Phenomena: A Nature TCG

Phenomena was one of Christina's many TCGs, and easily my favourite TCG at the time.


// 07th December 2015
- Birthday: salamanders20, copper16, clovers20, strawberries01, raspberries11 + 1 choice card (clouds10)
- Phenomena has been inactive since January and probably isn't returning, but I have collected my birthday month rewards.

// 20th April 2015
- Mastered cherryblossoms: clouds04, clouds05, hammerheadsharks15, belugas14, cubs02
- Level Up (Lv. 9): cherryblossoms16, tornadoes10, moon13, cubs03
- Mastered stars: cherryblossoms13, cherryblossoms15, clownfish20, daisies05, babypandas04
- Mastered snowflakes: cherryblossoms11, cherryblossoms12, sunrises17, chameleons20, cubs01
- Mastered autumn: snowflakes18, snowflakes19, mountains17, meadows09, babyelephants01
- Mastered elephants: autumn12, autumn13, england19, africanwilddogs02, babypolarbears04
- Tic Tac Toe: clownfish06, stonehenge16, westies03
- Spin The Wheel: beaches13, hibiscus11
- Higher or Lower: pitvipers09, kunzite02
- Hangman: phlox14, polarbears10
- Blackjack: emperorpenguins07, borage17
- Card Claim (April 20): capybara01, persimmons16
- Wish (Mariko, HORMONES): cherryblossoms20, clouds20, redpandas17, autumn14, lions20, pandas20, wolves20, siberiantigers17
- New Decks (Jan 28): dobermanpinscher09, gsilkorbweaver07, pitbulls05, pitvipers03, whippets01
- Wish (Nicolie, SNOWY): stars09, autumn11, clouds02, snowflakes09, cherryblossoms08
- New Decks (Jan 21): africanwilddogs02, westies04, ostriches06, hammerheadsharks08, capybara10
- Wish (Ash, ICICLES): lions04, cherryblossoms05, chinchilla03, clouds01, wolves05, sunsets02, stars08
- New Decks (Jan 14): swordfish09, borage08, cabbage07, bordercollies06, americangoldfinch05
- Wish (Sassie, BABIES): cherryblossoms04, autumn10, polarbears15, chinchilla12, snowflakes15, stars13
- New Decks (Jan 07): clownfish01, eggs02, ginkgo03, gerberas04, turkishangoras08
- Wish (Mariko, 3 flower cards): cherryblossoms03, daisies06, dandelions04
- New Decks (Dec 31): pugs07, salamanders08, sanddollars09, dahlias10, englishbulldogs09
- Wish (Mariko, SNOWFALL): stars07, sunsets09, clouds08, wolves13, snowflakes14, autumn07, lions03, polarbears04
- New Decks (Dec 17): cobras02, phlox03, chocolabradors04, greatwhitesharks05, capetown06
- Wish (Mewkeere, 1 winter card): snowflakes04
- Wish (Bunnie, RUDOLPH): redpandas01, autumn09, pandas15, wolves04, lions02, polarbears12, elephants19
- New Decks (Dec 10): snakes06, clovers07, callalilies08, grapefruits09, jaguars10
- Okay, I'm a bad player and I'm catching up about four months late! Phenomena went on hiatus in January and hasn't been updated since.

// 10th December 2014
- Doubles Exchange: cherryblossoms09, grass14, grass14, hydrangea02, lakepowell16, leaves01, leopards12, oleander03, onyx10, persiancats08, philippines06, roses20, seahorses08, sky05, stars19 for bluebirds06, chinchilla15, seahorses09, stargazer12, hydrangea02, sunsets10, sky10, grandcanyon04, siamesecats16, clouds09, succulents10, snowflakes03, grass03, pineapple16, sunrises01
- Level Up: elephants18, onyx10, sky05, cubs03
- Mastered forests: elephants16, elephants17, snowdrops15, france13, babyelephants04
- Update Wish (Dec 03): (Mysti) elephants20, chinchilla02, autumn20, redpandas19, stars15, snowflakes16
- New Decks (Dec 03): shihtzus09, snowdrops10, succulents11, postojnacave12, chameleons13
- Update Wish (Nov 26): (Mariko) sunrises14, autumn06, elephants13, sunsets01, stars06, snowflakes03
- New Decks (Nov 26): hedgehogs04, scotland05, penguins06, starfish07, tulips08
- Update Wish (Nov 19): (Michi) elephants07, autumn04, chinchilla01, snowflakes02, forests17
- New Decks (Nov 19): grizzlybears06, lighthouses07, swallows08, lavender09, pineapple10
- Mastered bleedinghearts: forests12, forests16, beaches16, snowflakes10, kittens03
- Go Fish: sky18, cherryblossoms09
- Guess The Location: leopards12, spring09, koi01
- Guess The Animal: lions13, shihtzus02
- Lottery: obsidian11
- Guess The Plant: topaz10, owls12, lakepowell16
- Card Claim (December 10): goldenretrievers17, philippines17
- Unreleased Cards Vote: elephants15, meadows01, lemons02
- Wishing Well: succulents18, hydrangea02
- Tic Tac Toe: peacocks17, grizzlybears10, icicles06
- Spin The Wheel: bees03, oranges20, lightning05
- Pick A Random: grizzlybears04, france09
- Memory: mainecoons12, stars19, southkorea02
- Higher or Lower: roses20, pumpkins13
- Hangman: roses10, wolves03
- Blackjack: butterflies17, leopards08

// 05th December 2014
- Birthday: persiancats08, ireland03, emerald11, moon10, grass14 + 1 choice card (bleedinghearts13)

// 14th November 2014
- Mastered england: bleedinghearts11, bleedinghearts12, strawberries13, chinchilla16, babypandas04
- Update Wish (Nov 12): (Sassie, BEARD) bleedinghearts16, elephants15, stars17, forests07, pandas01
- New Decks (Nov 12): wolves12, wolves18, cliffs09, lagoons14, bees20
- Update Wish (Nov 05): (Meg, NOVEMBER) sunrises05, lions15, wolves06, england16, autumn08, bleedinghearts10, elephants06, redpandas05
- New Decks (Nov 05): chinchilla06, chinchilla10, chinchilla14, giraffes06, meerkats16, orchids20
- Forum - November Freebies: water07, siberiantigers05, turquoise05, pandas17, bats20, siberiantigers07
- Go Fish: autumn15, dalmatians15
- Word Scramble: lemons10, pumpkins07
- Trivia: goldenretrievers16, trees17, kunzite04, amethyst16
- Guess The Mineral: apples17, waterlilies04, cliffs06, ruby08
- Guess The Location: grass16, daisies10, koi06
- Guess The Animal: wisteria07, stars11
- Lottery: japanesemaple01
- Guess The Plant: meerkats13, cliffs10, philippines06
- Unreleased Cards Vote: waterfalls17, southkorea17, peridot01
- Tic Tac Toe: leaves01, obsidian09, lemons12
- Spin The Wheel: emperorpenguins08, cheetahs05
- Pick A Random: grass14
- Memory: grandcanyon11, cherries17, horses11
- Higher or Lower: japan19, snowflakes08
- Hangman: redpandas02, pumpkins20
- Card Puzzle: dragonflies12, pearl20
- Blackjack: acadia11, rainbows14
- Wishing Well: oleander03, persiancats20
- Card Claim (November 14): chinchilla16, elephants11

// 03rd November 2014
- Shop Purchase: england15
- Level Up: england12, onyx16, ruby20, kittens04
- Update Question (Oct 29): babyelephants01
- Update Wish (Oct 29): (Shalini, 3 red border) autumn05, siberiantigers05, sunsets05
- New Decks (Oct 29): strawberries15, strawberries19, waterlilies20, cows16, emperorpenguins04
- Update Wish (Oct 22): (Shawna, 5 choice) england17, forests14, autumn19, bleedinghearts08, snowflakes12
- New Decks (Oct 22): japanesemaple04, dalmatians03, rabbits06, watermelon07, koi12
- Go Fish: persimmons08, pinecones01, seahorses08, siberiantigers02, grass15
- Update Wish (Oct 15): (Jennifer, CHINCHILLA) volcanoes15, bleedinghearts20, sunrises16, england11, clouds09, elephants05, rain16, lions10, snowflakes13, pearl14
- New Decks (Oct 15): redfoxes04, flamingos09, pumpkins12, blueberries16, italy07
- Doubles Exchange: belugas19, meadows03, onyx15, turtles06 for grandcanyon01, emerald14, sunflowers01, volcanoes05
- Doubles Exchange: bamboo01, beagles13, cherryblossoms10, cherryblossoms17, cherryblossoms17, cherryblossoms18, dragonflies15, flowerpetals02, grandcanyon15, horses19, hummingbirds01, lakes08, moon12, mountains15, mountrushmore11, orcas03, persiancats03, polarbears08, polarbears09, raspberries19, stargazer13, water19, yorkshireterriers08 for icicles13, pearl03, jellyfish08, turtles06, pandas08, meadows03, diamond02, blackcats05, redeyedtreefrog10, hummingbirds16, tornadoes15, sunflowers06, belugas19, hydrangea09, pandas11, onyx15, mountrushmore01, mainecoons16, yorkshireterriers06, roses13, jellyfish18, emerald17, strawberries11
- Blackjack: rabbits14, tanzanite01
- Card Puzzle: italy06, elephants14
- Hangman: whaleshark11, wisteria01
- Higher or Lower: stargazer13, persiancats01
- Wishing Well: hydrangea05, wisteria15
- Memory: water19, raspberries19, stargazer13
- Spin The Wheel: forests19
- Tic Tac Toe: mountains15, redeyedtreefrog06, flowerpetals02
- Unreleased Cards Vote: polarbears08, beagles12, siamesecats05
- Word Scramble: topaz07, onyx15
- Guess The Mineral: mountrushmore11, lions01, hummingbirds01, sharks15
- Lottery: persiancats03, redpandas10
- Guess The Location: leopards12, redeyedtreefrog03, fireflies17
- Card Claim (November 3): forests06, sunrises03

// 13th October 2014
- Update Wishes (Oct 08): (Bunnie, #11) snowflakes11, (dragoneyes, GRAPES) bleedinghearts04, forests04, autumn03, flowerpetals02, england10, stars04
- New Decks (Oct 08): france06, pomegranates07, seahorses08, turquoise09, peacocks10
- Update Wish (Oct 01): (Shalini, IVORY) siberiantigers20, leaves04, forests03, bleedinghearts02, cherryblossoms09
- New Decks (Oct 01): meadows03, wisteria04, mainecoons05, bats06, leopards07
- Guess The Animal: horses19, beaches03
- Guess The Location: sunflowers16, stars12, sunrises11
- Lottery: sunrises20
- Guess The Plant: yorkshireterriers08, lakes08, alexandrite18
- Tic Tac Toe: morningglories02, polarbears09, pinecones18
- Spin The Wheel: cherryblossoms17, france20, cats15
- Pick A Random: horses06, wisteria06, jejuisland09
- Blackjack: siberiantigers19, turtles05
- Hangman: blackcats06, owls04
- Higher or Lower: mountains08, clouds16
- Memory: stars02, sunsets14, siberiantigers19
- Card Claim (October 13): sunrises13, snowflakes06

// 29th September 2014
- Mastered kittens: england19, england09, yorkshireterriers07, bluebirds16, goldenretrievers04, babyredpandas03, babypandas03
- Mastered cats: england11, england12, moon12, oranges14, cubs02
- Go Fish: sunrises18, fireflies14, orcas03, grandcanyon15, siberiantigers12
- Update Freebie (Sept 26): kittens02
- New Decks (Sept 26): onyx20, tornadoes06, owls08, bluebirds18, cheetahs16
- Update Wish (Sept 26): (Meg, AUTUMN) beagles18, autumn02, bleedinghearts07, butterflies04, stars10, england08
- Update Wish (Sept 19): (Nicolie, HAPPY) seashells05, cats17, peridot02, elephants10, cherryblossoms07
- New Decks (Sept 19): blackcats09, rainbows06, horses07, sunrises15, emerald12
- Distorted Card: winter14, kunzite19, leaves20
- Card Claim (September 29): willow19, persiancats08
- Wishing Well: orcas17, volcanoes17
- Card Puzzle: turtles16, cherryblossoms17
- Hangman: toypoodles20, clouds07
- Higher or Lower: emerald20, topaz15
- Slots: aurora13, mounthood14, lakes08
- Memory: snowflakes07, obsidian02, amethyst07
- Pick A Random: mountrushmore11, lakepowell05
- Spin The Wheel: cherryblossoms17, cherryblossoms10
- Unreleased Cards Vote: southkorea18, polarbears08, roses04
- Tic Tac Toe: onyx10, dragonflies15, philippines07
- Melting Pot: Traded belugas01 for siamesecats12
- Guess The Plant: horses19, willow09, forgetmenots16
- Guess The Mineral: seashells09, butterflies10, butterflies09, morningglories08
- Lottery: siberiantigers13
- Guess The Animal: pinecones03, persiancats03
- Magnified: onyx03, raspberries17, peridot20
- Guess The Location: bamboo01, beagles13, belugas13
- Trivia: stargazer12, toypoodles03, tornadoes11, england05

// 16th September 2014
- Doubles Exchange: apples16, bamboo06, beagles13, cats10, cats10, dogs09, dogs11, elephants03, flowerpetals01, flowerpetals09, grandcanyon04, grass09, japan02, orcas11, winter18 for amber03, acadia02, water02, mountains11, yorkshireterriers14, mountrushmore10, swans11, daisies06, belugas19, cherryblossoms18, goldenretrievers05, volcanoes07, pandas14, stars05, stargazer15
- Doubles Exchange: babyelephants04, babypandas05 for cubs04, cubs03
- Mastered puppies: cats15, cats16, ruby19, grass03, lilac16, babypandas05, babyelephants04
- Mastered dogs: cats11, cats14, waterfalls04, daisies18, puppies05
- Level Up: dogs15, whaleshark14, belugas03, babyelephants04
- Update Freebies: (RETURN) stars01, bleedinghearts01, cats06, autumn01, forests02, england01
- New Decks (Sept 14): belugas01, fireflies02, oleander03, siberiantigers04, whaleshark05
- Forum - September Freebies: winter18, bamboo20, bamboo06, winter19, trees07
- Melting Pot: Traded belugas07 for elephants08
- Word Scramble: bleedinghearts09, flowerpetals17
- Guess The Plant: swans18, philippines06, apples16
- Magnified: hibiscus12, sapphire05, turtles19
- Guess The Location: persimmons13, tanzanite12, spring20
- Puzzle: grandcanyon15, amber05, apples01, moon11, swans06
- Guess The Animal: siberiantigers07, flowerpetals12
- Trivia: japan02, hummingbirds03, flowerpetals01, dogs09
- Guess The Mineral: ruby17, pinecones10, raspberries12, dogs01
- Unreleased Cards Vote: alexandrite08, topaz09, hydrangea07
- War: siamesecats10, sky02
- Tic Tac Toe: belugas07, rain07, grass14
- Pick A Random: orcas11, clouds15
- Memory: beagles13, elephants03, persimmons02
- Slots: southkorea09, stargazer06, elephants12
- Higher or Lower: snowflakes05, ruby06
- Hangman: grandcanyon09, icicles11
- Card Puzzle: oleander15, lilac20
- Blackjack: turtles07, grandcanyon04
- Card Claim (September 16): siamesecats13, dandelions17

// 26th August 2014
- Email - Confirmed Membership: stonehenge17, england20, pearl13, yorkshireterriers12, willow02

// 12th March 2013
- Doubles Exchange: beagles06 (exchanged: turtles06)
- Doubles Exchange: turtles06, toypoodles14 (exchanged: oranges02, snowflakes20)
- Doubles Exchange: cats02, bleedinghearts03, persimmons10, oranges02, snowflakes20, dandelions19, turtles10, moon12, snowflakes17 (exchanged: beaches06, cats13, cherryblossoms10, diamond01, moon15, morningglories16, swans10, swans13, topaz02)
- Blackjack: copper19, lilac07
- Card Puzzle: stonehenge10, lakepowell16
- Hangman: mountains15, tanzanite03
- Higher or Lower: hibiscus20, morningglories16
- Pick A Random: flowerpetals08, jejuisland16, winter09
- Tic Tac Toe: redeyedtreefrog05, amber10, moss20
- War: apples20, pandas10
- Memory: dogs03, grass09, beaches06
- Lottery: goldenretrievers02, cats13
- Trivia: siamesecats19, diamond05, swans10, diamond01
- Guess The Animal: sapphire19, moss03
- Guess The Location: swans12, persimmons18, philippines02
- Guess The Plant: bettafish09, topaz02, ireland11
- Guess The Mineral: persiancats11, morningglories10, dandelions13, moon15
- Word Scramble: mountains09, cherryblossoms10
- Distorted Card: dawn04, swans13, pandas02
- Magnified: dawn16, moon15, polarbears18
- Level Up (4-5): dogs13, grass09, japan11, babypolarbears02

// 1st February 2013
- Doubles Exchange: mounthood07 (exchanged: sky04)
- Forum - Complete The Deck #3: lilac15 
- Forum - Guess The Animal #9: dogs11 
- Forum - Weekly Question #11: sky04, tanzanite06

// 31st January 2013
- Doubles Exchange: cherryblossoms14, obsidian14, moss01 (exchanged: spring02, stonehenge09, topaz16)
- Forum - Complete the Deck #2: autumn17
- Update Freebie: puppies05
- Card Puzzle: forests13, water19
- Hangman: pinecones12, lightning09
- Higher or Lower: hydrangea11, japan09
- Blackjack: topaz16, bamboo02
- Pick A Random: stonehenge15, lightning04, dolphins11
- Spin The Wheel: copper11, beagles10, morningglories17
- Tic Tac Toe: willow20, pearl06, tanzanite05
- Memory: beagles11, seashells16, japan04
- Lottery: bettafish03
- Trivia: alexandrite17, orcas11, yorkshireterriers08, japan02
- Guess The Animal: rain01, apples08
- Guess The Location: dolphins07, jellyfish19, toypoodles13
- Word Scramble: lemons08, persiancats18
- Guess The Plant: dogs17, oranges12, stonehenge09
- Magnified: butterflies01, obsidian16, flowerpetals03
- Go Fish: dogs09
- Distorted Card: stars18, alexandrite11, jellyfish03
- Trade Card Turn In: england06, cats12	
- Trade Card Turn In: lions13, elephants09
- Forum - Higher or Lower #11: beagles13, orcas16

// 21st January 2013
- Mastered moon: dogs06, dogs08, roses18, polarbears09, kittens04
- Mastered seashells: moon13, moon17, hummingbirds11, lakepowell07, puppies03
- Doubles Exchange: siamesecats16 (exchanged: cherryblossoms02)
- Memory: cherryblossoms02, pearl11, redpandas02
- Pick A Random: sunflowers15
- Spin The Wheel: stars20
- Tic Tac Toe: bamboo17, grass11, winter04
- New Decks: pinecones13, copper08, swans13, swans10, pinecones19
- Forum - January Freebies: dawn18, forests19, stars16, elephants04, cats20, rain10
- Forum - Higher or Lower #9: grandcanyon05, spring02 
- Level Up (3-4): seashells14, rain08, lightning17, babypandas05

// 11th January 2013
- Wishing Well: (Becca, JAN #20) japan06, cats04, moon12, seashells20
- New Decks (January 09): stargazer14, stargazer16, lakepowell17, lakepowell05, hydrangea02
- Doubles Exchange: butterflies07, southkorea05 (exchanged: cats10, polarbears13)
- Blackjack: turtles11, flowerpetals07
- Card Puzzle: acadia13, forgetmenots02
- Hangman: raspberries07, dawn08
- Higher or Lower: hibiscus06, seashells03
- Lottery: england14
- Guess The Plant: polarbears13, bamboo09, amethyst18
- Word Scramble: persimmons12, turtles14
- Distorted Card: diamond10, sharks20, turtles09
- Go Fish: sky11

// 3rd January 2013
- Doubles Exchange: clouds16 (exchanged: sapphire18)
- Doubles Exchange: clouds17, oranges01, seashells13, lilac15, turtles06, sapphire18, mounthood10, winter18, beaches06 (exchanged: apples04, diamond01, dogs11, dragonflies13, dragonflies13, flowerpetals09, grass08, redpandas08, summer13)
- Update Freebies: (Shalini, 2013) moon20, seashells08, dogs18, cats13
- New Decks (January 2): orcas01, hibiscus02, hibiscus03, sky04, sky05
- Memory: bettafish18, oranges09, orcas03
- Spin The Wheel: bamboo18
- Tic Tac Toe: flowerpetals19, volcanoes10, rain09
- War: water08, flowerpetals09
- Guess The Animal: summer13, dogs11
- Trivia: cherryblossoms19, dragonflies13, grandcanyon03, hibiscus19

// 30th December 2012
- New Decks (December 26): hummingbirds01, hummingbirds02, snowflakes01, snowflakes02, grass01
- Blackjack: hummingbirds10, seashells06
- Card Puzzle: lions13, cherryblossoms10
- Hangman: lightning02, diamond01
- Higher or Lower: stonehenge20, flowerpetals09
- Spin The Wheel: apples09, polarbears05
- War: hummingbirds20, autumn16
- Memory: ruby09, amethyst03, lilac13
- Lottery: cherries20, clouds19
- Guess The Plant: lakes14, mounthood18, bamboo10
- Guess The Mineral: butterflies12, stars19, spring13, yorkshireterriers03
- Trivia: diamond12, winter04, dolphins12, raspberries19
- Guess The Animal: topaz16, grass08
- Guess The Location: grass12, england04, bleedinghearts15
- Distorted Card: tanzanite18, stars14, grass08
- Word Scramble: dragonflies13, diamond01
- Level Up (2-3): moon11, snowflakes20, sunflowers07, cubs05

// 13th December 2012
- New Decks (December 12): icicles02, icicles16, goldenretrievers05, goldenretrievers06, lilac08
- Wishing Well: (Fran, ADVENT) cats01, dogs07, volcanoes02, seashells03, kittens01, trees12
- Blackjack: spring05, leaves05
- Hangman: seashells02, mountrushmore14
- Higher or Lower: goldenretrievers19, dragonflies02
- Guess The Plant: daisies14, lilac18, southkorea07
- Guess The Mineral: cats10, sapphire18, waterfalls13, redpandas08
- Lottery: cherryblossoms18, bleedinghearts06
- Word Scramble: southkorea04, apples04
- Distorted Card: bamboo11, moon19, seashells09

// 7th December 2012
- Doubles Exchange: dragonflies07 (exchanged: autumn15)

// 6th December 2012
- Wishing Well: (Becca, 1 baby) puppies02
- New Decks (December 5): turtles20, leaves01, leaves02, flowerpetals01, flowerpetals18
- Memory: cherryblossoms06, aurora03, apples03
- Pick A Random: bamboo01, aurora10, autumn15
- Spin The Wheel: apples04
- War: winter07, trees09
- Magnified: dawn14, turtles13, amethyst19
- Guess The Animal: apples02, polarbears13
- Guess The Location: forests01, apples16, spring02
- Puzzle: sapphire04, aurora06, dogs04, bleedinghearts14, redpandas07

// 3rd December 2012
- Birthday: redpandas08, pearl04, dragonflies15, pearl18, sunsets08 + 1 choice card (moon06)

// 30th November 2012
- New Decks (November 28): stars19, stars18, redpandas12, redpandas14, lakes12
- Wishing Well: (Saya, RED) rain19, elephants01, dogs03
- Blackjack: winter02, dogs17
- Higher or Lower: rain10, forests18
- Hangman: seashells02, bleedinghearts19
- Card Puzzle: cats09, redpandas18
- Word Scramble: yorkshireterriers17, mounthood15
- Guess The Plant: roses01, clouds11, yorkshireterriers15
- Distorted Card: dolphins15, oranges02, peridot15
- Forum - Higher or Lower #5: cherryblossoms01, morningglories16
- Level Up (Lv.1 to Lv.2): moon07, peridot13, england03, puppies04
- Go Fish: dogs01

// 26th November 2012
- Doubles Exchange: cherryblossoms12, bamboo06 (exchanged: autumn18, roses20)
- Forum - Higher or Lower #4: pearl10, autumn18

// 21st November 2012
- New Decks (November 21): topaz02, trees03, trees15, rain02, rain14
- Update Wish: (Liza, THANKS) trees17, cherryblossoms02, autumn15, moon03, sharks03, seashells01
- Spin The Wheel: lemons09
- War: topaz12, jejuisland03
- Guess The Animal: summer20, pandas07
- Pick A Random: lemons15, mounthood02
- Guess The Location: lightning09, forests09, roses20
- Trivia: volcanoes01, stonehenge09, toypoodles02, sapphire01
- Memory: clouds18, japan07, stonehenge18

// 20th November 2012
- Forum - Grand Opening Freebies: sunsets18, seashells18, waterfalls04, waterfalls10, moon10

// 16th November 2012
- Forum - Higher or Lower #3: daisies08, grandcanyon05
- Forum - Weekly Question #3: waterfalls02, dolphins09

// 14th November 2012
- New Decks (November 14): seashells10, seashells05, sapphire17, dawn10, daisies12
- Wishing Well (Uyuki, OPENING): oranges11, puppies03, elephants02, moon01, lightning07, dawn12, grandcanyon04
- Blackjack: dawn07, forests11
- Card Puzzle: roses03, cats03
- Higher or Lower: dawn05, dragonflies13
- Hangman: mountains20, mounthood11
- Distorted Card: volcanoes06, apples05, sapphire08
- Word Scramble: lemons16, mountains14
- Lottery: dogs05
- Pick A Random: diamond02, bamboo14
- Spin The Wheel: bleedinghearts17
- War: oranges04, dogs19
- Memory: elephants03, lemons13, forests08
- Tic Tac Toe: roses20, clouds19, daisies07

// 13th November 2012
- Starter Pack: moon08, moon09, moon02, summer13, pandas16, butterflies16, autumn18, lemons17, butterflies20, roses09, pandas17
// 26th January 2015
- Traded Nayah: my stars19 for siberiantigers01

// 28th December 2014
- Traded Catherine: my lemons15, dalmatians15, dawn07, dawn10, mc-Jennifer for polarbears06, siberiantigers14, siberiantigers18, wolves10, mc-Catherine

// 18th December 2014
- Traded Mysti: my orchids20, grizzlybears06, grizzlybears10 for chinchilla13, lions11, redpandas20

// 17th November 2014
- Traded RedRarebit: my pearl10, mc-Jennifer for wolves02, mc-RedRarebit

// 14th November 2014
- Traded Blair: my emperorpenguins04 for lions12

// 10th November 2014
- Traded Mysti: my bluebirds16, mc-Jennifer for forests05, mc-Mysti

// 18th September 2014
- Traded Saya: my moon15, dogs01, dogs03, dogs11, dogs17, mc-Jennifer for kittens03, bleedinghearts05, bleedinghearts18, england02, mc-Saya

// 31st January 2013
- Traded Jenny: my copper08 for forests15

// 21st January 2013
- Traded Jenny: my lakepowell05 for forests20
- Traded Chii: my tanzanite18, mc-Jennifer for cats18, mc-Chii
- Traded Sheva: my dogs19, southkorea05 for kittens05
- Traded Michelle: my goldenretrievers05, mc-Jennifer for seashells15, mc-Michelle
- Traded Hotaru: my icicles16, snowflakes02, mc-Jennifer for cats05, england06, mc-Hotaru

// 11th January 2013
- Traded Shalini: my lions13 for england18
- Traded Mez: my water08 for england13

// 4th January 2013
- Traded Becca: my rain09, rain19, winter02 for dogs09, cats03, cats20
- Traded Danielle: my lilac15, mc-Jennifer for moon15, mc-Danielle
- Traded Hyoyeon: my winter04, winter07, mc-Jennifer for cats07, cats12, mc-Hyoyeon
- Traded Heather: my lightning07, aurora06, mc-Jennifer for cats10, seashells12, mc-Heather
- Traded Whitney: my dogs11, mc-Jennifer for cats08, mc-Whitney
- Traded Crissy: my cherryblossoms12, clouds16, clouds17, clouds18, clouds19, mc-Jennifer for cats02, dogs14, moon18, stars03, cats10, mc-Crissy

// 3rd January 2013
- Traded Breanne: my seashells13, seashells17, mc-Jennifer for england07, forests10, mc-Breanne
- Traded Shalini: my grass01 for cats13

// 2nd January 2013
- Traded Jenny: my grandcanyon05, mc-Jennifer for dogs12, mc-Jenny

// 30th December 2012
- Traded Mez: my trees12, rain10, rain14, mc-Jennifer for cats10, seashells13, seashells16, mc-Mez

// 7th December 2012
- Traded Chelsea: my dogs01, mc-Jennifer for moon16, mc-Chelsea

// 30th November 2012
- Traded Jessica: my pandas07, waterfalls04 for moon05, dogs01
- Traded Ohgalaxy: my lightning09, sunsets18, mountains14 for cats19, dogs11, dogs16

// 27th November 2012
- Traded Becca: my rain02, japan07, daisies07, daisies12, mc-Jennifer for dogs11, dogs19, dogs20, seashells11, mc-Becca

// 26th November 2012
- Traded Jam: my diamond02, sapphire17, mc-Jennifer for moon04, moon14, mc-Jam

// 22nd November 2012
- Traded Jessica: my sharks03, mc-Jessica for seashells17, mc-Jessica
- Traded Shalini: my trees03, trees17, daisies08, summer20, mc-Jennifer for dogs02, dogs10, seashells07, seashells17, mc-Shalini

// 20th November 2012
- Traded Catherine: my lemons16, lemons17 for seashells04, seashells19

// 16th November 2012
- Traded Jessica: my clouds19, pandas17 for puppies01
// Mastered Decks
autumn01, autumn02, autumn03, autumn04, autumn05, autumn06, autumn07, autumn08, autumn09, autumn10, autumn11, autumn12, autumn13, autumn14, autumn15, autumn16, autumn17, autumn18, autumn19, autumn20, bleedinghearts01, bleedinghearts02, bleedinghearts03, bleedinghearts04, bleedinghearts05, bleedinghearts06, bleedinghearts07, bleedinghearts08, bleedinghearts09, bleedinghearts10, bleedinghearts11, bleedinghearts12, bleedinghearts13, bleedinghearts14, bleedinghearts15, bleedinghearts16, bleedinghearts17, bleedinghearts18, bleedinghearts19, bleedinghearts20, cats01, cats02, cats03, cats04, cats05, cats06, cats07, cats08, cats09, cats10, cats11, cats12, cats13, cats14, cats15, cats16, cats17, cats18, cats19, cats20, cherryblossoms01, cherryblossoms02, cherryblossoms03, cherryblossoms04, cherryblossoms05, cherryblossoms06, cherryblossoms07, cherryblossoms08, cherryblossoms09, cherryblossoms10, cherryblossoms11, cherryblossoms12, cherryblossoms13, cherryblossoms14, cherryblossoms15, cherryblossoms16, cherryblossoms17, cherryblossoms18, cherryblossoms19, cherryblossoms20, dogs01, dogs02, dogs03, dogs04, dogs05, dogs06, dogs07, dogs08, dogs09, dogs10, dogs11, dogs12, dogs13, dogs14, dogs15, dogs16, dogs17, dogs18, dogs19, dogs20, elephants01, elephants02, elephants03, elephants04, elephants05, elephants06, elephants07, elephants08, elephants09, elephants10, elephants11, elephants12, elephants13, elephants14, elephants15, elephants16, elephants17, elephants18, elephants19, elephants20, england01, england02, england03, england04, england05, england06, england07, england08, england09, england10, england11, england12, england13, england14, england15, england16, england17, england18, england19, england20, forests01, forests02, forests03, forests04, forests05, forests06, forests07, forests08, forests09, forests10, forests11, forests12, forests13, forests14, forests15, forests16, forests17, forests18, forests19, forests20, kittens01, kittens02, kittens03, kittens04, kittens05, moon01, moon02, moon03, moon04, moon05, moon06, moon07, moon08, moon09, moon10, moon11, moon12, moon13, moon14, moon15, moon16, moon17, moon18, moon19, moon20, puppies01, puppies02, puppies03, puppies04, puppies05, seashells01, seashells02, seashells03, seashells04, seashells05, seashells06, seashells07, seashells08, seashells09, seashells10, seashells11, seashells12, seashells13, seashells14, seashells15, seashells16, seashells17, seashells18, seashells19, seashells20, snowflakes01, snowflakes02, snowflakes03, snowflakes04, snowflakes05, snowflakes06, snowflakes07, snowflakes08, snowflakes09, snowflakes10, snowflakes11, snowflakes12, snowflakes13, snowflakes14, snowflakes15, snowflakes16, snowflakes17, snowflakes18, snowflakes19, snowflakes20, stars01, stars02, stars03, stars04, stars05, stars06, stars07, stars08, stars09, stars10, stars11, stars12, stars13, stars14, stars15, stars16, stars17, stars18, stars19, stars20

// Regular (Worth 1)
clouds07, clouds09, clouds11, clouds15, clouds16, clouds08, clouds01, clouds02, clouds20, clouds04, clouds05, clouds10, lions01, lions02, lions03, lions04, lions10, lions11, lions12, lions13, lions15, lions20, pandas01, pandas02, pandas08, pandas10, pandas11, pandas14, pandas15, pandas16, pandas17, pandas20, redpandas01, redpandas02, redpandas05, redpandas07, redpandas08, redpandas10, redpandas12, redpandas14, redpandas17, redpandas18, redpandas19, redpandas20, acadia02, acadia11, acadia13, africanwilddogs02, africanwilddogs02, alexandrite08, alexandrite11, alexandrite17, alexandrite18, amber03, amber05, amber10, americangoldfinch05, amethyst03, amethyst07, amethyst16, amethyst18, amethyst19, apples01, apples02, apples03, apples04, apples05, apples08, apples09, apples16, apples17, apples20, aurora03, aurora10, aurora13, autumn15, bamboo01, bamboo02, bamboo06, bamboo09, bamboo10, bamboo11, bamboo14, bamboo17, bamboo18, bamboo20, bats06, bats20, beaches03, beaches06, beaches13, beaches16, beagles06, beagles10, beagles11, beagles12, beagles13, beagles18, bees03, bees20, belugas03, belugas13, belugas14, belugas19, bettafish03, bettafish09, bettafish18, blackcats05, blackcats06, blackcats09, blueberries16, bluebirds06, bluebirds18, borage08, borage17, bordercollies06, butterflies01, butterflies04, butterflies07, butterflies09, butterflies10, butterflies12, butterflies16, butterflies17, butterflies20, cabbage07, callalilies08, capetown06, cats02, cats03, cats10, cats12, cats13, cats15, cats20, chameleons13, chameleons20, cheetahs05, cheetahs16, cherries17, cherries20, chinchilla16, chocolabradors04, cliffs06, cliffs09, cliffs10, clouds09, clovers07, clovers20, clownfish01, clownfish06, clownfish20, cobras02, copper11, copper16, copper19, cows16, dahlias10, daisies05, daisies06, daisies06, daisies10, daisies14, daisies18, dalmatians03, dandelions04, dandelions13, dandelions17, dandelions19, dawn04, dawn05, dawn08, dawn12, dawn14, dawn16, dawn18, diamond01, diamond02, diamond05, diamond10, diamond12, dobermanpinscher09, dogs09, dolphins07, dolphins09, dolphins11, dolphins12, dolphins15, dragonflies02, dragonflies07, dragonflies12, dragonflies13, dragonflies15, eggs02, elephants15, emerald11, emerald12, emerald14, emerald17, emerald20, emperorpenguins07, emperorpenguins08, england06, england11, england12, england19, englishbulldogs09, fireflies02, fireflies14, fireflies17, flamingos09, flowerpetals01, flowerpetals02, flowerpetals03, flowerpetals07, flowerpetals08, flowerpetals09, flowerpetals12, flowerpetals17, flowerpetals18, flowerpetals19, forests19, forgetmenots02, forgetmenots16, france06, france09, france13, france20, gerberas04, ginkgo03, giraffes06, goldenretrievers02, goldenretrievers04, goldenretrievers05, goldenretrievers06, goldenretrievers16, goldenretrievers17, goldenretrievers19, grandcanyon01, grandcanyon03, grandcanyon04, grandcanyon04, grandcanyon05, grandcanyon09, grandcanyon11, grandcanyon15, grapefruits09, grass03, grass03, grass08, grass09, grass11, grass12, grass14, grass15, grass16, greatwhitesharks05, grizzlybears04, gsilkorbweaver07, hammerheadsharks08, hammerheadsharks15, hedgehogs04, hibiscus02, hibiscus03, hibiscus06, hibiscus11, hibiscus12, hibiscus19, hibiscus20, horses06, horses07, horses11, horses19, hummingbirds01, hummingbirds02, hummingbirds03, hummingbirds10, hummingbirds11, hummingbirds16, hummingbirds20, hydrangea02, hydrangea02, hydrangea05, hydrangea07, hydrangea09, hydrangea11, icicles02, icicles06, icicles11, icicles13, ireland03, ireland11, italy06, italy07, jaguars10, japan02, japan04, japan06, japan09, japan11, japan19, japanesemaple01, japanesemaple04, jejuisland03, jejuisland09, jejuisland16, jellyfish03, jellyfish08, jellyfish18, jellyfish19, koi01, koi06, koi12, kunzite02, kunzite04, kunzite19, lagoons14, lakepowell05, lakepowell07, lakepowell16, lakepowell17, lakes08, lakes12, lakes14, lavender09, leaves01, leaves02, leaves04, leaves05, leaves20, lemons02, lemons08, lemons09, lemons10, lemons12, lemons13, leopards07, leopards08, leopards12, lighthouses07, lightning02, lightning04, lightning05, lightning09, lightning17, lilac07, lilac08, lilac13, lilac15, lilac16, lilac18, lilac20, lions13, mainecoons05, mainecoons12, mainecoons16, meadows01, meadows03, meadows09, meerkats13, meerkats16, moon10, moon11, moon12, moon13, morningglories02, morningglories08, morningglories10, morningglories16, morningglories17, moss01, moss03, moss20, mountains08, mountains09, mountains11, mountains15, mountains17, mountains20, mounthood02, mounthood07, mounthood10, mounthood11, mounthood14, mounthood15, mounthood18, mountrushmore01, mountrushmore10, mountrushmore11, mountrushmore14, obsidian02, obsidian09, obsidian11, obsidian14, obsidian16, oleander03, oleander15, onyx03, onyx10, onyx15, onyx16, onyx20, oranges01, oranges02, oranges04, oranges09, oranges11, oranges12, oranges14, oranges20, orcas01, orcas03, orcas11, orcas16, orcas17, ostriches06, owls04, owls08, owls12, peacocks10, peacocks17, pearl03, pearl04, pearl06, pearl11, pearl13, pearl14, pearl18, pearl20, penguins06, peridot01, peridot02, peridot13, peridot15, peridot20, persiancats01, persiancats03, persiancats08, persiancats11, persiancats18, persiancats20, persimmons02, persimmons08, persimmons10, persimmons12, persimmons13, persimmons16, persimmons18, philippines02, philippines06, philippines07, philippines17, phlox03, phlox14, pineapple10, pineapple16, pinecones01, pinecones03, pinecones10, pinecones12, pinecones13, pinecones18, pinecones19, pitbulls05, pitvipers03, pitvipers09, pomegranates07, postojnacave12, pugs07, pumpkins07, pumpkins12, pumpkins13, pumpkins20, rabbits06, rabbits14, rain01, rain07, rain08, rain10, rain16, rainbows06, rainbows14, raspberries07, raspberries11, raspberries12, raspberries17, raspberries19, redeyedtreefrog03, redeyedtreefrog05, redeyedtreefrog06, redeyedtreefrog10, redfoxes04, redpandas02, roses01, roses03, roses04, roses09, roses10, roses13, roses18, roses20, ruby06, ruby08, ruby09, ruby17, ruby19, ruby20, salamanders08, salamanders20, sanddollars09, sapphire01, sapphire04, sapphire05, sapphire08, sapphire18, sapphire19, scotland05, seahorses08, seahorses09, seashells02, seashells03, seashells05, seashells09, seashells16, sharks15, sharks20, shihtzus02, shihtzus09, siamesecats05, siamesecats10, siamesecats12, siamesecats13, siamesecats16, siamesecats16, siamesecats19, siberiantigers04, siberiantigers05, siberiantigers07, siberiantigers12, siberiantigers13, siberiantigers19, sky02, sky04, sky05, sky10, sky11, sky18, snakes06, snowdrops10, snowdrops15, snowflakes03, southkorea02, southkorea04, southkorea07, southkorea09, southkorea17, southkorea18, spring02, spring05, spring09, spring13, spring20, starfish07, stargazer06, stargazer12, stargazer12, stargazer13, stargazer14, stargazer15, stargazer16, stars18, stonehenge09, stonehenge10, stonehenge15, stonehenge16, stonehenge17, stonehenge18, stonehenge20, strawberries01, strawberries11, strawberries13, strawberries15, strawberries19, succulents10, succulents11, succulents18, summer13, sunflowers01, sunflowers06, sunflowers07, sunflowers15, sunflowers16, swallows08, swans06, swans10, swans11, swans12, swans13, swans18, swordfish09, tanzanite01, tanzanite03, tanzanite05, tanzanite06, tanzanite12, topaz02, topaz07, topaz09, topaz10, topaz12, topaz15, topaz16, tornadoes06, tornadoes10, tornadoes11, tornadoes15, toypoodles02, toypoodles03, toypoodles13, toypoodles14, toypoodles20, trees07, trees09, trees15, trees17, tulips08, turkishangoras08, turquoise05, turquoise09, turtles05, turtles06, turtles07, turtles09, turtles10, turtles11, turtles13, turtles14, turtles16, turtles19, turtles20, volcanoes01, volcanoes02, volcanoes05, volcanoes06, volcanoes07, volcanoes10, volcanoes15, volcanoes17, water02, water07, water19, waterfalls02, waterfalls04, waterfalls10, waterfalls13, waterfalls17, waterlilies04, waterlilies20, watermelon07, westies03, westies04, whaleshark05, whaleshark11, whaleshark14, whippets01, willow02, willow09, willow19, willow20, winter04, winter09, winter14, winter18, winter19, wisteria01, wisteria04, wisteria06, wisteria07, wisteria15, yorkshireterriers03, yorkshireterriers06, yorkshireterriers07, yorkshireterriers08, yorkshireterriers12, yorkshireterriers14, yorkshireterriers15, yorkshireterriers17, capybara01, capybara10, chinchilla01, chinchilla02, chinchilla03, chinchilla06, chinchilla10, chinchilla12, chinchilla13, chinchilla14, chinchilla15, chinchilla16, polarbears04, polarbears05, polarbears06, polarbears08, polarbears09, polarbears10, polarbears12, polarbears13, polarbears15, polarbears18, siberiantigers01, siberiantigers02, siberiantigers05, siberiantigers07, siberiantigers14, siberiantigers17, siberiantigers18, siberiantigers19, siberiantigers20, sunrises01, sunrises03, sunrises05, sunrises11, sunrises13, sunrises14, sunrises15, sunrises16, sunrises17, sunrises18, sunrises20, sunsets01, sunsets02, sunsets05, sunsets08, sunsets09, sunsets10, sunsets14, wolves02, wolves03, wolves04, wolves05, wolves06, wolves10, wolves12, wolves13, wolves18, wolves20

// Special (Worth 2)
babyelephants01, babyelephants04, babypandas04, cubs02, cubs03, cubs03, kittens03, kittens04, puppies03, puppies05, babyelephants01, babyelephants04, babypandas03, babypandas04, babypandas05, babypolarbears02, babypolarbears04, babyredpandas03, cubs01, cubs02, cubs03, cubs04, cubs05

// Member Cards
mc-Becca, mc-Breanne, mc-Catherine, mc-Chelsea, mc-Chii, mc-Crissy, mc-Danielle, mc-Heather, mc-Hotaru, mc-Hyoyeon, mc-Jam, mc-Jennifer, mc-Jenny, mc-Jessica, mc-Mez, mc-Michelle, mc-Mysti, mc-RedRarebit, mc-Saya, mc-Shalini, mc-Whitney