - Orange: kiwis13, agate15, 1 Seed
- Memory: jade15, galaxies07
- Lotto: garlic05, dolphins04
- Hangman: rubies09, armadillos04, rubies08, glaciers05, 1 Seed
- Puzzle: cf-piranhas10, coral11, snowflakes10
- Deck Vote: hummingbirds18, gold12, armadillos06, caves06
- Slots: garlic05, seaturtles07, rubies01, 1 Choice Card (moon10)
- Card Claim: dolphins09, owls18
- Card Claim: bamboo05, cherries09
- Higher or Lower: volcanoes02, silver01
- Freebies: weepingwillows03, ametrine15, snowflakes17

// 09th April 2016
- Starter Pack: moon08, moon05, moon03, moon02, hummingbirds06, ametrine02, ametrine05, jade07, agate05, sunsets18, ametrine01, bamboo05, jade18, cf-piranhas04, cf-ecoli08
// 06th June 2016
- Traded Hotaru: my coral11, waves09 for armadillos02, armadillos10

// 29th May 2016
- Traded Carol: my pinklake06, lilies17 for volcanoes06, waves05

// 23rd May 2016
- Traded Hotaru: my dioptase02, glaciers05, jade11, snowflakes04, snowflakes12 for lightning06, lightning11, snowflakes08, snowflakes09, sunsets14

// 18th May 2016
- Traded Carol: my pearls16 for tornadoes17

// 12th May 2016
- Traded Carol: my bats06, bats09, bats12 for garlic14, sunsets17, waves08

// 05th May 2016
- Traded Hotaru: my cherries09, mc-Jennifer for garlic12, mc-Hotaru

// 02nd May 2016
- Traded Adelicya: my cherries04, jade09, jade13, mc-Jennifer for galaxies01, stars18, tornadoes11, mc-Adelicya

// 23rd April 2016
- Traded Rae: my caves11, caves19, garlic05, hummingbirds06, hummingbirds08, hummingbirds14, hummingbirds15, hummingbirds18, lilies14, waves02, waves05, waves11 for lightning09, lightning19, sunsets03, sunsets09, sunsets11, stars05, stars17, stars19, stars20, moon12, moon14, armadillos04
// Regular Cards (Worth 1)
mf-seacreatures01, mf-seacreatures07, mf-seacreatures10, mf-seacreatures16, snowflakes01, snowflakes02, snowflakes03, snowflakes04, snowflakes05, snowflakes06, snowflakes07, snowflakes08, snowflakes09, snowflakes10, snowflakes11, snowflakes12, snowflakes16, snowflakes17, snowflakes18, special01, special02, sunsets01, sunsets03, sunsets04, sunsets05, sunsets06, sunsets07, sunsets09, sunsets10, sunsets11, sunsets12, sunsets14, sunsets17, sunsets18, tornadoes01, tornadoes02, tornadoes03, tornadoes04, tornadoes05, tornadoes06, tornadoes07, tornadoes08, tornadoes11, tornadoes17, volcanoes02, volcanoes03, volcanoes05, volcanoes06, volcanoes07, volcanoes10, volcanoes13, volcanoes20, waves05, waves08, waves09, waves10, waves14, waves20, agate01, agate03, agate05, agate06, agate07, agate09, agate11, agate13, agate15, agate16, agate19, amethyst04, amethyst07, amethyst11, amethyst12, amethyst16, amethyst18, amethyst19, ametrine01, ametrine02, ametrine03, ametrine05, ametrine05, ametrine06, ametrine06, ametrine13, ametrine15, ametrine19, bamboo01, bamboo05, bamboo05, bamboo09, bamboo14, bamboo14, bamboo16, bamboo17, bats08, beaches04, beaches06, beaches08, beaches11, beaches17, beaches19, bears03, bears03, bears05, bears13, bears16, caves05, caves05, caves06, caves17, caves20, cenotes04, cenotes04, cenotes05, cenotes07, cenotes07, cenotes08, cenotes10, cenotes11, cenotes19, cherries02, cherries16, chocolatelab08, chocolatelab09, chocolatelab11, chocolatelab15, chocolatelab16, coral04, coral12, coral16, dioptase09, dolphins01, dolphins02, dolphins04, dolphins09, dolphins11, dolphins12, dolphins13, dolphins19, emperorpenguins03, emperorpenguins04, emperorpenguins11, emperorpenguins14, fluorite03, fluorite09, fluorite13, fluorite17, galaxies01, galaxies20, garlic01, garlic12, glaciers20, gold02, gold08, gold12, grandcanyon04, grandcanyon06, grandcanyon08, grandcanyon10, grandcanyon20, honeybees06, honeybees07, honeybees15, honeybees20, hummingbirds07, hummingbirds09, hummingbirds10, hummingbirds16, hummingbirds20, jade07, jade15, jade18, kiwis05, kiwis07, kiwis13, kiwis16, kiwis20, lightning07, lilies16, meadows08, meadows16, meadows18, mint01, mint02, mint12, moon12, moon13, moon14, moon14, moon20, owls04, owls10, owls14, owls18, owls20, pearls03, pearls07, pearls09, pearls12, pearls14, pearls16, pearls19, pearls20, pinklake03, pinklake04, pinklake09, pinklake10, pinklake11, robins01, robins08, robins10, robins16, rubies01, rubies08, rubies09, rubies19, sapphires05, seaturtles07, seaturtles10, seaturtles17, silver01, silver01, silver02, silver04, silver07, silver17, silver20, stars04, stars10, tigers03, tigers07, tigers09, tigers11, tigers13, tigers18, tigers20, tornadoes06, victoriafalls07, victoriafalls08, victoriafalls11, waves10, weepingwillows03, weepingwillows03, weepingwillows04, wisteria03, wisteria13, armadillos01, armadillos03, armadillos04, armadillos06, armadillos12, armadillos19, armadillos20, armadillos02, armadillos10, botodolphins03, botodolphins12, botodolphins14, botodolphins15, botodolphins01, botodolphins02, botodolphins10, botodolphins11, galaxies20, galaxies01, galaxies02, galaxies03, galaxies04, galaxies05, galaxies06, galaxies07, galaxies08, galaxies10, galaxies12, galaxies15, galaxies19, lightning07, lightning02, lightning03, lightning04, lightning05, lightning06, lightning08, lightning09, lightning10, lightning11, lightning18, lightning19, lightning20, stars04, stars01, stars02, stars05, stars06, stars07, stars08, stars10, stars11, stars15, stars17, stars18, stars19, stars20

// Crestfallen Cards (Worth -1)
cf-ecoli04, cf-ecoli06, cf-ecoli09, cf-fireants09, cf-piranhas04, cf-fireants04, cf-fireants07, cf-fireants09, cf-fireants05

// Mastered Decks (Crestfallen, Worth -1)
cf-ecoli01, cf-ecoli02, cf-ecoli03, cf-ecoli04, cf-ecoli05, cf-ecoli06, cf-ecoli07, cf-ecoli08, cf-ecoli09, cf-ecoli10, cf-piranhas01, cf-piranhas02, cf-piranhas03, cf-piranhas04, cf-piranhas05, cf-piranhas06, cf-piranhas07, cf-piranhas08, cf-piranhas09, cf-piranhas10

// Mastered Decks (Regular, Worth 1)
moon01, moon02, moon03, moon04, moon05, moon06, moon07, moon08, moon09, moon10, moon11, moon12, moon13, moon14, moon15, moon16, moon17, moon18, moon19, moon20, garlic01, garlic02, garlic03, garlic04, garlic05, garlic06, garlic07, garlic08, garlic09, garlic10, garlic11, garlic12, garlic13, garlic14, garlic15, garlic16, garlic17, garlic18, garlic19, garlic20

// Remedy Masters (Worth 20)

// Member Cards (Worth 0)
mc-Adelicya, mc-Hotaru, mc-Jennifer

// Currency
seed, seed, seed, seed, seed, seed, seed, seed, seed, seed, seed, seed, seed, seed, seed, seed, seed, seed, seed, seed, seed, seed, seed, seed, seed, seed, seed, seed, seed, seed, seed, seed, seed, seed