Riddikulus: A Harry Potter TCG

Riddikulus was an amazing Harry Potter TCG which often collaborated with Gobstones, the other major Harry Potter TCG at the time. It featured collectible chocolate frog cards, potion brewing and even individual member decks. I had reached level 7 by the time it closed.


// 07th December 2015
- Riddikulus is still inactive and I'm unable to log in.

// 20th April 2015
- On hiatus. I missed a bunch of updates before the hiatus! Riddikulus is due to return by June 1st.

// 15th January 2015
- Mastered fiennesb: fiennes13, poa-brilliant07, dh2-resentful11, cos-warning11, cfc84, 250 hp, 250G
- Level Up: fiennes06, fiennes09, cos-howler09, gambon01, cos-sidekick13, cfc79, cfc30, 1 choice bonus puzzle piece (fiennesb04), 100 HP, 100G
- Double Trade In: cos-preparation01, hbp-luna09, dh1-obliviate09, gof-theriddlehouse09, deathlyhallows210, cos-dobbyisfree05, philosophersstone03, dh2-harryvoldemort17, prisonerofazkaban20, dh1-voldemort213, cos-fordanglia09, dh1-threebrothers12, ps-sorting16, poa-monsterbooks13, dh1-elderwand18, cave13, ootp-thehearing08, ps-zoo13, gof-secondtask15, ps-poster315, poa-poster518, mf-male03, lewis11, orderofthephoenix19, dh1-dobby10, dh2-draco113, gobletoffire07, gof-hermione312, ps-goblins19, poa-poster318 (exchanged: cos-burrow19, cos-petrified04, cos-poster118, dh1-dobby16, dh1-harry110, dh1-ron104, dh1-threebrothers01, dh2-mudblood01, dh2-theprincestale12, gof-poster316, gof-unforgivablecurses07, grint12, hbp-armchair12, hbp-dumbledoreharry05, hbp-waitressattreats04, lewis04, ootp-12grimmauldplace20, ootp-bigd20, ootp-ministryofmagic15, ootp-poster205, ootp-sirius03, poa-dementor11, poa-mistake14, poa-trio110, poesy16, ps-norbert03, ps-ollivanders09, ps-poster110, ps-sorting13, rickman03)
- Trade Reward: hbp-dumbledoreharry05, hbp-ron203, hbp-brokenheart20, cfc38
- Trade Reward: halfbloodprince16, dh2-brave15, hbp-waitressattreats04, cfc12
- Leveled pet up: cos-sidekick08
- Leveled pet up: ootp-sirius09
- Leveled pet up: gof-unforgivablecurses07
- Leveled pet up: gof-theriddlehouse10
- Mastered cave: fiennes08, fiennes07, ps-privetdrive01, poa-boggart12, gof-morsmordre16, 1 choice bonus puzzle piece (fiennesb03), 50 hp, 50G
- Mastered cfc: cave20, dh1-hermione220, dh1-hermione219, fiennes11, oldman16, gof-portkey20, dh1-threebrothers01, ps-ollivanders09, mccrory18, gof-morsmordre18, 2 choice bonus puzzle piece (fiennesb01, fiennesb02), 505 hp, 505G
- Mastered hurtb: cave19, dh2-brave05, poa-friend07, lewis19, cfc71, 250 hp, 250G
- Mastered gambonb: cave18, ootp-bigd20, ootp-theorder17, hbp-felixfelicis04, cfc37, 250 hp, 250G
- Mastered dh1-trio: cave16, cave17, poa-friend14, ootp-rebel16, gof-chosen13, 1 choice bonus puzzle piece (gambonb04), 50 hp, 50G
- Mastered dh1-ron1: cave13, cave15, wright19, cos-warning09, grint12, 1 choice bonus puzzle piece (gambonb03), 50 hp, 50G
- Advent Calendar (Claim): 3 choice regular cards (dh1-ron112, dh1-ron116, dh1-ron119), 4 choice chocolate frog cards (cfc85, cfc87, cfc88, cfc91), 5 choice bonus card (hurtb02, hurtb03, hurtb04, gambonb01, gambonb02), dh2-theprincestale12, cos-floopowder10, cfc101, cfc72, 500G
- Update Freebies (Jan 04): dh1-ron111, fiennes05, dh1-wedding06, dh2-harry102, dh2-hermione105, cave12, dh1-trio11, dh1-harry220, dh1-hermione215
- New Decks (Jan 04): cave01, cave02, hbp-chocolatecauldrons06, dh2-lightninghasstruck07, dh2-howdareyou08, dh2-battleprep09
- Wish (Jan 04): (rosielouise) fiennes04, dh1-ron104, dh1-harry206, dh2-snape107, cave11
- Wish (Jan 04): (Maron) dh1-trio12
- Wish (Dec 27): (Maron) dh1-ron220, dh1-trio15
- Wish (Dec 27): (Sponge) dh1-ron104, dh1-ron205, dh1-trio10, dh2-griphook11
- New Decks (Dec 27): dh2-voldemort101, dh2-voldemort102, hbp-poster306, hbp-draco207, hbp-harry408, ootp-voldemort09
- Update Event (Dec 27): events20, events21, events22, events23
- Mastered thompsonb: cave09, ps-mirroroferised12, hbp-stud13, chamberofsecrets12, cfc24, 250 hp, 250G
- Mastered dh2-bellatrix1: cave04, cave08, ootp-massbreakout17, ootp-12grimmauldplace20, lewis04, 1 choice bonus puzzle piece (hurtb01), 50 hp, 50G
- Mastered dh1-hermione1: cfc83, cave10, cos-burrow19, rickman06, ootp-rebel08, 1 choice bonus puzzle piece (thompsonb04), 50 hp, 50G
- Wish (Dec 21): (Sponge) dh2-hermione108, dh2-bellatrix214, dh1-ron214, dh2-draco111, dh1-harry210, cave14, dh1-hermione212, dh1-ron105, fiennes03, dh2-snape105, dh1-trio17, dh2-harryvoldemort12, dh2-harry104, dh2-snape203
- New Decks (Dec 21): dh2-ron301, dh2-ron302, dh2-harry201, dh2-harry202, hbp-dumbledore306, hbp-poster210
- Wish (Dec 15): (Maron) dh1-harry205, dh1-hermione119, cave05, fiennes02, dh1-ron104, dh1-trio07
- Wish (Dec 15): (Rhian) thompsonb03
- Mastered dh1-snape2: cfc76, cfc78, felton20, poa-werewolf04, hbp-potioneer14, 1 choice bonus puzzle piece (thompsonb02), 50 hp, 50G
- Mastered dh1-greybackscabior: cave06, cave07, dh1-steadfast04, hbp-armchair17, cos-petrified04, 1 choice bonus puzzle piece (thompsonb01), 50 hp, 50G
- Mastered coltraneb: dh1-ron203, cos-burrow11, hbp-chocolatecauldrons07, dh1-lost12, cfc27, 250 hp, 250G
- Wish (Dec 15): (Lyn) dh2-griphook02, dh2-bellatrix219, dh1-harry204, dh2-snape104, fiennes01, cave03, dh2-snape202
- Wish (Dec 15): (Sponge) cfc63, cfc67, cfc69
- New Decks (Dec 15): dh2-harry103, dh2-ron205, dh2-harry109, dh2-ron207, ootp-poster101, hbp-draco101
- Advent Calendar (Bonus Gift): icepop, gingerroot, redspider, rat
- Complete the Deck: ps-boats17 (submitted poa-boggart09)
- Neville's Challenge: dh1-dobby16, dh1-sevenpotters14, 14G
- Dracos Duel: dh2-neville218, rickman03, hbp-potioneer08, 7G
- Transfiguration: poa-mistake14, gof-prioriincantatem07, 9G
- The Quibbler: ps-potionsmaster20, hbp-cheeky15, dh2-finalbattle120, 15G
- Platform 9 3/4: orderofthephoenix17, dh1-harry110, dh1-dance04, 23G
- Peddler: poa-dementor01, gof-harry19, ps-norbert09, 18G
- Restricted Section: poa-ron19, ps-potionsmaster14, 3G
- Nearly Headless Nick: dh1-trio04, hbp-chocolatecauldrons04, 14G
- Weekly Freebies: dh1-obliviate17, poa-poster214, dh2-ron206, cos-trio305, cfc12, 14G
- Weekly Vote: hbp-harry113, deathlyhallows216
- High or Low: ootp-harry13, dh2-hermione104, gof-ron03
- Boiling Cauldron 2 (January 15): ps-poster110, poa-trio118
- Boiling Cauldron 1 (January 15): dh2-ron115, dh2-ron216

// 19th December 2014
- Advent Calendar (12/19/2014): gift05, gift04, gift01, gift04, 111G

// 10th December 2014
- Leveled pet up: hbp-brokenheart07
- Leveled pet up: ootp-ministryofmagic16
- Leveled pet up: walters17
- Leveled pet up: ootp-ministryofmagic15
- Advent Calendar (12/10/2014): gift01, 19G

// 09th December 2014
- Mastered dh1-hogwarts: dh1-greybackscabior19, cfc57, dh-bride07, gof-jealous07, prisonerofazkaban09, 1 choice bonus puzzle piece (coltraneb04), 50 hp, 50G
- Weekly Freebies: cos-flourishandblotts15, gof-madeyemoody01, darceyalden14, ootp-hemhem04, cfc14, 17G
- Doubles Trade In: hbp-potioneer19, poesy16, rickman04, ootp-sirius03, dh1-sevenpotters14, dh2-griphook10, gof-poster316, ps-quidditch13, leung13, hbp-armchair12, ps-norbert03, gof-yuleball19, ootp-poster205, poa-trio110, ootp-dudleydemented18, dh2-neville314, hurt14, poa-dementor11, cos-preparation16, ps-sorting13, hbp-dumbledoreharry05, ps-harry14, fiennes15, ootp-umbridge01, dh2-mudblood01, dh2-harry405, cos-ron07, cos-fordanglia09, dh2-bellatrix107, philosophersstone05, poa-poster611, chamberofsecrets01, cos-fordanglia08, dh2-hermione101, cos-dobby05, hbp-prince12, hbp-dumbledoreharry15, poa-poster509, ootp-hemhem11, hbp-dracosnape17, dh1-trio01, ps-castle14, gof-chosen05, cos-poster118, dh2-mcgonagall01, ps-dumbledore17, dh2-bellatrix101, ootp-ministryofmagic15, hbp-stud09, hbp-weasleyisourking10, gof-portkey08, ps-privetdrive02 (Exchanged: cos-draco20, cos-harry05, cos-harry07, cos-howler06, cos-parselmouth05, cos-whompingwillow16, dh1-bellatrix116, dh1-bellatrix214, dh1-brother01, dh1-dance20, dh1-dobby10, dh1-lost07, dh1-lost11, dh1-ron103, dh2-fredgeorge04, dh2-fredgeorge05, dh2-mudblood04, gof-lovely16, gof-morsmordre04, gof-morsmordre04, gof-morsmordre04, gof-portkey18, gof-poster220, grint09, grint11, hbp-armchair13, hbp-hermione102, hbp-prince10, hbp-quidditchmatch12, hbp-smitten03, hbp-terror15, hbp-terror19, hbp-weasleyisourking04, lewis03, ootp-bigd07, ootp-expelled01, ootp-expelled01, ootp-extendableears13, ootp-hemhem08, ootp-ron10, poa-brilliant02, poa-brilliant04, poa-godson03, poa-godson05, poa-monsterbooks02, poa-poster108, ps-owl07, ps-poster301, ps-quidditch08, ps-snape02, ps-zoo10, radcliffe18)
- Update Freebies (Nov 23): dh1-trio06, dh1-harry203, dh2-draco203, dh1-hermione117, dh2-griphook13, dh1-snape220, dh1-greybackscabior17, dh2-hermione207, dh2-neville106, dh2-hermioneron11, dh1-ron103, dh2-mcgonagall05, dh1-hermione211, dh2-neville202, dh1-ron207, dh2-draco114, unicornhair, unicornhair
- New Decks (Nov 23): hbp-potioneer02, hbp-dumbledorefalls13, ootp-massbreakout01, hbp-brokenheart04, ootp-massbreakout07, hbp-potioneer05
- Update Freebies (Dec 07): layout05, events15, events16, events17, dh1-ron206, events18, events19
- Update Wish (Dec 07): (Maron) dh1-snape219, dh1-hermione211, dh1-hermione116, cos-burrow05
- Update Wish (Dec 07): (Kim) 1 choice card (dh1-trio19)
- Update Wish (Dec 07): (Crissy) dh2-bellatrix117, dh2-harryvoldemort09, dh1-snape218, dh2-draco109, dh1-greybackscabior16, cos-floopowder02, dh1-hermione210, dh1-hermione115, dh2-griphook15, dh2-mcgonagall01, dh2-harry406
- Update Wish (Dec 07): (Cami & Sponge) dh1-hermione114, dh2-bellatrix119, dh2-draco106, dh1-snape217, dh1-hermione206, dh1-greybackscabior15, dh2-hermioneron06, dh1-ron103
- New Decks (Dec 07): dh1-harry201, dh1-harry202, dh2-ron101, dh2-ron102, poa-poster201, poa-poster202
- Advent Calendar (12/09/2014): gift05, gift02, gift05, gift06, 63G
- Advent Calendar (12/08/2014): gift06, gift01, gift03, 186G (found this in my on-site activity log)
- House Cup (Top 3): 1 choice card (dh1-snape215), ps-poster301, poa-trio306, dh1-dobby17
- House Cup (3rd place): 1 choice card (dh1-hogwarts19), dh1-dobby10, gof-cedric212, ps-snide09
- House Cup (participated): dh1-dance20, ps-norbert06, ps-potionsmaster13

// 06th December 2014
- Advent Calendar (12/05/2014): gift05, gift06, gift04, 114G

// 05th December 2014
- Advent Calendar (12/05/2014): gift05, gift06, gift04, 114G

// 03rd December 2014
- Advent Calendar (12/03/2014): gift06, 201G
- Birthday Gift: 1 choice card (dh1-hogwarts18), 1 choice chocolate frog card (cfc46), hbp-dumbledoreharry12, chamberofsecrets08, grint06, hbp-smitten03, gof-morsmordre19, cfc16, 1,000G
- Auction Reward (-200): ootp-ministryofmagic06, hbp-dumbledore104, ps-ronhermione07, ootp-hemhem10, poa-trio118, philosophersstone02, gof-fleur201, ootp-hemhem08
- Auction Reward: icepop, wormwood, rose, hornedslug

// 01st December 2014
- Advent Calendar (12/01/2014): gift02, gift03, 61G

// 24th November 2014
- Potterween Reward: 1 choice regular card (dh1-hogwarts17), 2 choice bonus cards (coltraneb02, coltraneb03), gof-fleur07, cfc75, cfc58, cfc66, ps-quidditch08, ps-goblins16, ps-troll16, ps-hagrid20, cos-howler06, cos-draco20, poa-prisoner08, poa-werewolf14,gof-yuleball04, gof-girly03, gof-portkey16, ootp-extendableears04, ootp-extendableears13, ootp-theorder16, hbp-cheeky10, dh2-griphook14, dh2-hermione303, dh2-neville305, 100 Galleons

// 18th November 2014
- New Decks (Nov 16): hbp-dumbledore110, ps-quidditchlesson09, hbp-poster108, hbp-dumbledoreharry07, hbp-hermioneslughorn06, ootp-poster205
- Update Wish (Nov 16): (Maron, ACTOR) dh1-snape213, dh1-greybackscabior14, dh1-trio06, dh1-hogwarts16, dh1-hermione113
- Update Wish (Nov 16): (Lyn, CASTLE) dh1-greybackscabior13, dh1-hogwarts14, dh1-snape212, dh2-bellatrix112, dh2-mcgonagall10, dh1-hermione112
- Update Wish (Nov 16): (Fanyxia, POSTCROSSING) dh2-griphook17, dh1-hogwarts13, dh1-snape210, dh1-trio05, dh2-draco104, dh1-hermione106, dh1-hermione206, dh2-snape103, dh2-snape214, dh2-bellatrix110, dh1-ron103, dh1-greybackscabior12
- The Quibbler: dh2-harryvoldemort15, dh2-hermione203, cos-poster118, 2G
- Platform 9 3/4: darceyalden08, radcliffe18, lewis03, 25G
- Yule Ball: dh1-snape118, ootp-theorder19, dh1-lost07, 87G
- Restricted Section: hbp-armchair13, thompson04, 6G
- Forbidden Forest: poa-poster504, hbp-weasleyisourking04, 2G
- Boiling Cauldron 2 (November 18): ootp-expelled01, ps-poster117
- Boiling Cauldron 1 (November 18): dh1-greybackscabior20, hbp-dumbledoreharry17
- Weekly Vote: ps-hogwartsexpress14, gof-portkey04
- High or Low: ootp-sirius17, ootp-thehearing20, cos-ron06
- Complete the Deck: dh1-bellatrix214 (exchanged ps-poster215)

// 12th November 2014
- Leveled pet up: poa-brilliant08, poa-poster619, ps-trio16, dh2-neville214

// 11th November 2014
- Mastered dh1-snape1: cfc29, cfc35, dh2-brave12, dh1-dance11, ootp-lestrange18, 1 choice bonus puzzle piece (coltraneb01), 50 hp, 50
- Mastered grintb: dh1-snape120, deathlyhallows218, poa-monsterbooks02, ootp-thestrals03, cfc101, 250 hp, 250G
- Mastered dh1-voldemort2: dh1-snape115, dh1-snape117, dh1-obliviate10, cos-pureblood14, dh1-lost17, 1 choice bonus puzzle piece (grintb04), 50 hp, 50G
- Update Wish (Nov 09): (Cami, NOVEMBER) dh1-snape207, dh1-hogwarts12, dh2-harryvoldemort05, dh1-snape113, dh1-hermione105, dh1-greybackscabior09, dh1-hermione205, dh1-trio04
- Update Wish (Nov 09): (Bree, STEPOUT) dh1-snape111, dh1-hogwarts11, dh1-greybackscabior08, dh1-snape205, dh1-voldemort216, ootp-umbridge03, dh1-trio02
- Update Wish (Nov 09): (Maron, 07) dh1-hermione207
- New Decks (Nov 09): poa-poster304, poa-poster409, poa-poster503, ootp-harry02, poa-poster606, ps-harry07
- Headless Hunt: dh1-trio08
- Potions: dh1-snape216, dh2-resentful04, 14G
- Herbology: hbp-ginnyron04, felton15, 9G
- Charms: dh2-neville118, dh2-fredgeorge11, 1G
- Neville's Challenge: dh1-harryhermione06, ps-owl07, 5G
- Divination: dh2-theprincestale03, cos-parselmouth05, 21G
- Boiling Cauldron 2 (November 11): poa-lumosmaxima09, ootp-dudleydemented02
- Boiling Cauldron 1 (November 11): dh1-greybackscabior18, dh1-ron204
- Weekly Freebies: darceyalden03, dh1-bellatrix116, dh2-mudblood04, gof-portkey05, cfc34, 22G
- Weekly Vote: hbp-armchair11, poa-poster405
- High or Low: hbp-terror03, dh2-neville114, ps-owl03
- Complete the Deck: hbp-chosen10 (submitted ps-poster208)

// 03rd November 2014
- Trade Reward: dh2-mcgonagall09, gof-hermione02, ps-hogwartsexpress03, cfc24
- Mastered Cures of Boils Potion: dh1-voldemort210, dh1-voldemort212, gof-lovely16, ps-chess12, ps-mirroroferised02, 1 choice bonus puzzle piece (grintb03), 150 hp, 150
- Apothecary: Purchased gingerroot (120G) x4, hornedslug (300G) x2, nettle (160G) x1, snakefang (200G) x2
- Mastered lynchb: dh1-greybackscabior07, poa-maraudersmap17, gobletoffire07, gof-portkey03, cfc65, 250 hp, 250G
- Mastered dh1-hermioneron: dh1-voldemort207, dh1-voldemort209, ps-theboy02, gof-physical04, ps-mirroroferised11, 1 choice bonus puzzle piece (grintb02), 50 hp, 50G
- Mastered dh1-harryhermione: dh1-hermioneron18, dh1-hermioneron19, grint11, cos-whompingwillow16, hbp-terror15, 1 choice bonus puzzle piece (grintb01), 50 hp, 50G
- Mastered dh1-voldemort1: dh1-hermioneron14, dh1-hermioneron15, cos-howler06, cos-mandrakes17, poa-monsterbooks06, 1 choice bonus puzzle piece (lynchb04), 50 hp, 50G
- Follow the Spiders: 1 choice card (dh1-hermioneron16), ps-poster301, hbp-ron207, poa-brilliant02, dh2-mudblood06, dh2-hermione301, ootp-expelled12, 150G
- Update Wish (Nov 02): (Sponge, GOF) dh1-hogwarts10, dh1-harryhermione20, dh1-steadfast13
- Update Wish (Nov 02): (Sarah-Jeanne, 3 choice ingredients) flobberworm, flobberworm, flobberworm
- Update Wish (Nov 02): (Rhian, #10) dh1-ron110
- Update Wish (Nov 02): (Lyn, PIE) dh1-snape110, dh1-harryhermione19, dh1-hermioneron12
- Update Wish (Nov 02): (Fanyxia, 1 random CFC & 500G) cfc22, 500G
- Update Wish (Nov 02): (Artemis, MEMORY) dh1-hermioneron11, dh1-snape109, dh1-voldemort202, dh1-trio01, dh1-hogwarts08, dh1-harryhermione18
- New Decks (Nov 02): dh1-greybackscabior04, dh1-greybackscabior05, dh2-harry407, dh2-harry409, poa-hermione06, ootp-hermione07
- Update Wish (Oct 26): (Maron, ACTRESSES) dh2-bellatrix108, dh1-greybackscabior03, dh1-voldemort117, dh1-harryhermione17, dh1-hermione104, dh1-hogwarts07, dh1-snape107, dh1-hermione204, dh1-snape204
- Update Wish (Oct 26): (Lyn, PUMPKIN) dh1-snape106, dh2-mudblood20, dh1-voldemort116, dh1-snape204, dh1-greybackscabior02, dh1-hermione104, dh1-harryhermione16
- Update Wish (Oct 26): (Artemis, 2 CFC) cfc55, cfc56
- New Decks (Oct 26): dh1-ron201, dh1-ron202, gof-hermione206, poa-sirius07, hbp-dracosnape09, ootp-lestrange18
- Update Freebie (Oct 18): ps-trio01
- Update Wish (Oct 18): (Meg, CHOCOLATE) dh1-greybackscabior01, dh1-harry120, dh1-hermione103, dh2-draco102, dh1-hermione203, dh1-voldemort112, dh1-harryhermione14, dh1-hogwarts06, dh1-hermioneron10
- Update Wish (Oct 18): (Fanyxia, 1 choice scene per movie) ps-ollivanders01, cos-burrow02, poa-werewolf03, gof-morsmordre04, ootp-12grimmauldplace05, hbp-felixfelicis06, dh1-dance07, dh2-theprincestale07
- New Decks (Oct 18): dh2-draco201, dh2-draco202, dh2-snape101, dh2-snape102, gof-madeyemoody10, gof-hermione20
- Leveled pets up: ps-poster208, dh1-brother01, gof-cedric19, gof-hermione12
- The Quibbler: hbp-cheeky18, ootp-bigd07, dh1-snape209, 18G
- Yule Ball: dh1-bellatrix116, cos-trio320, dh2-neville216, ootp-luna12, 49G
- Platform 9 3/4: hbp-lavendarron20, gof-foreignarrival18, poa-mistake19, 21G
- Restricted Section: poa-brilliant04, ootp-guard13, 3G
- Nearly Headless Nick: chamberofsecrets18, dh2-fredgeorge05, 5G
- Neville's Challenge: poa-trio309, ootp-expelled01, 4G
- Colins Camera: gof-physical20, gof-poster220, 2G
- Divination: mf-prejoin07, dh2-snape209, 22G
- Weekly Freebies: dh2-snape215, grint01, ps-poster201, hbp-cheeky06, cfc71, 9G
- Weekly Vote: dh2-neville209, poa-godson05
- Lady Luck (2 Match): dh2-draco113, dh1-harryhermione01
- High or Low: dh1-harryhermione13, ps-hagrid04, cos-fordanglia06
- Complete the Deck: dh1-greybackscabior06 (donated ps-poster211)
- Boiling Cauldron 1 (November 3): dh1-greybackscabior11, dh2-harry405
- Boiling Cauldron 2 (November 3): rickman11, poa-knightbus14

// 27th October 2014
- Leveled pets up: poa-poster108, ps-boats15, poa-werewolf02, dh2-griphook18

// 22nd October 2014
- Leveled pets up: ps-zoo10, cos-harry05, dh1-lost11, poa-godson03

// 21st October 2014
- Leveled pets up: ps-quidditch20, hbp-weasleyisourking07, thompson02, ootp-extendableears13

// 15th October 2014
- Leveled pets up: poa-trio110, grint09, ootp-umbridge05, hbp-waitressattreats12

// 14th October 2014
- Leveled pets up: hbp-quidditchmatch16, ps-dumbledore13, ps-snape02, hbp-smitten06
- Bought a limited edition pet! (1000G)
- Double Trade In: gof-lovely12, ps-ollivanders09, pattinson01, gof-lovely11, dh1-hogwarts09, dh2-isdracostillalive17, poa-poster110, ootp-thestrals12, dh1-sevenpotters06, lewis20, ps-goblins09, hbp-quidditchmatch12, ootp-ron10, cos-harry07, poa-poster112, gof-morsmordre04, dh1-bellatrix211, hbp-hermione102, gof-theriddlehouse01, dh2-fredgeorge20, ps-ollivanders02, gof-foreignarrival08, gof-morsmordre05, gof-morsmordre04, gof-portkey18, hbp-terror19, ps-boats08, hbp-chosen14, dh1-hogwarts09, ps-trio09, dh1-bellatrixlucius19, prisonerofazkaban04, cos-dobby07, hbp-prince10, dh1-wedding08, gof-cedric10 (exchanged: carter11, cos-burrow03, cos-burrow19, cos-dobby03, cos-poster109, cos-preparation04, cos-pureblood10, cos-pureblood10, cos-sidekick17, dh1-steadfast08, dh1-wedding01, gof-portkey01, gof-poster101, hbp-lavendarron04, hbp-luna20, hbp-prince10, hbp-quidditchmatch09, hbp-quidditchmatch19, lewis04, ootp-bigd14, ootp-dudleydemented04, ootp-expelled15, ootp-king19, ootp-loony09, ootp-metamorphosis06, poa-mistake12, poesy12, ps-chess14, ps-hogwartsexpress18, ps-keeperofkeys08, ps-lettersfromnoone09, ps-owl15, ps-poster314, ps-zoo10, radcliffe04, rickman12)
- Trade Reward: ootp-fireworks09, dh1-greyback05, cos-fordanglia17, cfc92
- Trade Reward: hbp-quidditchmatch10, gobletoffire05, radcliffe18, cfc13
- Forbidden Forest: dh1-steadfast16, ootp-fireworks15, 4G
- The Quibbler: poesy12, dh1-hermione209, dh1-hermioneron17, 21G
- Platform 9 3/4: gof-fleur15, poa-friend09, ootp-thestrals18, 15G
- Peddler: ps-castle06, ootp-loony09, dh1-wedding01, 15G
- Yule Ball: hbp-chosen15, dh2-theprincestale01, hbp-armchair10, cos-pureblood10, 9G
- Writing on the Wall: dh2-hermioneron16, wright11, 10G
- Restricted Section: halfbloodprince19, ps-troll08, 16G
- Nearly Headless Nick: dh2-hermioneron14, cos-dobby03, 1G
- Neville's Challenge: ootp-guard15, ps-goblins07, 17G
- Divination: ps-chess14, cos-burrow19, 14G
- Follow the Spiders 6: dh2-griphook18, dh2-draco107, gof-portkey01, cfc18, cfc26, 200G
- Follow the Spiders 5: Nothing :(
- Follow the Spiders 4: wormwood, pufferfish
- Follow the Spiders 3: gobletoffire09
- Follow the Spiders 2: gof-cedric220
- Follow the Spiders 1: cos-fordanglia16, poa-trio102
- Twitter - Freebie: (SPIDERS) dh1-snape203, dh1-snape119, dh1-hermioneron20, dh1-harry115, dh1-voldemort118, dh1-harryhermione12, dh1-hogwarts20

// 13th October 2014
- Leveled pets up: ootp-metamorphosis06, ootp-dudleydemented04, dh2-griphook16
- OOPS - mastered rickmanb (submitted form for radcliffeb! messaged Nina for help): dh1-voldemort108, ootp-bigd14, hbp-stud10, ootp-reckless07, cfc40, 250 hp, 250G
- Mastered dh2-fredgeorge: cfc94, cfc21, ps-trio12, poa-friend12, ps-mirroroferised14, 1 choice bonus puzzle piece (lynchb03), 50 hp, 50G
- Mastered dh1-greyback: dh2-fredgeorge17, dh2-fredgeorge19, ps-norbert10, cos-floopowder15, smith02, 1 choice bonus puzzle piece (lynchb02), 50 hp, 50G
- Mastered dh1-dobby: dh2-fredgeorge14, dh2-fredgeorge16, poa-boggart01, orderofthephoenix11, hbp-quidditchmatch12, 1 choice bonus puzzle piece (lynchb01), 50 hp, 50G
- Mastered dh1-bellatrixlucius: dh1-harry109, dh1-harry111, ps-hogwartsexpress08, ootp-fireworks13, dh2-theprincestale05, 1 choice bonus puzzle piece (rickmanb04), 50 hp, 50G
- Mastered dh1-bellatrix2: dh1-harry106, dh1-harry108, dh2-finalbattle209, hbp-felixfelicis13, ootp-thehearing15, 1 choice bonus puzzle piece (rickmanb03), 50 hp, 50G
- Mastered coltrane: dh1-greyback17, dh1-harry104, gof-prioriincantatem10, hbp-quidditchmatch09, gof-prioriincantatem13, 1 choice bonus puzzle piece (rickmanb02), 50 hp, 50G
- Weekly Vote: carter11, hbp-prince10
- Weekly Freebies: poa-mistake12, cos-whompingwillow16, poa-dementor18, hbp-weasleyisourking17, cfc70, 7G
- High or Low: dh2-theprincestale16
- Boiling Cauldron 2 (October 13): ootp-bigd20, ps-quidditch06
- Boiling Cauldron 1 (October 13): dh1-trio18, dh2-mcgonagall09
- Update Freebie (Oct 12): (05) dh2-hermione205
- New Decks (Oct 12): ps-mcgonagall04, dh1-trio09, ps-troll06, hbp-hermione102, ps-dumbledore03, poa-ron07
- Update Wishes (Oct 12): (Cami, OCTOBER) dh1-dobby11, coltrane18, dh2-bellatrix102, dh1-harryhermione11, dh1-bellatrix215, dh1-greyback14, dh1-harry102, (Lyn, 1 bonus) rickmanb01, (Maron, HALLOWEEN) dh1-harry103, dh1-greyback20, dh1-bellatrixlucius17, coltrane20, dh1-bellatrix220, poa-werewolf01, dh1-hermioneron04, dh1-voldemort111, dh2-hermione204
- Update Freebies (Oct 05): (FINALS) dh2-fredgeorge20, dh1-bellatrixlucius13, dh2-neville103, dh1-bellatrix208, coltrane17, dh1-hogwarts05
- Update Wishes (Oct 05): (Alecks, CHUCKO) coltrane14, dh1-bellatrix210, hbp-luna20, dh1-bellatrixlucius12, dh1-greyback12, dh1-dobby08, (Bree, CONTROLLED) coltrane15, dh1-dobby17, dh1-harryhermione10, dh1-bellatrix209, dh1-greyback11, dh1-hermioneron03, dh1-bellatrixlucius10, dh1-voldemort110, dh1-snape104, dh1-harry101, (Kerri, 02  05) dh2-neville102, dh1-hermioneron05, (Sarah-Jeanne, 13) coltrane13
- New Decks (Oct 05): ps-norbert03, ps-late07, cos-trio310, ps-hagrid06, dh2-neville309, dh2-snape201
- Update Question (Sept 28): cauldron
- Update Wishes (Sept 28): (Lyn, 3 non-trio) dh2-fredgeorge12, dh1-dobby06, dh2-mcgonagall06, (Sarah-Jeanne, hbp-terror) hbp-terror14, (Sponge, SICILY) dh1-bellatrixlucius09, dh1-harryhermione08, coltrane12, dh1-bellatrix204, dh1-voldemort106, dh1-dobby05
- New Decks (Sept 28): mf-male04, mf-male06, deathlyhallows101, halfbloodprince01, gobletoffire01, deathlyhallows201, dh-bride01, cos-trio201

// 25th September 2014
- Mastered pattinsonb: coltrane08, rickman12, gof-lovely16, dh1-steadfast08, cfc12, 250 hp, 250G
- Mastered walters: coltrane10, coltrane16, pattinson13, gof-physical07, ps-hogwartsexpress09, 1 choice bonus puzzle piece (pattinsonb04), 50 hp, 50G
- Mastered smith: coltrane04, coltrane07, gof-foreignarrival01, poa-ferret09, hbp-stud06, 1 choice bonus puzzle piece (pattinsonb03), 50 hp, 50G
- Mastered thompson: smith19, smith20, gof-yuleball15, poa-maraudersmap10, smith08, 1 choice bonus puzzle piece (pattinsonb02), 50 hp, 50G
- Mastered darceyalden: smith16, smith17, gambon11, ps-zoo10, cos-spiders19, 1 choice bonus puzzle piece (pattinsonb01), 50 hp, 50G
- Mastered radcliffeb: thompson19, hbp-armchair18, oldman08, gof-prioriincantatem01, cfc23, 250 hp, 250G
- Level Up (Lv.06): walters19, walters20, poa-werewolf09, dh2-mudblood04, gof-girly11, cfc23, cfc08, 1 choice bonus puzzle piece (radcliffeb04), 100 HP, 100G

// 21st September 2014
- Update Freebies (Sept 21): (FALL) radcliffe04, dh1-bellatrix218, walters15, coltrane03 + layout04
- Update Wishes (Sept 21): (Lucy, 3 cfc) cfc100, cfc101, cfc98
- New Decks (Sept 21): orderofthephoenix04, poa-ferret05, dh2-finalbattle206, dh2-bellatrix207, ps-mirroroferised08, dh2-mcgonagall09
- Update Freebies (Sept 14): (MINI) smith15, dh1-bellatrix201, darceyalden20, dh1-harryhermione07
- Update Wishes (Sept 14): (Cami, COLLEGE) coltrane02, thompson15, darceyalden16, walters13, dh1-harryhermione06, dh1-greyback10, dh1-hermioneron01, (Lyn, 1 choice per film) ps-castle03, cos-poster102, poa-trio101, gof-poster103, ootp-sirius03, hbp-snape03, dh1-bellatrix202, dh2-bellatrix104
- New Decks (Sept 14): dh2-finalbattle106, hbp-chosen07, ootp-guard08, ootp-loony09, ps-alasearwax10, ps-giant11
- Black Lake: dh1-steadfast12
- The Quibbler: dh1-obliviate06, rickman12, walters18, 2G
- Platform 9 3/4: ps-boats16, dh2-finalbattle217, ps-quidditch04, 8G
- Peddler: dh1-harry107, cos-preparation04, carter09, 8G
- Yule Ball: ootp-metamorphosis16, ps-lettersfromnoone09, pattinson05, dh2-brave12, 67G
- Restricted Section: dh1-snape101, hbp-cheeky13, 17G
- Forbidden Forest: ootp-thehearing16, gof-portkey01, 8G
- Neville's Challenge: pattinson12, philosophersstone17, 17G
- Weekly Freebies: ps-keeperofkeys12, dh2-mudblood19, philosophersstone13, walters16, cfc19, 2G
- Weekly Vote: cos-poster109, ootp-hemhem18
- Lady Luck (2 Match): ps-privetdrive05, dh1-harry114
- High or Low: dh2-hermione304, cos-pureblood10, ps-poster314
- Boiling Cauldron 2 (September 21): dh1-dobby15, dh1-bellatrixlucius11
- Boiling Cauldron 1 (September 21): dh2-bellatrix213, dh1-snape202

// 18th September 2014
- Leveled pets up: ootp-advanceguard04, dh1-brother01, hbp-stud11

// 17th September 2014
- Leveled pets up: ps-castle02, gof-portkey02, ootp-extendableears03

// 12th September 2014
- Leveled pets up: cos-draco04, ootp-fireworks20, hbp-smitten10

// 08th September 2014
- Leveled pet up: ps-ronhermione11
- Leveled pet up: poa-trio120
- Leveled pet up: dh1-voldemort205
- Apothecary: Purchased cauldron (100G)
- Mastered Sleeping Draught: darceyalden15, darceyalden18, ootp-hemhem06, ps-keeperofkeys02, ps-keeperofkeys04, 1 choice bonus puzzle piece (radcliffeb03), 150 hp, 150G
- Apothecary: Purchased lavender (160G) + lavender (160G)
- Headless Hunt: darceyalden19
- Mastered leung: cfc45, cfc62, ootp-theorder02, gof-lovely02, gof-durmstrang04, 1 choice bonus puzzle piece (radcliffeb02), 50 hp, 50G
- Update Wishes (Sept 07): (Lucy & Sarah-Jeanne, 09 card) coltrane09, (Jennifer, SLYTHERIN) smith13, leung19, darceyalden13, thompson12, dh1-dobby03, dh1-harryhermione05, walters10, dh1-bellatrixlucius08, dh2-neville101, (Meg & Nicolie, 100 Galleons) 100G
- Update Freebies (Sept 07): (FEAST) dh2-fredgeorge11, leung20, darceyalden14, smith14, thompson13
- New Decks (Sept 07): coltrane05, coltrane11, dh1-snape201, dh1-snape202, dh2-neville105, dh2-neville206
- Boiling Cauldron 1 (September 8): coltrane01, dh2-neville201
- Boiling Cauldron 2 (September 8): dh2-fredgeorge04, dh1-voldemort107
- High or Low: ootp-advanceguard14, dh1-ron120, darceyalden17
- Weekly Vote: ps-snide13, dh1-dobby07
- Weekly Freebies: dh2-draco119, cos-flourishandblotts14, cos-fordanglia19, poa-godson06, cfc81, 3G
- Nearly Headless Nick: hbp-lavendarron04, cos-sidekick17, 18G
- Restricted Section: ps-owl15, gof-poster101, 21G
- Yule Ball: ps-snape17, 44G
- Peddler: dh1-hermioneron02, hbp-quidditchmatch19, dh1-bellatrixlucius04, 5G
- Platform 9 3/4: hbp-armchair12, smith10, dh1-wedding12, 17G
- The Quibbler: gof-girly13, cos-mandrakes19, felton14, 17G
- London: dh1-harryhermione15, ootp-king19, dh2-neville117, 18G
- Forbidden Forest: ps-keeperofkeys08, dh1-greyback04, 7G
- Writing on the Wall: dh1-sevenpotters13, ps-hogwartsexpress18, 12G

// 03rd September 2014
- Shop - Apothecary: Purchased a cauldron (50G), flobberworm (120G), flobberworm (120G), flobberworm (120G), lavender (80G)
- Shop - Ollivander's: Purchased my wand for 50G - 10.25 inches, Cherry with Phoenix feather core.
- Mastered watsonb: leung17, ootp-expelled15, cos-burrow03, ps-quidditch01, cfc48, 500 hp, 500G
- Mastered carter: leung10, leung13, poa-dementor10, gof-theriddlehouse08, cos-petrified18, 1 choice bonus puzzle piece (radcliffeb01), 50 hp, 50G
- Doubles Exchange: dh2-kiss08, cos-burrow19, cos-preparation04, dh1-voldemort120, ps-quidditch08, dh1-lost11, lewis04, carter03, cos-mandrakes03, ootp-thestrals20, dh2-bellatrix113, cos-celebrity02, dh2-griphook20, ps-keeperofkeys01, cos-spiders09, gof-trio10, gof-foreignarrival16, ps-lettersfromnoone14, dh2-fredgeorge04, dh1-bellatrix114, hbp-ron116 (exchanged: cos-flourishandblotts05, cos-fordanglia11, cos-trio107, gof-portkey12, gof-worldcup12, ootp-bigd05, ootp-bigd09, ootp-expelled05, ootp-expelled09, ootp-expelled15, ootp-rebel09, ootp-sirius01, ootp-umbridge16, poa-mistake12, poa-monsterbooks01, ps-owl10, ps-poster215, ps-snape03, ps-theboy08, ps-zoo10, ps-zoo20)
- Leveled pet up: gof-jealous09
- Leveled pet up: dh2-theprincestale10
- Leveled pet up: ps-boats10
- Melting Pot: Traded ps-privetdrive10 for dh1-dobby18
- Neville's Challenge: gof-portkey08, poa-poster108, 22G
- Colins Camera: hbp-waitressattreats09, gof-trio04, 11G
- Transfiguration: hbp-weasleyisourking09, ps-theboy08, 3G
- Potions: ootp-sirius01, poa-mistake12, 4G
- Herbology: ps-trio04, ps-zoo17, 11G
- Divination: poa-werewolf07, gof-poster112, 5G
- Charms: cos-petrified03, ps-gringotts10, 14G
- Forbidden Forest: gof-beauxbatons17, poa-poster115, 12G
- Nearly Headless Nick: ps-quidditch05, ps-ronhermione16, 4G
- Restricted Section: cos-burrow17, ootp-bigd05, 17G
- Writing on the Wall: cos-dobby12, poa-boggart15, 7G
- London: dh1-threebrothers03, ootp-expelled09, watson14, 17G
- Peddler: cos-floopowder12, hbp-lavendarron16, ootp-theorder04, 16G
- Platform 9 3/4: poa-trio218, ootp-luna16, dh2-isdracostillalive03, 7G
- The Quibbler: gof-unforgivablecurses07, poa-poster118, ps-zoo20, 12G
- Update Wishes (Aug 24): (Christina, 2 ingredients) valerian, valerian, (Jennifer, 1 bonus) watsonb04, (Maron, 1 female choice) carter18
- New Decks (Aug 24): ps-trio06, ootp-thestrals09, dh1-snape102, dh1-snape103, dh1-ron101, dh1-ron102
- House Cup - 1st Place: 2 choice cards (carter20, leung09), dh2-mudblood15, cos-pureblood01, dh2-hermione208, ootp-expelled05, gof-worldcup12
- House Cup - Top 5: 1 choice card (carter19), cos-dobbyisfree08, ootp-bigd09, darceyalden10
- House Cup - Participation: ps-goblins19, carter15, gof-poster216
- Update Event (Aug 31): events13, events14
- New Decks (Aug 31): philosophersstone04, chamberofsecrets06, prisonerofazkaban03, prisonerofazkaban02
- Weekly Freebies: dh2-harryvoldemort16, ps-snape03, ootp-rebel09, prisonerofazkaban05, cfc74, 1G
- Black Lake: gof-portkey12
- Weekly Vote: dh2-theprincestale20, ootp-expelled15
- High or Low: gof-fleur208
- Boiling Cauldron 2 (September 3): dh1-bellatrixlucius05, dh2-fredgeorge10
- Boiling Cauldron 1 (September 3): dh1-ron107, dh1-snape101

// 22nd August 2014
- Leveled pets up: ps-poster215, poa-prisoner03, cos-harry05

// 18th August 2014
- Mastered Skele-Gro Potion: carter16, carter17, hbp-quidditchmatch05, gof-secondtask04, ps-snide11, 1 choice bonus puzzle piece (watsonb03), 150 hp, 150G
- Apothecary: puffer fish for 100G
- Apothecary: puffer fish for 100G
- Apothecary: puffer fish for 100G
- Apothecary: scarab beetles for 150G
- Apothecary: scarab beetles for 150G
- Apothecary: cabbage for 50G
- Apothecary: cabbage for 50G
- Update Wish: (Allison, WORK) walters09, thompson09, carter15, dh1-greyback06
- Update Wish: (Artemis & Jennifer, 2 choice chocolate frog cards) cfc14, cfc15
- Update Wish: (Christina, cauldron) cauldron
- New Decks: dh2-hermione206, dh2-hermione209, dh2-hermione211, dh2-hermione305, dh2-hermione310, dh2-hermione312
- Update Question: (2 choice ingredients) Scarab Beetles x2
- Leveled pet up: dh1-greyback01, ps-keeperofkeys08, gof-cedric05
- Boiling Cauldron 2 (August 18): lewis03, oldman01
- Boiling Cauldron 1 (August 18): dh2-bellatrix116, dh2-hermione112
- Black Lake: ootp-expelled01
- Charms: cos-trio119, cos-burrow08, 20G
- Colins Camera: dh1-dobby02, poa-trio207, 6G
- Neville's Challenge: hbp-cheeky09, ps-owl10, 3G
- Dracos Duel: gof-cedric207, hbp-snape08, cos-fordanglia12, 23G
- Transfiguration: lynch11, cos-fordanglia11, 14G
- Potions: poa-wanted04, poa-monsterbooks01, 20G
- Divination: ps-privetdrive06, gof-fleur09, 17G
- Weekly Freebies: ps-chess01, ps-sorting12, cos-trio107, dh1-voldemort115, cfc43, 6G
- Weekly Vote: hbp-snape05, poa-lumosmaxima07
- High or Low: dh1-harryhermione03, wright04, hbp-cheeky12

// 11th August 2014
- Double Trade In: cos-sidekick03, cos-howler18, dh1-brother16, ootp-advanceguard17, ps-keeperofkeys05, hbp-lavendarron18, gof-prioriincantatem01, gof-physical09, cos-burrow03, ps-poster219, ps-snide01, dh1-dobby10, ps-zoo10, hbp-snape07, gof-chosen02, ootp-umbridge16, cos-flourishandblotts05, dh2-theprincestale13 (exchanged: cos-harry08, gof-poster102, gof-poster319, hbp-smitten03, hbp-waitressattreats14, mf-prejoin08, ootp-12grimmauldplace06, ootp-bigd06, ootp-luna05, ootp-metamorphosis06, ootp-ron07, ootp-thehearing03, poa-godson14, poesy16, ps-ollivanders14, ps-poster214, ps-theboy05, radcliffe19)
- Mastered hurt: carter13, carter14, ps-lettersfromnoone05, leung05, hbp-terror11, 1 choice bonus puzzle piece (watsonb02), 50 hp, 50G
- Mastered carterb: hurt15, gof-beauxbatons20, leung07, hbp-smitten17, cfc05, 500 hp, 500G
- Mastered pattinson: hurt18, hurt20, dh1-sevenpotters15, radcliffe19, dh1-elderwand14, 1 choice bonus puzzle piece (watsonb01), 50 hp, 50G
- Mastered gambon: hurt13, hurt14, ps-hogwartsexpress18, dh1-elderwand10, gof-lovely01, 1 choice bonus puzzle piece (carterb04), 50 hp, 50G
- Member Deck (#12 - trade 100 cards): 1 choice card (hurt17), hbp-luna05, poa-maraudersmap06, ps-hogwartsexpress10, cfc36
- Member Deck (#11 - master 15 decks): 1 choice card (hurt16), ootp-thehearing03, smith18, cos-harry08, cfc33
- Member Deck (#10 - level 5): 1 choice card (gambon19), poa-boggart02, gof-theriddlehouse05, hbp-smitten03, cfc26
- Member Deck (#09 - trade 75 cards): 1 choice card (gambon18), gof-worldcup10, ps-poster211, cos-petrified04, cfc75
- Member Deck (#08 - master 10 decks): 1 choice card (gambon14), ps-ollivanders14, pattinson16, hbp-terror15, cfc54
- Member Deck (#07 - level 4): 1 choice card (gambon13), dh2-bellatrix114, mf-prejoin12, hbp-prince01, cfc80
- Member Deck (#06 - trade 50 cards): 1 choice card (gambon17), ootp-theorder12, ps-ollivanders05, gof-girly20, cfc41
- Member Deck (#05 - master 5 decks): 1 choice card (carter12), ps-zoo10, ps-theboy06, rickman18, cfc47
- Member Deck (#04 - level 3): 1 choice card (carter16), poa-boggart13, ps-keeperofkeys20, dh1-greyback15, cfc20
- Weasley Wizard Wheezes: cfc32, cfc18, cfc86, cfc17, cfc72, cfc02, cfc38, cfc47, cfc89, cfc90, cfc90, cfc68, cfc01, cfc70, cfc54
- Mastered Polyjuice Potion: gambon08, gambon09, ps-lettersfromnoone09, ps-clever08, gof-foreignarrival13, 1 choice bonus puzzle piece (carterb03), 150 hp, 150G
- Apothecary: Purchased boomslang skin x4 for 100G x4 = 400G
- Apothecary: Purchased 2 leech for 110G x2 = 220G
- Update Wishes: (Cami, SCHOOL) thompson04, carter10, dh1-dobby01, dh1-dobby02, dh2-fredgeorge08, leung07, (Meg, HOGWARTSEXPRESS) hurt11, dh2-hermioneron03, gambon06, walters07, gambon07, darceyalden08, carter11, smith10, leung08, dh1-bellatrix205, pattinson17, darceyalden09, dh2-harryvoldemort01, dh1-hogwarts01, pattinson18, (Lucy, FIRSTWISH) dh2-fredgeorge09, dh2-hermioneron05, dh2-harryvoldemort04, dh1-hogwarts04, thompson08, walters08, dh1-harryhermione04, smith12, hurt12
- New Decks (August 10): cos-preparation03, ootp-extendableears03, ootp-thehearing03, gof-trio03, ootp-theorder03, dh2-hermione103
- Mastered dh1-harry1: pattinson20, pattinson16, gof-beauxbatons10, hbp-felixfelicis05, poa-boggart09, 1 choice bonus puzzle piece (carterb02), 50 hp, 50G
- The Quibbler: ps-goblins04, ootp-12grimmauldplace06, hbp-prince10, 19
- Platform 9 3/4: ootp-rebel09, cos-trio102, ps-privetdrive07, 5
- Yule Ball: gof-worldcup12, dh1-voldemort219, 63
- Boiling Cauldron 1 (August 11): dh1-voldemort218, dh2-bellatrix115
- Black Lake: ps-snide05
- Weekly Freebies: gambon01, ootp-expelled02, dh1-dobby04, smith11, cfc92, 15G
- Weekly Vote: thompson07, ps-chess14
- Lady Luck (1 Match): gof-harry15
- High or Low: hbp-smitten20, ootp-reckless18, cos-parselmouth17
- Boiling Cauldron 2 (August 11): mf-prejoin08, hbp-terror09
- Leveled pet up: cos-whompingwillow15, ps-ickle10, cos-preparation13

// 06th August 2014
- Trade Reward: ps-privetdrive04, ps-poster314, dh1-dance03, cfc01
- Leveled pet up: lynch09, ps-sorting18, poa-monsterbooks02
- TWITTER: hurt10, walters06, smith09, pattinson13, carter09, darceyalden07, dh2-hermioneron02
- Update Wishes: (Jennifer, HAPPYBIRTHDAY) hurt08, dh2-harryvoldemort18, pattinson12, thompson02, dh1-harryhermione03, gambon05, smith07, dh1-greyback05, carter08, dh2-hermioneron01, dh2-fredgeorge04, walters05, darceyalden05, (Maron, 1 ingredient) fluxweed
- New Decks (Aug 3): mf-female04, mf-female19
- Level Up (4-5): dh1-harry120, cos-howler13, darceyalden17, cfc79, 1 choice bonus puzzle piece (carterb01), 50 HP, 50G
- Mastered oldmanb: dh1-harry118, oldman07, dh1-threebrothers01, hbp-armchair13, cfc89, 500 hp, 500G
- Mastered dh1-bellatrix1: dh1-harry111, dh1-harry112, thompson11, poa-maraudersmap10, gof-physical12, 1 choice bonus puzzle piece (oldmanb04), 50 hp, 50G
- Neville's Challenge: dh1-dance01, hbp-smitten16, 18
- Dracos Duel: lewis05, gof-poster319, dh1-steadfast18, 14
- Potions: poa-monsterbooks01, gof-cedric03, 7
- Divination: dh1-bellatrixlucius02, ootp-dudleydemented19, 20G
- Weekly Vote: ps-theboy09, poesy11
- Lady Luck (1 Match): dh1-threebrothers11
- High or Low: poa-godson16, leung15, gof-fleur202
- Boiling Cauldron 2 (August 6): walters12, hbp-terror16
- Boiling Cauldron 1 (August 6): dh2-bellatrix113, dh1-voldemort206
- Black Lake: gof-girly02
- Weekly Freebies: ps-zoo16, hbp-terror06, ps-ickle07, gof-yuleball01, cfc17, 1G

// 31st July 2014
- Incarcerous: thompson14
- Boiling Cauldron 2 (July 31): hurt09, radcliffe05
- Boiling Cauldron 1 (July 31): dh1-voldemort204, dh2-bellatrix106
- New Decks: dh2-bellatrix105, dh2-bellatrix109, ps-boats02, gof-foreignarrival09, poa-leakycauldron18, gof-foreignarrival12
- Update Wishes: (Betty, BRICKYARD) dh1-bellatrix119, walters03, pattinson14, carter06, dh1-greyback03, darceyalden06, gambon04, hurt06, dh1-harry105, (Christina, 1 choice) leung05, (Stefanie, 1 OOTP) ootp-bigd11
- Black Lake: cos-whompingwillow07
- High or Low: cos-ron01
- Lady Luck (2 Match): dh1-voldemort205, ootp-sirius14
- Weekly Vote: cos-parselmouth15, ootp-luna05
- Weekly Freebies: mccrory02, cos-mandrakes11, dh2-mudblood03, poa-maraudersmap01, cfc09, 6G
- Forbidden Forest: hbp-smitten03, ootp-ron07, 19G
- Yule Ball: hbp-waitressattreats14, ps-zoo04, rickman03, gof-poster102, 29G
- Peddler: cos-celebrity09, mf-prejoin17, ootp-metamorphosis06, 12G
- Platform 9 3/4: poesy16, cos-trio107, cos-trio113, 10G
- The Quibbler: ps-poster214, poa-godson14, ps-theboy05, 24G
- Leveled pet up: ootp-bigd06, ps-snape02, ps-gringotts20

// 25th July 2014
- Leveled pet up: cos-fordanglia07, hbp-armchair20, gof-durmstrang06

// 22nd July 2014
- Double Trade In: cos-flourishandblotts09, cos-celebrity07, cos-pureblood10, ootp-luna02, dh2-fredgeorge06 (exchanged: cos-flourishandblotts16, hbp-waitressattreats04, ootp-rebel19, poa-dementor13, ps-poster217)
- New Decks (July 20): hbp-armchair04, cos-mandrakes06, poa-friend08, poa-friend11, dh1-hermioneron06, dh1-hermioneron07
- Update Wishes: (Maron, 1 choice female) thompson05, (Meg, SIRIUS) pattinson10, dh1-bellatrix117, dh1-harry103, dh1-bellatrix118, hurt05, pattinson11, (Stefanie, 2 choice poster) cos-harry01, cos-harry03
- Black Lake: dh2-isdracostillalive05
- Melting Pot: Traded cos-dobbyisfree15 for dh1-greyback16
- Weekly Freebies: mccrory07, ootp-sirius10, walters04, hbp-snape09, cfc11, 6G
- Weekly Vote: cos-mandrakes01, dh1-wedding01
- Lady Luck (1 Match): cos-pureblood17
- High or Low: walters14
- Boiling Cauldron 2 (July 22): hurt07, poa-dementor13
- Boiling Cauldron 1 (July 22): dh1-hermioneron13, poa-friend07
- Colins Camera: gof-morsmordre14, cos-harry04, 11G
- Divination: dh1-greyback04, gof-worldcup02, 11G
- Neville's Challenge: ootp-expelled05, hbp-waitressattreats04, 1G
- Dracos Duel: dh1-bellatrix211, hbp-prince19, ps-theboy13, 19G
- Herbology: hbp-cheeky14, dh1-hermione109, 18
- Leveled pet up: felton06, cos-draco20, dh1-obliviate19

// 20th July 2014
- Leveled pet up: cos-flourishandblotts05, ootp-rebel19, dh1-dance20

// 19th July 2014
- Leveled pet up: ps-zoo20, ps-poster217, darceyalden01

// 18th July 2014
- Lumos: 1 choice regular card (dh1-bellatrix114), cos-flourishandblotts16, poa-brilliant11, wright17, gof-poster208, poa-prisoner04, gambon10, darceyalden12
- Leveled pet up: ootp-dudleydemented09, dh1-obliviate11, cos-pureblood20

// 16th July 2014
- Double Trade In: ps-sorting14, poa-prisoner11, dh1-bellatrixlucius15, dh2-theprincestale12, carter07, dh2-brave07, poa-dementor02, hurt19 (exchanged: dh1-obliviate02, gof-durmstrang12, hbp-waitressattreats10, ootp-luna05, poa-monsterbooks09, poa-poster104, ps-lettersfromnoone01, radcliffe19)
- Leveled pet up: gof-prioriincantatem08, rickman19, dh1-elderwand18
- Mastered Love Potion: dh1-bellatrix111, dh1-bellatrix112, poa-monsterbooks09, ootp-12grimmauldplace17, hbp-prince07, 1 choice bonus puzzle piece (oldmanb03), 150 hp, 150G (used: cauldron, rose, rose, rose, moonstone, peppermint, peppermint)
- Apothecary: 2 peppermint, 1 moonstone (cost: 200G + 130G = 330G)
- Update Question (July 13): knotgrass, knotgrass
- New Decks (July 13): walters01, walters02, darceyalden02, darceyalden03, hurt03, hurt04, dh1-hermione101, dh1-hermione102, dh1-harryhermione01, dh1-harryhermione02, dh1-greyback01, dh1-greyback02, dh1-hermione201, dh1-hermione202, cos-fordanglia01, cos-spiders02
- Update Events (July 13): layout03, events10, events11, events12
- Update Wish: (Srahina, 1 per movie) ps-castle01, cos-poster101, poa-poster101, gof-poster101, ootp-sirius01, hbp-snape01, dh1-bellatrix109, dh2-fredgeorge01
- Update Wish: (Michi, 2 CoS) cos-celebrity01, cos-parselmouth01
- Update Wish: (Maron, 1 cauldron) cauldron
- Update Wish: (Echo, 2 cfc) cfc06, cfc07
- Update Wish: (Cami, DOBBY) darceyalden01, pattinson09, gambon03, dh1-bellatrix108, dh1-harry101
- Update Wish: (Ari, scene) poa-maraudersmap07
- Divination: gof-durmstrang12, ootp-hemhem15, 8G
- The Quibbler: dh2-harryvoldemort03, gof-poster214, ootp-12grimmauldplace20, 8G
- Platform 9 3/4: dh1-elderwand11, poa-poster104, ps-privetdrive10, 24G
- Peddler: cos-fordanglia11, wright03, gof-beauxbatons15, 22G
- Ministry of Magic: hbp-stud19, ps-theboy08, cos-parselmouth05, cos-parselmouth04, gof-jealous07, 9G
- Neville's Challenge: poa-poster104, ootp-reckless05, 13G
- Yule Ball: pattinson04, dh1-bellatrix217, dh2-draco108, dh1-voldemort107, 19G
- Writing on the Wall: gof-poster108, cos-pureblood13, 22G
- Nearly Headless Nick: dh1-harryhermione09, poa-prisoner06, 25G
- Charms: gof-poster119, ps-quidditch15, 17G
- Melting Pot: Traded cos-burrow05 for dh1-dobby13
- Weekly Freebies: hbp-smitten04, ps-snape03, gof-jealous13, ootp-hemhem16, cfc72, 12G
- Weekly Vote: ps-ollivanders14, dh2-draco101
- High or Low: poa-brilliant09, ps-quidditch17, ootp-king20
- Boiling Cauldron 2 (July 16): hurt02, lewis09
- Boiling Cauldron 1 (July 16): darceyalden11, hurt01

// 11th July 2014
- Leveled pets up: ps-owl07, dh1-obliviate02, gof-poster219

// 04th July 2014
- Incarcerous: pattinson15
- Levelled Pets: radcliffe19, dh2-hermioneron17, radcliffe10

// 30th June 2014
- Update Wishes (June 29): (Cate, 1 choice puzzle) dh1-bellatrix106, (Echo & Meg, 2 choice cards) pattinson08, smith06, (Fanyxia & Meg,1 choice actor/actress) pattinson07, (Srahina, SEVERUSSNAPE) pattinson04, carter04, dh1-voldemort101, leung03, carter05, leung04, thompson16, smith05, gambon01, gambon02, pattinson06, dh1-bellatrix107
- New Decks (June 29): thompson01, thompson06, gambon15, gambon20, dh1-hogwarts02, dh1-hogwarts03, ps-gringotts11, ps-gringotts19
- Restricted Section: dh1-voldemort120, gof-poster318, 16G
- Complete the Deck: pattinson05
- Incarcerous: carter07
- Melting Pot: Traded carter01 for dh2-hermioneron13
- Boiling Cauldron 2 (June 30): hbp-waitressattreats10, ps-sorting13
- Boiling Cauldron 1 (June 30): thompson11, dh1-hogwarts03
- Auction Reward: dh1-lost07, dh2-kiss02, dh1-lost18 (spent 50G)
- Weekly Freebies: cos-hermione02, ps-lettersfromnoone01, ps-hogwartsexpress17, ootp-ron07, radcliffe16, cfc74, 17G
- Weekly Vote: gof-yuleball02, dh1-sevenpotters16
- Lady Luck (1 Match): oldman10
- High or Low: poa-brilliant04, gof-worldcup14, gof-prioriincantatem19
- Black Lake: cos-burrow06
- Yule Ball: poa-monsterbooks14, lewis08, ootp-luna05, 94G
- Writing on the Wall: ootp-12grimmauldplace14, ootp-king19, 16G
- Nearly Headless Nick: poa-wanted11, dh2-hermioneron12, 4G
- Forbidden Forest: watson12, poa-dementor06, 2G
- Leveled pets up: poa-mistake10, ootp-bigd10, ps-gringotts04

// 29th June 2014
- Leveled pets up: ps-castle07, radcliffe13, poa-werewolf10

// 28th June 2014
- Double Trade In: poa-mistake14, dh2-kiss05, gof-poster102, pattinson19, dh1-harry114, dh2-harryvoldemort17, gof-worldcup04, dh1-dance18 (exchanged: cos-harry13, dh1-sevenpotters11, dh1-threebrothers05, gof-harry05, hbp-waitressattreats18, ootp-king13, ps-sorting09, radcliffe08)

// 27th June 2014
- Mastered rickman: dh1-bellatrix103, dh1-bellatrix105, dh1-threebrothers05, ootp-bigd07, radcliffe04, 1 bonus puzzle piece (oldmanb02), 50 hp, 50G
- Challenge Completed: 2 choice cards (rickman19, rickman20), dh2-fredgeorge05, dh1-brother13, gof-harry05, ps-lettersfromnoone17, ootp-king13, carter01, cfc79, cfc99, 97G
- Challenge 6: poa-knightbus13, ootp-expelled14, ps-sorting19, ootp-metamorphosis18, dh1-threebrothers05, poa-dementor11, ps-sorting09
- Challenge 5: cos-flourishandblotts17, hbp-lavendarron12, ootp-king16, ootp-umbridge18, ps-poster214, hbp-weasleyisourking18
- Challenge 4: cos-harry08, lynch04, radcliffe08, cos-harry13, poa-maraudersmap15
- Challenge 3: dh1-dance10, hbp-waitressattreats18, poa-brilliant17, dh1-dobby16
- Leveled pets up: gof-poster316, cos-pureblood19, smith08

// 26th June 2014
- Leveled pets up: gof-chosen08, ps-zoo01, dh1-sevenpotters11
- Member Deck: Received jennifer01, jennifer02, jennifer03

// 25th June 2014
- Leveled pets up: dh2-fredgeorge07, cos-sidekick15, mccrory01

// 24th June 2014
- Weasley Wizard Wheezes: cfc96, cfc05, cfc75, cfc75, cfc73 (Spent 350G)
- Leveled pets up: ps-hogwartsexpress11, ps-ollivanders11, ps-poster212
- Magical Menagerie: Bought yellow egg (spent 500G)

// 23rd June 2014
- Double Trade In: poesy15, ps-quidditch11, ps-sorting20, ootp-sirius11, ps-privetdrive08 (exchanged: dh2-resentful11, hbp-cheeky18, hbp-luna19, ootp-bigd09, poa-brilliant10)
- Mastered poesy: rickman17, rickman18, dh1-sevenpotters04, hbp-quidditchmatch18, watson03, 1 bonus puzzle piece (oldmanb01), 50 hp, 50G
- Mastered feltonb: rickman09, ps-hogwartsexpress12, ootp-rebel14, dh2-isdracostillalive19, cfc73, 500 hp, 500G
- Level Up (3-4): rickman08, hbp-cheeky18, dh1-wedding17, cfc73, 1 bonus puzzle piece (feltonb04), 50 HP, 50G
- Find the chocolate frogs: dh2-resentful08, gof-girly10, cos-draco07, leung14, ps-sorting09, dh2-mudblood05, 12G
- Guess the card: 1 choice card (rickman05), ps-snape09, mf-prejoin08, gof-durmstrang12, cos-draco15, ps-chess08, dh1-dobby09, 58G
- Update Wishes (June 23): (Artemis, SUMMER) poesy15, leung02, rickman03, smith04, poesy18, rickman04 (Jennifer, 1 bonus) feltonb03
- New Decks (June 23): pattinson02, pattinson03, smith01, smith02, carter02, carter03, gof-prioriincantatem10, gof-prioriincantatem14
- Challenge 2: hbp-lavendarron05, hbp-weasleyisourking14, poa-knightbus15
- Challenge 1: ps-sorting15, poa-trio113
- Transfiguration: radcliffe01, ps-snape12, 20G
- Potions: ps-clever19, hbp-lavendarron14, 24G
- Herbology: hbp-weasleyisourking13, dh1-harry102, 9G
- Neville's Challenge: radcliffe19, gof-morsmordre04, 24G
- Charms: poa-godson03, gof-girly04, 25G
- Weekly Freebies: ootp-luna05, dh2-resentful11, cos-dobby10, poa-monsterbooks12, ps-snape10, cfc60, 8G
- Weekly Vote: ootp-dudleydemented20, dh2-isdracostillalive10
- High or Low: dh1-steadfast11
- Boiling Cauldron 2 (June 23): carter01, gof-yuleball04
- Boiling Cauldron 1 (June 23): pattinson01, smith03
- Leveled pets up: ootp-bigd05, gof-yuleball16

// 20th June 2014
- Leveled pets up: dh1-obliviate02, gof-morsmordre13

// 19th June 2014
- Leveled pet up: ps-zoo18
- Magical Menagerie: Purchased a purple egg for 500G
- Mastered mccrory: poesy13, poesy14, dh2-theprincestale11, poa-brilliant10, ps-lettersfromnoone19, 1 bonus puzzle piece (feltonb02), 50 hp, 50G
- Mastered lewis: mccrory07, poesy01, dh1-wedding15, ootp-bigd09, mf-prejoin18, 1 bonus puzzle piece (feltonb01), 50 hp, 50G
- Mastered poa-dementorb: mccrory06, mccrory06, hbp-waitressattreats11, dh1-threebrothers14, cfc08, 500 hp, 500G
- Mastered watson: lewis17, mccrory14, cos-burrow05, radcliffe08, gof-beauxbatons16, 1 bonus puzzle piece (poa-dementorb04), 50 house points, 50G
- Trade Reward: cos-dobbyisfree01, ps-owl15, poa-boggart10, cfc72
- Leveled pet up (lv.13): hbp-smitten01

// 18th June 2014
- Leveled pet up (lv.12): poesy19

// 17th June 2014
- Leveled pet up (lv.11): ps-poster217
- Incarcerous: rickman12

// 16th June 2014
- Double Trade In: mf-prejoin16, poa-knightbus20, dh1-obliviate01, hbp-lavendarron09, ootp-metamorphosis15, hbp-quidditchmatch09, hbp-luna19 (exchanged cos-floopowder03, dh1-brother05, dh1-brother10, gof-girly12, gof-portkey12, lynch02, ootp-umbridge19)
- Apothecary: Bought 3 roses for 270G
- Apothecary: Bought a cauldron for 50G
- Auction Reward: (63G) dh1-threebrothers13, cos-sidekick08, lewis13, cos-sidekick17, poa-dementor13
- Update Wishes (June 15): (Jennifer, 3 choice, same person) watson20, dh2-hermioneron10, dh1-steadfast14 (Sponge, 1 choice J) I couldn't find any decks with J in their name, so I moved on to my next letter, E. lewis01 (Cate, 1 chocolate frog) cfc02
- New Decks (June 15): leung01, leung06, cos-dobbyisfree03, cos-pureblood04, cos-hermione05, ootp-12grimmauldplace06, ps-quidditch07, ps-snide08
- Headless Hunt: dh2-fredgeorge13
- Leveled pet up (lv.10): dh2-kiss04
- Peddler: mccrory17, dh1-bellatrixlucius06, dh2-fredgeorge02, 25G
- Writing on the Wall: cos-burrow18, ootp-12grimmauldplace08, 22G
- Forbidden Forest: dh1-wedding10, hbp-snape17, 1G
- Complete the Deck: hbp-luna03 (submitted poa-knightbus11)
- The Quibbler: hbp-prince03, dh2-resentful11, lynch02, 1G
- Platform 9 3/4: gof-poster301, dh2-fredgeorge05, gof-poster306, 11G
- Ministry of Magic: dh1-bellatrixlucius19, ootp-umbridge19, 80G
- London: poa-poster106, watson13, gof-portkey19, 14G
- Yule Ball: ps-lettersfromnoone07, 25G
- Restricted Section: cos-flourishandblotts16, gof-poster105, 23G
- Nearly Headless Nick: mccrory15, dh1-bellatrixlucius07, 22G
- Weekly Freebies: poa-trio111, ps-snide12, hbp-smitten19, ps-snide07, dh1-harry109, cfc51, 15G
- Weekly Vote: cos-dobbyisfree15, dh1-bellatrixlucius18
- High or Low: rickman14
- Boiling Cauldron 2 (June 16): dh1-elderwand15, hbp-quidditchmatch04
- Boiling Cauldron 1 (June 16): leung11, poa-maraudersmap16
- Black Lake: dh1-brother05

// 14th June 2014
- Leveled pet up (lv.09): dh1-sevenpotters11

// 13th June 2014
- Mastered grint: watson11, watson17, ps-lettersfromnoone04, poa-brilliant05, watson05, 1 bonus puzzle piece (poa-dementorb03), 50 hp, 50G
- Member Deck (#03 - trade 25 cards): 1 choice card (watson05), hbp-terror10, dh1-threebrothers08, gof-morsmordre05, cfc17
- Member Deck (#02 - master 1 deck): 1 choice card (grint09), gof-poster220, gof-portkey12, ootp-king06, cfc09
- Member Deck (#01 - level 2): 1 choice card (grint20), mccrory12, ootp-rebel11, poa-trio208, cfc19
- Trade Reward: poesy20, poesy06, hbp-terror19, cfc89
- Mastered wright: grint10, grint13, poa-mistake12, gof-chosen06, ps-privetdrive03, 1 bonus puzzle piece (poa-dementorb02), 50 hp, 50G
- Weasley Wizard Wheezes: Spent 675G on 3 choice cards (wright08, grint05, grint08)
- Mastered ps-chessb: wright17, hbp-waitressattreats18, cos-warning20, gof-girly12, cfc93, 500 hp, 500G
- Mastered lynch: wright01, wright02, dh1-brother10, poa-brilliant19, dh2-mudblood09, 1 bonus puzzle piece (poa-dementorb01), 50 hp, 50G
- Mastered felton: lynch02, lynch09, grint11, cos-floopowder03, poa-knightbus11, 1 bonus puzzle piece (ps-chessb04), 50 hp, 50G
- Mastered oldman: felton10, felton16, ps-keeperofkeys11, gof-portkey12, poa-monsterbooks09, 1 bonus puzzle piece (ps-chessb03), 50 hp, 50G
- Leveled pet up (lv.08): dh1-harry106

// 12th June 2014
- Double Trade In: cos-dobby03, ootp-hemhem02, gof-chosen07, radcliffe08, gof-harry20 (exchanged: cos-harry13, hbp-waitressattreats16, mccrory19, ps-castle20, ps-theboy07)
- Mastered member: oldman14, hbp-weasleyisourking04, hbp-waitressattreats14, 1 bonus puzzle piece (ps-chessb02), 50 hp, 50G
- Trade Reward: hbp-snape10, ps-theboy07, hbp-waitressattreats10, cfc01
- Trade Reward: cos-flourishandblotts20, hbp-waitressattreats04, cos-harry13, cfc60
- Leveled pet up (lv.07): cos-draco19

// 11th June 2014
- Leveled pet up (lv.06): felton18

// 10th June 2014
- Leveled pet up (lv.05): poa-boggart06

// 09th June 2014
- Update Question (June 8): oldman12
- New Decks (June 8): rickman01, dh1-bellatrixlucius07, ootp-advanceguard08, ootp-advanceguard07, gof-lovely15, gof-lovely11, rickman06, dh1-bellatrix217, ps-snape06, ps-sorting17
- Weasley Wizard Wheezes: (Spent: 750G) hbp-ron111, dh2-theprincestale02, poa-godson19, cos-harry13, poa-godson08, mccrory19, ps-keeperofkeys20, ps-owl17, hbp-waitressattreats16, ootp-sirius19, grint18, gof-yuleball18, dh1-bellatrix206, ootp-ron04, dh1-bellatrix104, ps-snape04, dh2-harryvoldemort19, cos-floopowder03, poa-lumosmaxima10, dh2-theprincestale06, ootp-metamorphosis06, ps-castle20, cos-burrow07, ootp-dudleydemented04, wright04
- Double Trade In: lynch05 (exchanged: hbp-luna19)
- Double Trade In: poa-knightbus12, ps-poster209, hbp-luna19 (exchanged: dh1-brother09, gof-durmstrang14, poa-brilliant02)
- Double Trade In: hbp-smitten10, ootp-king10, dh1-brother09, ps-poster110, poa-brilliant02, ootp-sirius15, gof-durmstrang14 (exchanged: cos-burrow16, dh1-brother04, dh1-elderwand19, hbp-waitressattreats16, ootp-umbridge16, ps-keeperofkeys14, wright13)
- Transfiguration: cos-sidekick12, dh1-threebrothers03, 87G
- Herbology: dh1-bellatrixlucius01, cos-warning04, 93G
- Colins Camera: hbp-waitressattreats16, poa-dementor17, 33G
- Melting Pot: Traded ps-theboy01 for lynch14
- Incarcerous: poesy04
- Neville's Challenge: poa-mistake10, poa-mistake11, 20G
- Potions: cos-sidekick09, ps-keeperofkeys18, 76G
- Divination: ps-lettersfromnoone01, dh2-mudblood17, 18G
- Charms: oldman20, poa-brilliant12, 75G
- Weekly Freebies: dh2-mudblood11, ps-ollivanders03, ootp-rebel19, gof-beauxbatons12, dh1-bellatrix101, cfc30, 75G
- Weekly Vote: poesy16, gof-portkey18
- High or Low: gof-girly12
- Headless Hunt: oldman05
- Boiling Cauldron 2 (June 9): oldman11, grint17
- Boiling Cauldron 1 (June 9): rickman02, poa-lumosmaxima12
- Black Lake: mccrory18
- Wish: (Maron) cfc53, cfc86, (Meg) 100G
- Auction Reward: cfc84, cfc13, cfc39

// 02nd June 2014
- Harrys Snitch: ps-keeperofkeys14, ps-theboy06, dh1-elderwand19, 16G
- Black Lake: ootp-expelled15
- Poll: poa-knightbus09, participation03
- Mastered radcliffe: oldman16, oldman04, hbp-smitten18, dh1-brother09, dh1-steadfast08, 1 bonus puzzle piece (ps-chessb01), 50 hp, 50G
- Weasley Wizard Wheezes: (Spent 400G) 5 choice cards - radcliffe02, radcliffe03, oldman06, oldman08, oldman09
- Mastered gof-girlyb: radcliffe08, ootp-rebel07, hbp-smitten04, ps-privetdrive02, cfc65, 500 hp, 500G
- Level Up: radcliffe07, ps-zoo11, cos-burrow20, cfc97, 1 bonus puzzle piece (gof-girlyb04), 50 HP, 50G
- Weasley Wizard Wheezes: (Spent 750G) hbp-smitten16, ps-theboy08, gof-yuleball09, poa-brilliant06, dh1-brother19, hbp-waitressattreats16, dh1-dance08, wright13, ootp-ron02, ootp-expelled19, gof-portkey11, ootp-luna13, radcliffe17, cos-burrow16, dh1-bellatrix113, gof-poster305, ootp-umbridge16, hbp-ron106, ps-poster102, dh1-steadfast15, oldman10, hbp-smitten20, ootp-dudleydemented12, hbp-lavendarron05, dh1-dobby10
- Mastered Exploding Potion: radcliffe12, radcliffe17, dh1-brother04, hbp-smitten09, gof-durmstrang08, 1 bonus puzzle piece (gof-girlyb03), 150 hp, 150G
- Apothecary: Purchased cauldron (-50G), Ice Pop (-75G), Ice Pop (-75G), Red Spider (-160), Red Spider (-160), Lavender (-80), Lavender (-80)
- Mastered poa-wanted: radcliffe10, radcliffe13, dh2-mudblood02, dh1-threebrothers19, gof-yuleball02, 1 bonus puzzle piece (gof-girlyb02), 50 hp, 50G
- Update Event (Grand Opening): events08, layout02, events09, grint01, radcliffe06, radcliffe04, felton07, oldman01, oldman02, poa-wanted15, lewis05, watson06, wright05, watson12, grint02
- New Decks (June 01): mf-prejoin15, mf-prejoin19
- Double Trade In: gof-harry11, lewis20, mccrory03, hbp-terror09, dh1-harry110 (exchanged cos-poster110, dh1-harry115, hbp-luna01, poa-godson05, poa-mistake06)
- House Cup (Top 5): 1 choice card (poa-wanted17), wright10, ps-poster107, wright20
- House Cup (participated): poa-godson13, ootp-dudleydemented15, dh1-harry115
- House Cup (3rd place): 1 choice card (poa-wanted18), dh1-wedding19, cos-dobby04, gof-poster110
- Leveled pet up (lv.04): dh1-dance06
- Colins Camera: poa-godson14, dh1-steadfast09, 20G
- London: cos-draco09, dh1-steadfast18, dh2-hermioneron16, 18G
- The Quibbler: poa-mistake06, poa-trio201, dh1-dance17, 52G
- Platform 9 3/4: cos-harry07, ootp-dudleydemented02, hbp-luna20, 59G
- Peddler: felton08, ootp-ron20, ootp-bigd09, 76G
- Ministry of Magic: dh2-draco107, dh2-harryvoldemort07, dh1-bellatrix110, dh2-kiss12, cos-sidekick03, 68G
- Neville's Challenge: hbp-lavendarron04, hbp-cheeky18, 81G
- Forbidden Forest: mccrory12, poa-mistake02, 10G
- Writing on the Wall: cos-draco17, gof-chosen15, 10G
- Restricted Section: gof-chosen16, cos-burrow16, 10G
- Nearly Headless Nick: ootp-ron03, hbp-quidditchmatch19, 57G
- Transfiguration: dh2-hermioneron19, cos-poster113, 10G
- Potions: cos-harry12, dh1-elderwand01, 10G
- Herbology: dh1-elderwand19, poa-brilliant10, 10G
- Divination: dh1-harry117, dh2-hermioneron04, hbp-luna01, cos-burrow10, 95G
- Charms: ps-castle15, gof-durmstrang15, 10G
- Incarcerous: radcliffe15
- Melting Pot: Traded ps-lettersfromnoone20 for oldman18
- Headless Hunt: cos-poster110
- Weekly Freebies: poa-poster120, ps-theboy07, ps-theboy01, ootp-bigd14, poa-godson05, cfc28, 6G
- Weekly Vote: hbp-waitressattreats05, ps-castle11
- High or Low: poa-mistake16, gof-morsmordre08, cos-parselmouth19
- Boiling Cauldron 2 (June 2): felton03, watson04

// 26th May 2014
- Double Trade In: wright03, dh1-harry115, felton02, dh1-brother17 (exchanged events07, hbp-cheeky19, ps-owl10, ps-zoo16)
- Bonus Question (May 25): poa-wanted11
- Colins Camera: poa-dementor11, oldman19, 92G
- The Quibbler: ootp-bigd08, events01, poa-wanted04, 14G
- Yule Ball: ootp-sirius13, ps-zoo16, dh2-kiss09, 103G
- Weekly Freebies: dh1-brother04, wright13, felton01, hbp-luna19, poa-poster119, cfc09, 9G
- Neville's Challenge: gof-beauxbatons18, dh2-fredgeorge15, 72G
- Peddler: dh2-mudblood15, dh2-theprincestale14, dh1-brother05, 13G
- Platform 9 3/4: dh1-wedding13, cos-warning17, hbp-quidditchmatch19, 2G
- Nearly Headless Nick: hbp-cheeky19, cos-harry02, 21G
- Ministry of Magical: participation01, cos-flourishandblotts07, events07, 213G
- London: felton17, gof-poster116, dh1-brother10, 4G
- Dracos Duel: hbp-quidditchmatch16, 83G
- Divination: poa-dementor19, ootp-umbridge19, lewis07, ps-privetdrive11, 73G

// 22nd May 2014
- Trade Reward: dh1-dobby14, felton11, ps-theboy05, cfc23

// 18th May 2014
- Weasley Wizard Wheezes: (Spent 750G) gof-poster115, gof-harry05, grint07, cos-warning03, hbp-ron113, felton17, poa-trio202, cos-dobby15, ootp-king13, radcliffe14, gof-poster113, ps-owl16, dh2-theprincestale20, ps-owl10, gof-chosen14, gof-chosen18, gof-poster319, poesy09, cos-poster109, hbp-cheeky19, felton11, ootp-hemhem08, dh2-mudblood01, wright06, dh1-brother03
- Update Question (May 18): poa-wanted08
- Update Freebies (May 18): radcliffe05, poa-wanted20, events07
- Level Up: poa-wanted04, ootp-hemhem13, ootp-king07, cfc12, 1 bonus puzzle piece (gof-girlyb01), 50 HP, 50G
- Members Favorite: hbp-cheeky09
- Colins Camera: cos-harry15, mccrory03, 94G
- Divination: dh1-bellatrix108, cos-sidekick10, ps-zoo12, mccrory19
- London: radcliffe18, cos-poster110, gof-poster203, 25G
- Neville's Challenge: gof-durmstrang14, hbp-snape08, 45G
- Peddler: ootp-umbridge16, mccrory20, lewis02, 70G
- Platform 9 3/4: lewis11, poa-mistake06, poa-wanted10, 46G
- The Quibbler: lewis02, cos-poster107, cos-poster111, 30G
- Weekly Freebies: poa-godson05, oldman10, wright09, dh1-harry108, ootp-dudleydemented05, cfc13, 30G
- Yule Ball: dh1-bellatrix106, poa-trio219, ootp-ron09, 168G
- Nearly Headless Nick: ps-castle20, ps-privetdrive10, 16G
- Ministry of Magical: cos-draco13, dh2-fredgeorge03, ootp-bigd06, 289G
- Leveled pet up (lv.03): ps-theboy18

// 12th May 2014
- Weasley Wizard Wheezes: poa-dementor16, poa-boggart04, ps-castle14, ootp-expelled09, dh2-mudblood10 for 250G
- Colins Camera: poa-knightbus01, mccrory19, 38G
- Weasley Wizard Wheezes: cfc95, cfc32, cfc51, cfc10, cfc16 for 400G
- Leveled pet up (lv.02): gof-beauxbatons05
- Divination: ps-theboy03, dh1-bellatrix116, poa-knightbus08, ootp-ron10
- Update Question (May 11): poa-wanted06
- Update Freebie (May 11): dh2-mudblood19, ps-owl10, gof-morsmordre07
- Update Freebie (May 11): dh2-theprincestale13
- London: poa-brilliant02, ootp-king03, watson03, 19G
- The Quibbler: poa-knightbus19, ps-clever19, ootp-dudleydemented04, 13G
- Yule Ball: ootp-king08, 78G
- Weekly Freebies: dh1-voldemort102, lynch10, watson10, wright13, gof-morsmordre12, cfc47, 68G
- Platform 9 3/4: cos-harry20, cos-sidekick16, ootp-ron15, 59G
- Peddler: dh2-resentful15, ps-zoo16, cos-floopowder06, 50G
- Neville's Challenge: ps-privetdrive08, dh1-steadfast11, 1G
- Nearly Headless Nick: ootp-bigd03, watson01, 91G
- Ministry of Magic: cfc64, 73G

// 06th May 2014
- Leveled pet up (lv.01): dh2-harryvoldemort20
- Magical Menagerie: Purchased a grey egg for 500G.
- Yule Ball: ps-poster215, 128G
- Platform 9 3/4: dh2-resentful16, ps-keeperofkeys14, poa-trio220, 32G
- Peddler: poa-trio109, poesy10, hbp-luna01, 49G
- Weekly Freebies: ps-lettersfromnoone18, felton06, poa-trio115, dh1-dobby16, ootp-hemhem17, cfc17, 76G
- Neville's Challenge: hbp-smitten02, hbp-ron108, 92G
- Ministry of Magic: ps-poster101, ps-theboy10, 67G
- Nearly Headless Nick: ootp-ron14, poa-brilliant03, 87G
- London: dh2-mudblood07, ps-lettersfromnoone20, hbp-snape02, 12G
- Divination: gof-harry16, cos-burrow04, dh2-fredgeorge06, poesy07
- Colins Camera: cos-harry19, cos-floopowder14, 48G
- Starter Pack: poa-wanted05, poa-wanted13, poa-wanted03, poa-wanted09, cos-burrow17, 
radcliffe16, ootp-king20, ps-privetdrive05, ps-zoo18, cos-burrow06, cfc04, cfc03
// 19th December 2014
- Traded Brittany: my cos-fordanglia06, cos-fordanglia11, cos-fordanglia16, dh1-sevenpotters04, dh1-sevenpotters06, dh1-sevenpotters11, dh1-sevenpotters13, dh1-sevenpotters14, dh1-sevenpotters15, dh2-isdracostillalive03, dh2-isdracostillalive10, dh2-isdracostillalive17, gof-foreignarrival08, gof-foreignarrival09, gof-foreignarrival12, gof-foreignarrival16, gof-foreignarrival18, gof-lovely12, gof-morsmordre05, gof-morsmordre08, gof-morsmordre12, gof-morsmordre13, gof-morsmordre14, gof-portkey04, gof-portkey08, gof-portkey11, gof-portkey12, gof-portkey16, gof-portkey18, gof-portkey19, poa-trio113, poa-trio115, poa-trio118, poa-trio120, hbp-brokenheart04, hbp-brokenheart07, hbp-dumbledorefalls13 for dh1-hermione118, dh1-hermione120, dh1-ron106, dh1-ron113, dh1-ron115, dh1-ron118, dh1-trio14, dh2-bellatrix204, dh2-bellatrix212, dh2-bellatrix215, dh2-bellatrix220, dh2-griphook01, dh2-griphook04, dh2-griphook05, dh2-griphook12, dh2-harry408, dh2-harry418, dh2-harryvoldemort06, dh2-hermione104, dh2-hermione107, dh2-hermione220, dh2-hermione306, dh2-hermione316, dh2-hermioneron07, dh2-hermioneron08, dh2-hermioneron20, dh2-mcgonagall08, dh2-neville108, dh2-neville205, dh2-neville207, dh2-neville208, dh2-neville303, dh2-neville316, dh2-neville317, dh2-ron112, dh2-ron120, dh2-snape106

// 10th November 2014
- Traded Nanami: my cfc23, cfc24, cfc26 for cfc42, cfc59, cfc82
- Traded Crissy: my dh1-steadfast09, dh1-steadfast11, dh1-steadfast12, dh1-steadfast13, dh1-steadfast14, dh1-steadfast16, dh1-steadfast18, hbp-smitten20, ootp-lestrange18, cfc08, Jennifer for dh1-greybackscabior10, dh1-snape211, dh1-voldemort215, dh2-bellatrix118, dh2-bellatrix203, dh2-bellatrix216, dh2-draco103, dh2-draco105, dh2-draco110, dh2-griphook19, Crissy
- Traded Sarah-Jeanne: my darceyalden17, ootp-fireworks13, gof-prioriincantatem08, gof-prioriincantatem10, gof-prioriincantatem13, gobletoffire05, gobletoffire07, gof-yuleball02, gof-yuleball15 for dh1-hermione107, dh1-hermione110, dh1-ron108, dh1-ron114, dh1-ron208, dh1-snape118, dh1-snape206, dh1-snape208, dh1-trio16

// 03rd November 2014
- Traded Gosia: my cfc51, cfc65 for cfc25, cfc27

// 15th October 2014
- Traded Maron: my cfc18, cfc32, cfc47, cfc54, cfc86 for cfc24, cfc31, cfc44, cfc49, cfc61
- Traded Maron: my rickman18, rickman19, mf-female19, ootp-loony09, philosophersstone13, ootp-luna02, ootp-luna05, ootp-ron02, ootp-ron03, ootp-ron04, ootp-ron07, ootp-ron14, ootp-ron20 for dh1-harry116, dh1-harry117, dh1-harry118, dh1-harry119, dh1-hermione108, dh1-hermione111, dh1-hermione208, dh1-hermioneron08, dh1-hermioneron09, dh1-trio03, dh1-snape112, dh1-ron109, dh1-voldemort217
- Traded Gosia: my dh1-hogwarts03, gobletoffire01, gobletoffire09, hbp-chosen15, mf-male04, ootp-guard08, ootp-guard15, pattinson13, philosophersstone04, philosophersstone17 for dh1-hogwarts15, dh1-snape105, dh1-snape116, dh1-trio13, dh1-trio20, dh1-voldemort208, dh1-voldemort213, dh1-voldemort214, dh2-bellatrix107, dh2-bellatrix217

// 02nd October 2014
- Traded Sarah-Jeanne: my gof-fleur09, prisonerofazkaban02, prisonerofazkaban03, Jennifer for dh2-neville216, dh2-draco120, dh1-voldemort103, Sarah-Jeanne (3)

// 25th September 2014
- Traded Gosia: my lynch09, ootp-sirius10, ootp-sirius11, ootp-sirius13, ootp-sirius14, ootp-sirius15, ootp-sirius19, ootp-umbridge18, dh2-brave12, dh2-finalbattle106, dh2-finalbattle206, dh2-finalbattle217, chamberofsecrets06, dh1-threebrothers08, ootp-theorder12, ootp-thestrals09, ootp-thestrals20, orderofthephoenix04, poa-maraudersmap06, poa-maraudersmap10, poa-maraudersmap16, prisonerofazkaban05 for coltrane19, dh1-bellatrix213, dh1-harry105, dh1-harry110, dh1-harry112, dh1-harry113, dh1-ron117, dh1-snape108, dh1-snape114, dh1-snape214, dh1-voldemort109, dh1-voldemort113, dh1-voldemort114, dh1-voldemort119, dh1-voldemort211, dh2-bellatrix101, dh2-bellatrix103, dh2-bellatrix111, dh2-bellatrix120, dh2-harryvoldemort08, dh2-harryvoldemort14, dh2-hermione101 (22)

// 22nd September 2014
- Traded Kerri: my cos-dobbyisfree03, cos-dobbyisfree08, hbp-chosen07 for dh1-voldemort201, dh1-voldemort203, dh1-voldemort220 (3)

// 18th September 2014
- Traded Lyn: my ps-sorting09, ps-sorting12, ps-sorting15, ps-sorting18, ps-sorting20, Jennifer for walters11, walters16, dh1-dobby12, dh1-greyback08, dh1-greyback19, Lyn (5)

// 17th September 2014
- Traded Brittany: my cos-harry15, ps-gringotts11, gof-jealous07, poa-friend07, poa-friend08, poa-prisoner06, poa-prisoner11, ps-boats10, ps-ickle07 for thompson18, dh1-bellatrix212, dh1-bellatrix219, dh1-bellatrixlucius11, dh1-bellatrixlucius14, dh1-greyback07, dh1-greyback09, dh1-greyback13, dh1-greyback18 (9)

// 15th September 2014
- Traded Christina: my cos-petrified18, Jennifer for thompson17, Christina (1)

// 12th September 2014
- Traded Cami: my watson13, cos-parselmouth17, Jennifer for coltrane06, thompson20, Cami (2)

// 25th August 2014
- Traded Gosia: my ootp-reckless18, dh1-lost18, dh1-threebrothers11, dh1-threebrothers13 for cfc50, cfc52, cfc58, cfc66 (4)

// 19th August 2014
- Traded Gosia: my gof-prioriincantatem01, gof-prioriincantatem19, ootp-extendableears03, ootp-thehearing03 for walters17, leung16, leung18, dh1-bellatrix203 (4)

// 11th August 2014
- Traded Sarah-Jeanne: my dh2-mudblood02, Jennifer for dh2-harryvoldemort10, Sarah-Jeanne (1)

// 03rd August 2014
- Traded Gosia: my dh2-isdracostillalive19, mf-prejoin16, mf-prejoin17, ootp-12grimmauldplace14 for darceyalden04, dh1-harry119, gambon11, leung14 (4)

// 12th July 2014
- Traded shbup: my poa-lumosmaxima10, oldman10 for thompson03, gambon12 (2)

// 11th July 2014
- Traded Brittany: my gof-yuleball02, gof-yuleball04, gof-yuleball09, gof-yuleball16, gof-yuleball18 for dh1-harry104, dh1-harry113, gambon16, thompson10, dh1-bellatrixlucius03 (5)

// 01st July 2014
- Traded Brittany: my dh1-wedding17, dh1-wedding19, dh2-mudblood05, dh2-mudblood15, ootp-expelled14, ootp-umbridge19, poa-godson08, dh1-threebrothers05, dh1-threebrothers14, gof-prioriincantatem10, gof-prioriincantatem14 for dh1-harry107,, dh1-bellatrix207, dh1-bellatrixlucius16, dh1-dobby19, dh1-dobby20, dh1-voldemort104, dh1-voldemort105, dh2-draco113, dh2-fredgeorge18, dh2-harryvoldemort02, dh2-harryvoldemort11 (11)

// 27th June 2014
- Traded shbup: my hbp-cheeky09, hbp-cheeky18, Jennifer for dh1-bellatrixlucius20, dh2-hermioneron09, shbup (2)

// 25th June 2014
- Traded Robin: my cfc60, cfc73 for cfc26, cfc81 (2)
- Traded Sanna: my cfc13, cfc17 for cfc37, cfc77 (2)

// 20th June 2014
- Traded Ari: my cos-sidekick12 for poesy12 (1)

// 19th June 2014
- Traded Brittany: my watson05 for leung12 (1)
- Traded Artemis: my cos-draco09, cos-draco13, cos-draco19, cos-poster111, cos-sidekick08 for lewis03, lewis10, poesy12, poesy17, watson07 (5)

// 17th June 2014
- Traded Robin: my gof-morsmordre05, hbp-snape08, hbp-snape17, ps-snide07, ps-snide08, ps-snide12 for rickman10, dh1-bellatrix102, dh1-bellatrix120, dh1-bellatrix214, dh1-bellatrix216, dh1-dobby04 (6)

// 16th June 2014
- Traded Kayori: my cos-poster113 for dh1-bellatrix115 (1)
- Traded Kayori: my cos-flourishandblotts20 for mccrory05 (1)

// 14th June 2014
- Traded Srahina: my poa-dementor17, poa-dementor19, radcliffe08, radcliffe17, hbp-lavendarron05, hbp-smitten04, Jennifer for lewis06, lewis09, watson16, Srahina, lynch02, grint09, wright08 (6)

// 13th June 2014
- Traded Brittany: my hbp-smitten09 for dh1-harry116 (1)
- Traded Sanna: my hbp-smitten16, hbp-smitten20, ps-keeperofkeys20, ps-privetdrive02, ps-privetdrive11 for oldman14, grint12, rickman15, rickman16, dh1-bellatrix110 (5 = 24/107)
- Traded Whitney: my dh2-theprincestale02, dh2-theprincestale06, gof-beauxbatons18, gof-durmstrang14, gof-durmstrang15, gof-lovely11, gof-lovely15, Jennifer for grint03, lynch08, lynch12, lynch18, poesy02, watson14, events04, Whitney (7 = 23/102)

// 12th June 2014 (3/17 = 22/95)
- Traded Robin: my ps-sorting17 for grint12 (1)
- Traded Cate: my ps-zoo18, cos-burrow16, poa-dementor11, poa-lumosmaxima12, poa-mistake02, poa-mistake10, hbp-smitten10, hbp-smitten18, poa-poster119, ootp-rebel07, dh1-brother03, dh1-brother04, Jennifer for oldman13, wright11, wright12, poesy05, poesy08, felton04, felton05, Cate, mccrory04, mccrory09, mccrory11, felton08, felton17 (12)
- Traded Ashley: my dh1-elderwand19, poa-boggart06, hbp-terror09, dh1-threebrothers03, Jennifer for watson02, watson19, wright18, Ashley, lynch01 (4)

// 11th June 2014 (3/13 = 19/78)
- Traded Chii: my dh1-steadfast11, dh1-steadfast18, Jennifer for lynch19, lewis03, Chii (2)
- Traded Gosia: my gof-beauxbatons05, gof-beauxbatons12, gof-chosen14, gof-chosen15, gof-chosen18, poa-godson13, mf-prejoin15, mf-prejoin19, ootp-advanceguard07, ootp-advanceguard08, Jennifer for felton09, grint04, grint14, grint16, lewis15, rickman11, rickman13, watson08, watson09, watson15, Gosia (10)
- Traded Bree: my gof-durmstrang08, Jennifer for poesy20, Bree (1)

// 10th June 2014 (1/9 = 16/65)
- Traded Robin: my poa-knightbus12, ps-castle15, ps-keeperofkeys14, ps-keeperofkeys18, ps-snape04, ps-snape06, ps-theboy06, ps-theboy08, ps-zoo16 for wright16, wright19, grint15, lewis08, lynch11, lynch15, mccrory08, mccrory10, rickman07 (9)

// 06th June 2014 (1/12 = 15/56)
- Traded Brittany: my poa-knightbus09, cos-sidekick03, cos-sidekick10, cos-sidekick16, dh1-dance06, dh1-dance08, dh1-dance17, ootp-dudleydemented02, ootp-dudleydemented04, ootp-dudleydemented05, ootp-dudleydemented12, ootp-dudleydemented15, Jennifer for oldman11, felton14, felton15, felton18, grint11, grint19, lynch07, lynch20, mccrory01, mccrory13, poesy03, poesy16, Brittany (12)

// 05th June 2014 (1/2 = 14/44)
- Traded Meg: my ootp-luna13, ps-castle11, Jennifer for watson13, watson18, Meg (2)

// 04th June 2014 (1/7 = 13/42)
- Traded Ruka: my dh2-theprincestale14, dh1-threebrothers19, felton17, oldman10, dh1-bellatrix106, dh1-bellatrix108, dh1-bellatrix110, Jennifer for grint06, lewis04, lynch04, lynch13, mccrory02, poesy11, wright14, Ruka (7)

// 31st May 2014 (1/3 = 12/35)
- Traded Sanna: my hbp-quidditchmatch16, hbp-quidditchmatch19, poa-wanted04, Jennifer for felton13, mccrory16, oldman07, Sanna

// 27th May 2014 (1/1 = 11/32)
- Traded Robin: my felton11, Jennifer for poa-wanted14, Robin

// 26th May 2014 (1/4 = 10/31)
- Traded Fanyxia: my dh2-theprincestale20, poa-boggart04, ps-privetdrive05, ps-privetdrive10, Jennifer for felton12, lewis16, lewis19, lynch17, Fanyxia

// 22nd May 2014 (1/3 = 9/27)
- Traded Alecks: my dh2-mudblood07, poa-brilliant03, ps-theboy10, Jennifer for radcliffe01, radcliffe09, radcliffe11, Alecks (3)

// 19th May 2014 (2/10 = 8/24)
- Traded Maron: my dh2-mudblood10, dh2-mudblood19, Jennifer for felton19, felton20, Maron (2)
- Traded Nanami: my poa-trio202, poa-trio219, ps-clever19, cos-floopowder06, poa-dementor16, poa-knightbus01, poa-knightbus08, poa-knightbus19, Jennifer for radcliffe20, lewis12, lewis13, lewis14, lewis18, lynch16, oldman03, wright15, Nanami (8)

// 18th May 2014 (2/4 = 6/14)
- Traded Heather: my cos-burrow04, cos-burrow06, cos-burrow17 for oldman17, wright07, ootp-sirius02 (3)
- Traded Ari: my ootp-king20, Jennifer for radcliffe19, Ari (1)

// 17th May 2014 (1/2 = 4/10)
- Traded Echo: my ps-castle14, ps-privetdrive08, Jennifer for lynch03, lynch06, Echo (2)

// 13th May 2014 (1/1 = 3/8)
- Traded Jessy: my dh2-theprincestale13, Jennifer for poa-wanted19, Jessy (1)

// 11th May 2014 (1/4 = 2/7)
- Traded Artemis: my cos-floopowder14, gof-harry16, cos-harry19, dh2-fredgeorge06, Jennifer for poa-wanted01, poa-wanted02, poa-wanted07, poa-wanted12, Artemis (4)

// 07th May 2014 (1/3)
- Traded Kayori: my dh2-harryvoldemort20, dh2-resentful16, hbp-smitten02, Jennifer for poa-wanted16, oldman20, oldman15, Kayori (3)
// Collecting (Worth 1)

dh1-harry201, dh1-harry202, dh1-harry203, dh1-harry204, dh1-harry205, dh1-harry210, dh1-harry206, dh1-harry220, dh1-hermione201, dh1-hermione202, dh1-hermione203, dh1-hermione204, dh1-hermione205, dh1-hermione206, dh1-hermione207, dh1-hermione208, dh1-hermione209, dh1-hermione210, dh1-hermione211, dh1-hermione212, dh1-hermione215, dh1-hermione220, dh1-hermione219, dh1-ron201, dh1-ron202, dh1-ron208, dh1-ron204, dh1-ron206, dh1-ron207, dh1-ron203, dh1-ron214, dh1-ron205, dh1-ron220, fiennes15, fiennes01, fiennes02, fiennes03, fiennes04, fiennes05, fiennes11, fiennes08, fiennes07, fiennes06, fiennes09, fiennes13

// Mastered (Worth 1)

carter01, carter02, carter03, carter04, carter05, carter06, carter07, carter08, carter09, carter10, carter11, carter12, carter13, carter14, carter15, carter16, carter17, carter18, carter19, carter20, carterb01, carterb02, carterb03, carterb04, cave01, cave02, cave03, cave04, cave05, cave06, cave07, cave08, cave09, cave10, cave11, cave12, cave13, cave14, cave15, cave16, cave17, cave18, cave19, cave20, cfc01, cfc02, cfc03, cfc04, cfc05, cfc06, cfc07, cfc08, cfc09, cfc10, cfc100, cfc101, cfc11, cfc12, cfc13, cfc14, cfc15, cfc16, cfc17, cfc18, cfc19, cfc20, cfc21, cfc22, cfc23, cfc24, cfc25, cfc26, cfc27, cfc28, cfc29, cfc30, cfc31, cfc32, cfc33, cfc34, cfc35, cfc36, cfc37, cfc38, cfc39, cfc40, cfc41, cfc42, cfc43, cfc44, cfc45, cfc46, cfc47, cfc48, cfc49, cfc50, cfc51, cfc52, cfc53, cfc54, cfc55, cfc56, cfc57, cfc58, cfc59, cfc60, cfc61, cfc62, cfc63, cfc64, cfc65, cfc66, cfc67, cfc68, cfc69, cfc70, cfc71, cfc72, cfc73, cfc74, cfc75, cfc76, cfc77, cfc78, cfc79, cfc80, cfc81, cfc82, cfc83, cfc84, cfc85, cfc86, cfc87, cfc88, cfc89, cfc90, cfc91, cfc92, cfc93, cfc94, cfc95, cfc96, cfc97, cfc98, cfc99, coltrane01, coltrane02, coltrane03, coltrane04, coltrane05, coltrane06, coltrane07, coltrane08, coltrane09, coltrane10, coltrane11, coltrane12, coltrane13, coltrane14, coltrane15, coltrane16, coltrane17, coltrane18, coltrane19, coltrane20, coltraneb01, coltraneb02, coltraneb03, coltraneb04, darceyalden01, darceyalden02, darceyalden03, darceyalden04, darceyalden05, darceyalden06, darceyalden07, darceyalden08, darceyalden09, darceyalden10, darceyalden11, darceyalden12, darceyalden13, darceyalden14, darceyalden15, darceyalden16, darceyalden17, darceyalden18, darceyalden19, darceyalden20, dh1-bellatrix101, dh1-bellatrix102, dh1-bellatrix103, dh1-bellatrix104, dh1-bellatrix105, dh1-bellatrix106, dh1-bellatrix107, dh1-bellatrix108, dh1-bellatrix109, dh1-bellatrix110, dh1-bellatrix111, dh1-bellatrix112, dh1-bellatrix113, dh1-bellatrix114, dh1-bellatrix115, dh1-bellatrix116, dh1-bellatrix117, dh1-bellatrix118, dh1-bellatrix119, dh1-bellatrix120, dh1-bellatrix201, dh1-bellatrix202, dh1-bellatrix203, dh1-bellatrix204, dh1-bellatrix205, dh1-bellatrix206, dh1-bellatrix207, dh1-bellatrix208, dh1-bellatrix209, dh1-bellatrix210, dh1-bellatrix211, dh1-bellatrix212, dh1-bellatrix213, dh1-bellatrix214, dh1-bellatrix215, dh1-bellatrix216, dh1-bellatrix217, dh1-bellatrix218, dh1-bellatrix219, dh1-bellatrix220, dh1-bellatrixlucius01, dh1-bellatrixlucius02, dh1-bellatrixlucius03, dh1-bellatrixlucius04, dh1-bellatrixlucius05, dh1-bellatrixlucius06, dh1-bellatrixlucius07, dh1-bellatrixlucius08, dh1-bellatrixlucius09, dh1-bellatrixlucius10, dh1-bellatrixlucius11, dh1-bellatrixlucius12, dh1-bellatrixlucius13, dh1-bellatrixlucius14, dh1-bellatrixlucius15, dh1-bellatrixlucius16, dh1-bellatrixlucius17, dh1-bellatrixlucius18, dh1-bellatrixlucius19, dh1-bellatrixlucius20, dh1-dobby01, dh1-dobby02, dh1-dobby03, dh1-dobby04, dh1-dobby05, dh1-dobby06, dh1-dobby07, dh1-dobby08, dh1-dobby09, dh1-dobby10, dh1-dobby11, dh1-dobby12, dh1-dobby13, dh1-dobby14, dh1-dobby15, dh1-dobby16, dh1-dobby17, dh1-dobby18, dh1-dobby19, dh1-dobby20, dh1-greyback01, dh1-greyback02, dh1-greyback03, dh1-greyback04, dh1-greyback05, dh1-greyback06, dh1-greyback07, dh1-greyback08, dh1-greyback09, dh1-greyback10, dh1-greyback11, dh1-greyback12, dh1-greyback13, dh1-greyback14, dh1-greyback15, dh1-greyback16, dh1-greyback17, dh1-greyback18, dh1-greyback19, dh1-greyback20, dh1-greybackscabior01, dh1-greybackscabior02, dh1-greybackscabior03, dh1-greybackscabior04, dh1-greybackscabior05, dh1-greybackscabior06, dh1-greybackscabior07, dh1-greybackscabior08, dh1-greybackscabior09, dh1-greybackscabior10, dh1-greybackscabior11, dh1-greybackscabior12, dh1-greybackscabior13, dh1-greybackscabior14, dh1-greybackscabior15, dh1-greybackscabior16, dh1-greybackscabior17, dh1-greybackscabior18, dh1-greybackscabior19, dh1-greybackscabior20, dh1-harry101, dh1-harry102, dh1-harry103, dh1-harry104, dh1-harry105, dh1-harry106, dh1-harry107, dh1-harry108, dh1-harry109, dh1-harry110, dh1-harry111, dh1-harry112, dh1-harry113, dh1-harry114, dh1-harry115, dh1-harry116, dh1-harry117, dh1-harry118, dh1-harry119, dh1-harry120, dh1-harryhermione01, dh1-harryhermione02, dh1-harryhermione03, dh1-harryhermione04, dh1-harryhermione05, dh1-harryhermione06, dh1-harryhermione07, dh1-harryhermione08, dh1-harryhermione09, dh1-harryhermione10, dh1-harryhermione11, dh1-harryhermione12, dh1-harryhermione13, dh1-harryhermione14, dh1-harryhermione15, dh1-harryhermione16, dh1-harryhermione17, dh1-harryhermione18, dh1-harryhermione19, dh1-harryhermione20, dh1-hermione101, dh1-hermione102, dh1-hermione103, dh1-hermione104, dh1-hermione105, dh1-hermione106, dh1-hermione107, dh1-hermione108, dh1-hermione109, dh1-hermione110, dh1-hermione111, dh1-hermione112, dh1-hermione113, dh1-hermione114, dh1-hermione115, dh1-hermione116, dh1-hermione117, dh1-hermione118, dh1-hermione119, dh1-hermione120, dh1-hermioneron01, dh1-hermioneron02, dh1-hermioneron03, dh1-hermioneron04, dh1-hermioneron05, dh1-hermioneron06, dh1-hermioneron07, dh1-hermioneron08, dh1-hermioneron09, dh1-hermioneron10, dh1-hermioneron11, dh1-hermioneron12, dh1-hermioneron13, dh1-hermioneron14, dh1-hermioneron15, dh1-hermioneron16, dh1-hermioneron17, dh1-hermioneron18, dh1-hermioneron19, dh1-hermioneron20, dh1-hogwarts01, dh1-hogwarts02, dh1-hogwarts03, dh1-hogwarts04, dh1-hogwarts05, dh1-hogwarts06, dh1-hogwarts07, dh1-hogwarts08, dh1-hogwarts09, dh1-hogwarts10, dh1-hogwarts11, dh1-hogwarts12, dh1-hogwarts13, dh1-hogwarts14, dh1-hogwarts15, dh1-hogwarts16, dh1-hogwarts17, dh1-hogwarts18, dh1-hogwarts19, dh1-hogwarts20, dh1-ron101, dh1-ron102, dh1-ron103, dh1-ron104, dh1-ron105, dh1-ron106, dh1-ron107, dh1-ron108, dh1-ron109, dh1-ron110, dh1-ron111, dh1-ron112, dh1-ron113, dh1-ron114, dh1-ron115, dh1-ron116, dh1-ron117, dh1-ron118, dh1-ron119, dh1-ron120, dh1-snape101, dh1-snape102, dh1-snape103, dh1-snape104, dh1-snape105, dh1-snape106, dh1-snape107, dh1-snape108, dh1-snape109, dh1-snape110, dh1-snape111, dh1-snape112, dh1-snape113, dh1-snape114, dh1-snape115, dh1-snape116, dh1-snape117, dh1-snape118, dh1-snape119, dh1-snape120, dh1-snape201, dh1-snape202, dh1-snape203, dh1-snape204, dh1-snape205, dh1-snape206, dh1-snape207, dh1-snape208, dh1-snape209, dh1-snape210, dh1-snape211, dh1-snape212, dh1-snape213, dh1-snape214, dh1-snape215, dh1-snape216, dh1-snape217, dh1-snape218, dh1-snape219, dh1-snape220, dh1-trio01, dh1-trio02, dh1-trio03, dh1-trio04, dh1-trio05, dh1-trio06, dh1-trio07, dh1-trio08, dh1-trio09, dh1-trio10, dh1-trio11, dh1-trio12, dh1-trio13, dh1-trio14, dh1-trio15, dh1-trio16, dh1-trio17, dh1-trio18, dh1-trio19, dh1-trio20, dh1-voldemort101, dh1-voldemort102, dh1-voldemort103, dh1-voldemort104, dh1-voldemort105, dh1-voldemort106, dh1-voldemort107, dh1-voldemort108, dh1-voldemort109, dh1-voldemort110, dh1-voldemort111, dh1-voldemort112, dh1-voldemort113, dh1-voldemort114, dh1-voldemort115, dh1-voldemort116, dh1-voldemort117, dh1-voldemort118, dh1-voldemort119, dh1-voldemort120, dh1-voldemort201, dh1-voldemort202, dh1-voldemort203, dh1-voldemort204, dh1-voldemort205, dh1-voldemort206, dh1-voldemort207, dh1-voldemort208, dh1-voldemort209, dh1-voldemort210, dh1-voldemort211, dh1-voldemort212, dh1-voldemort213, dh1-voldemort214, dh1-voldemort215, dh1-voldemort216, dh1-voldemort217, dh1-voldemort218, dh1-voldemort219, dh1-voldemort220, dh2-bellatrix101, dh2-bellatrix102, dh2-bellatrix103, dh2-bellatrix104, dh2-bellatrix105, dh2-bellatrix106, dh2-bellatrix107, dh2-bellatrix108, dh2-bellatrix109, dh2-bellatrix110, dh2-bellatrix111, dh2-bellatrix112, dh2-bellatrix113, dh2-bellatrix114, dh2-bellatrix115, dh2-bellatrix116, dh2-bellatrix117, dh2-bellatrix118, dh2-bellatrix119, dh2-bellatrix120, dh2-fredgeorge01, dh2-fredgeorge02, dh2-fredgeorge03, dh2-fredgeorge04, dh2-fredgeorge05, dh2-fredgeorge06, dh2-fredgeorge07, dh2-fredgeorge08, dh2-fredgeorge09, dh2-fredgeorge10, dh2-fredgeorge11, dh2-fredgeorge12, dh2-fredgeorge13, dh2-fredgeorge14, dh2-fredgeorge15, dh2-fredgeorge16, dh2-fredgeorge17, dh2-fredgeorge18, dh2-fredgeorge19, dh2-fredgeorge20, felton01, felton02, felton03, felton04, felton05, felton06, felton07, felton08, felton09, felton10, felton11, felton12, felton13, felton14, felton15, felton16, felton17, felton18, felton19, felton20, feltonb01, feltonb02, feltonb03, feltonb04, fiennesb01, fiennesb02, fiennesb03, fiennesb04, gambon01, gambon02, gambon03, gambon04, gambon05, gambon06, gambon07, gambon08, gambon09, gambon10, gambon11, gambon12, gambon13, gambon14, gambon15, gambon16, gambon17, gambon18, gambon19, gambon20, gambonb01, gambonb02, gambonb03, gambonb04, gof-girlyb01, gof-girlyb02, gof-girlyb03, gof-girlyb04, grint01, grint02, grint03, grint04, grint05, grint06, grint07, grint08, grint09, grint10, grint11, grint12, grint13, grint14, grint15, grint16, grint17, grint18, grint19, grint20, grintb01, grintb02, grintb03, grintb04, hurt01, hurt02, hurt03, hurt04, hurt05, hurt06, hurt07, hurt08, hurt09, hurt10, hurt11, hurt12, hurt13, hurt14, hurt15, hurt16, hurt17, hurt18, hurt19, hurt20, hurtb01, hurtb02, hurtb03, hurtb04, leung01, leung02, leung03, leung04, leung05, leung06, leung07, leung08, leung09, leung10, leung11, leung12, leung13, leung14, leung15, leung16, leung17, leung18, leung19, leung20, lewis01, lewis02, lewis03, lewis04, lewis05, lewis06, lewis07, lewis08, lewis09, lewis10, lewis11, lewis12, lewis13, lewis14, lewis15, lewis16, lewis17, lewis18, lewis19, lewis20, lynch01, lynch02, lynch03, lynch04, lynch05, lynch06, lynch07, lynch08, lynch09, lynch10, lynch11, lynch12, lynch13, lynch14, lynch15, lynch16, lynch17, lynch18, lynch19, lynch20, lynchb01, lynchb02, lynchb03, lynchb04, mccrory01, mccrory02, mccrory03, mccrory04, mccrory05, mccrory06, mccrory07, mccrory08, mccrory09, mccrory10, mccrory11, mccrory12, mccrory13, mccrory14, mccrory15, mccrory16, mccrory17, mccrory18, mccrory19, mccrory20, oldman01, oldman02, oldman03, oldman04, oldman05, oldman06, oldman07, oldman08, oldman09, oldman10, oldman11, oldman12, oldman13, oldman14, oldman15, oldman16, oldman17, oldman18, oldman19, oldman20, oldmanb01, oldmanb02, oldmanb03, oldmanb04, pattinson01, pattinson02, pattinson03, pattinson04, pattinson05, pattinson06, pattinson07, pattinson08, pattinson09, pattinson10, pattinson11, pattinson12, pattinson13, pattinson14, pattinson15, pattinson16, pattinson17, pattinson18, pattinson19, pattinson20, pattinsonb01, pattinsonb02, pattinsonb03, pattinsonb04, poa-dementorb01, poa-dementorb02, poa-dementorb03, poa-dementorb04, poa-wanted01, poa-wanted02, poa-wanted03, poa-wanted04, poa-wanted05, poa-wanted06, poa-wanted07, poa-wanted08, poa-wanted09, poa-wanted10, poa-wanted11, poa-wanted12, poa-wanted13, poa-wanted14, poa-wanted15, poa-wanted16, poa-wanted17, poa-wanted18, poa-wanted19, poa-wanted20, poesy01, poesy02, poesy03, poesy04, poesy05, poesy06, poesy07, poesy08, poesy09, poesy10, poesy11, poesy12, poesy13, poesy14, poesy15, poesy16, poesy17, poesy18, poesy19, poesy20, ps-chessb01, ps-chessb02, ps-chessb03, ps-chessb04, radcliffe01, radcliffe02, radcliffe03, radcliffe04, radcliffe05, radcliffe06, radcliffe07, radcliffe08, radcliffe09, radcliffe10, radcliffe11, radcliffe12, radcliffe13, radcliffe14, radcliffe15, radcliffe16, radcliffe17, radcliffe18, radcliffe19, radcliffe20, radcliffeb01, radcliffeb02, radcliffeb03, radcliffeb04, rickman01, rickman02, rickman03, rickman04, rickman05, rickman06, rickman07, rickman08, rickman09, rickman10, rickman11, rickman12, rickman13, rickman14, rickman15, rickman16, rickman17, rickman18, rickman19, rickman20, rickmanb01, rickmanb02, rickmanb03, rickmanb04, smith01, smith02, smith03, smith04, smith05, smith06, smith07, smith08, smith09, smith10, smith11, smith12, smith13, smith14, smith15, smith16, smith17, smith18, smith19, smith20, thompson01, thompson02, thompson03, thompson04, thompson05, thompson06, thompson07, thompson08, thompson09, thompson10, thompson11, thompson12, thompson13, thompson14, thompson15, thompson16, thompson17, thompson18, thompson19, thompson20, thompsonb01, thompsonb02, thompsonb03, thompsonb04, walters01, walters02, walters03, walters04, walters05, walters06, walters07, walters08, walters09, walters10, walters11, walters12, walters13, walters14, walters15, walters16, walters17, walters18, walters19, walters20, watson01, watson02, watson03, watson04, watson05, watson06, watson07, watson08, watson09, watson10, watson11, watson12, watson13, watson14, watson15, watson16, watson17, watson18, watson19, watson20, watsonb01, watsonb02, watsonb03, watsonb04, wright01, wright02, wright03, wright04, wright05, wright06, wright07, wright08, wright09, wright10, wright11, wright12, wright13, wright14, wright15, wright16, wright17, wright18, wright19, wright20

// Chocolate Frogs (Worth 1)

cfc01, cfc01, cfc02, cfc05, cfc09, cfc09, cfc101, cfc101, cfc12, cfc12, cfc12, cfc13, cfc14, cfc16, cfc17, cfc17, cfc19, cfc23, cfc24, cfc26, cfc27, cfc30, cfc37, cfc38, cfc47, cfc58, cfc66, cfc70, cfc71, cfc72, cfc72, cfc72, cfc73, cfc74, cfc75, cfc75, cfc75, cfc79, cfc79, cfc81, cfc84, cfc89, cfc89, cfc90, cfc92

// Trading Cards (Worth 1)

carter03, carter07, carter09, carter11, carter15, cave13, chamberofsecrets01, chamberofsecrets08, chamberofsecrets12, chamberofsecrets18, cos-burrow02, cos-burrow03, cos-burrow05, cos-burrow06, cos-burrow07, cos-burrow08, cos-burrow10, cos-burrow11, cos-burrow17, cos-burrow18, cos-burrow19, cos-burrow20, cos-celebrity01, cos-celebrity02, cos-celebrity07, cos-celebrity09, cos-dobby03, cos-dobby04, cos-dobby05, cos-dobby07, cos-dobby10, cos-dobby12, cos-dobby15, cos-dobbyisfree01, cos-dobbyisfree05, cos-draco04, cos-draco07, cos-draco15, cos-draco17, cos-draco20, cos-floopowder02, cos-floopowder03, cos-floopowder10, cos-floopowder12, cos-floopowder15, cos-flourishandblotts05, cos-flourishandblotts07, cos-flourishandblotts09, cos-flourishandblotts14, cos-flourishandblotts15, cos-flourishandblotts16, cos-flourishandblotts17, cos-flourishandblotts20, cos-fordanglia01, cos-fordanglia07, cos-fordanglia08, cos-fordanglia09, cos-fordanglia09, cos-fordanglia12, cos-fordanglia17, cos-fordanglia19, cos-harry01, cos-harry02, cos-harry03, cos-harry04, cos-harry05, cos-harry07, cos-harry08, cos-harry12, cos-harry13, cos-harry20, cos-hermione02, cos-hermione05, cos-howler06, cos-howler09, cos-howler13, cos-howler18, cos-mandrakes01, cos-mandrakes03, cos-mandrakes06, cos-mandrakes11, cos-mandrakes17, cos-mandrakes19, cos-parselmouth01, cos-parselmouth04, cos-parselmouth05, cos-parselmouth15, cos-parselmouth19, cos-petrified03, cos-petrified04, cos-poster101, cos-poster102, cos-poster107, cos-poster109, cos-poster110, cos-poster118, cos-preparation01, cos-preparation03, cos-preparation04, cos-preparation13, cos-preparation16, cos-pureblood01, cos-pureblood04, cos-pureblood10, cos-pureblood13, cos-pureblood14, cos-pureblood17, cos-pureblood19, cos-pureblood20, cos-ron01, cos-ron06, cos-ron07, cos-sidekick03, cos-sidekick08, cos-sidekick09, cos-sidekick13, cos-sidekick15, cos-sidekick17, cos-spiders02, cos-spiders09, cos-spiders19, cos-trio102, cos-trio107, cos-trio113, cos-trio119, cos-trio201, cos-trio305, cos-trio310, cos-trio320, cos-warning03, cos-warning04, cos-warning09, cos-warning11, cos-warning17, cos-warning20, cos-whompingwillow07, cos-whompingwillow15, cos-whompingwillow16, darceyalden01, darceyalden03, darceyalden08, darceyalden14, deathlyhallows101, deathlyhallows201, deathlyhallows210, deathlyhallows216, deathlyhallows218, dh-bride01, dh-bride07, dh1-bellatrix114, dh1-bellatrix116, dh1-bellatrix211, dh1-bellatrix214, dh1-bellatrix217, dh1-bellatrixlucius07, dh1-bellatrixlucius11, dh1-bellatrixlucius19, dh1-brother01, dh1-brother05, dh1-brother09, dh1-brother10, dh1-brother13, dh1-brother16, dh1-brother17, dh1-brother19, dh1-dance01, dh1-dance03, dh1-dance04, dh1-dance07, dh1-dance10, dh1-dance11, dh1-dance18, dh1-dance20, dh1-dobby02, dh1-dobby04, dh1-dobby10, dh1-dobby10, dh1-dobby16, dh1-dobby17, dh1-elderwand01, dh1-elderwand10, dh1-elderwand11, dh1-elderwand14, dh1-elderwand15, dh1-elderwand18, dh1-elderwand18, dh1-greyback01, dh1-greyback04, dh1-greyback05, dh1-harry101, dh1-harry102, dh1-harry103, dh1-harry104, dh1-harry105, dh1-harry106, dh1-harry107, dh1-harry108, dh1-harry109, dh1-harry110, dh1-harry111, dh1-harry112, dh1-harry113, dh1-harry114, dh1-harry115, dh1-harry116, dh1-harry117, dh1-harry118, dh1-harry119, dh1-harry120, dh1-harryhermione01, dh1-harryhermione03, dh1-harryhermione06, dh1-hermione104, dh1-hermione206, dh1-hermione210, dh1-hermione211, dh1-hogwarts09, dh1-lost07, dh1-lost11, dh1-lost12, dh1-lost17, dh1-obliviate01, dh1-obliviate02, dh1-obliviate06, dh1-obliviate09, dh1-obliviate10, dh1-obliviate11, dh1-obliviate17, dh1-obliviate19, dh1-ron103, dh1-ron104, dh1-sevenpotters14, dh1-sevenpotters16, dh1-snape101, dh1-snape118, dh1-snape202, dh1-snape204, dh1-steadfast04, dh1-steadfast08, dh1-steadfast15, dh1-threebrothers01, dh1-threebrothers03, dh1-threebrothers12, dh1-trio01, dh1-trio04, dh1-trio06, dh1-voldemort107, dh1-voldemort120, dh1-voldemort205, dh1-voldemort213, dh1-wedding01, dh1-wedding06, dh1-wedding08, dh1-wedding10, dh1-wedding12, dh1-wedding13, dh1-wedding15, dh2-battleprep09, dh2-bellatrix101, dh2-bellatrix107, dh2-bellatrix113, dh2-bellatrix203, dh2-bellatrix204, dh2-bellatrix207, dh2-bellatrix212, dh2-bellatrix213, dh2-bellatrix214, dh2-bellatrix215, dh2-bellatrix216, dh2-bellatrix217, dh2-bellatrix219, dh2-bellatrix220, dh2-brave05, dh2-brave07, dh2-brave12, dh2-brave15, dh2-draco101, dh2-draco102, dh2-draco103, dh2-draco104, dh2-draco105, dh2-draco106, dh2-draco107, dh2-draco107, dh2-draco108, dh2-draco109, dh2-draco110, dh2-draco111, dh2-draco113, dh2-draco113, dh2-draco113, dh2-draco114, dh2-draco119, dh2-draco120, dh2-draco201, dh2-draco202, dh2-draco203, dh2-finalbattle120, dh2-finalbattle209, dh2-fredgeorge04, dh2-fredgeorge05, dh2-fredgeorge11, dh2-fredgeorge20, dh2-griphook01, dh2-griphook02, dh2-griphook04, dh2-griphook05, dh2-griphook10, dh2-griphook11, dh2-griphook12, dh2-griphook13, dh2-griphook14, dh2-griphook15, dh2-griphook16, dh2-griphook17, dh2-griphook18, dh2-griphook18, dh2-griphook19, dh2-griphook20, dh2-harry102, dh2-harry103, dh2-harry104, dh2-harry109, dh2-harry201, dh2-harry202, dh2-harry405, dh2-harry405, dh2-harry406, dh2-harry407, dh2-harry408, dh2-harry409, dh2-harry418, dh2-harryvoldemort01, dh2-harryvoldemort02, dh2-harryvoldemort03, dh2-harryvoldemort04, dh2-harryvoldemort05, dh2-harryvoldemort06, dh2-harryvoldemort07, dh2-harryvoldemort08, dh2-harryvoldemort09, dh2-harryvoldemort10, dh2-harryvoldemort11, dh2-harryvoldemort12, dh2-harryvoldemort14, dh2-harryvoldemort15, dh2-harryvoldemort16, dh2-harryvoldemort17, dh2-harryvoldemort17, dh2-harryvoldemort18, dh2-harryvoldemort19, dh2-hermione101, dh2-hermione101, dh2-hermione103, dh2-hermione104, dh2-hermione104, dh2-hermione105, dh2-hermione107, dh2-hermione108, dh2-hermione112, dh2-hermione203, dh2-hermione204, dh2-hermione205, dh2-hermione206, dh2-hermione207, dh2-hermione208, dh2-hermione209, dh2-hermione211, dh2-hermione220, 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dh2-neville103, dh2-neville105, dh2-neville106, dh2-neville108, dh2-neville114, dh2-neville117, dh2-neville118, dh2-neville201, dh2-neville202, dh2-neville205, dh2-neville206, dh2-neville207, dh2-neville208, dh2-neville209, dh2-neville214, dh2-neville216, dh2-neville216, dh2-neville218, dh2-neville303, dh2-neville305, dh2-neville309, dh2-neville314, dh2-neville316, dh2-neville317, dh2-resentful04, dh2-resentful08, dh2-resentful11, dh2-resentful11, dh2-resentful15, dh2-ron101, dh2-ron102, dh2-ron112, dh2-ron115, dh2-ron120, dh2-ron205, dh2-ron206, dh2-ron207, dh2-ron216, dh2-ron301, dh2-ron302, dh2-snape101, dh2-snape102, dh2-snape103, dh2-snape104, dh2-snape105, dh2-snape106, dh2-snape107, dh2-snape201, dh2-snape202, dh2-snape203, dh2-snape209, dh2-snape214, dh2-snape215, dh2-theprincestale01, dh2-theprincestale03, dh2-theprincestale05, dh2-theprincestale07, dh2-theprincestale10, dh2-theprincestale11, dh2-theprincestale12, dh2-theprincestale13, dh2-theprincestale16, dh2-theprincestale20, dh2-voldemort101, dh2-voldemort102, events01, events04, events07, events08, events09, events10, events11, events12, events13, events14, events15, events16, events17, events18, events19, events20, events21, events22, events23, felton06, felton08, felton14, felton15, felton17, felton18, felton20, gambon01, gambon01, gambon11, gobletoffire07, gof-beauxbatons10, gof-beauxbatons15, gof-beauxbatons16, gof-beauxbatons17, gof-beauxbatons20, gof-cedric03, gof-cedric05, gof-cedric10, gof-cedric19, gof-cedric207, gof-cedric212, gof-cedric220, gof-chosen02, gof-chosen05, gof-chosen06, gof-chosen07, gof-chosen08, gof-chosen13, gof-chosen16, gof-durmstrang06, gof-durmstrang12, gof-fleur07, gof-fleur15, gof-fleur201, gof-fleur202, gof-fleur208, gof-foreignarrival01, gof-foreignarrival13, gof-girly02, gof-girly03, gof-girly04, gof-girly10, gof-girly11, gof-girly12, gof-girly13, gof-girly20, gof-harry05, gof-harry11, gof-harry15, gof-harry19, gof-harry20, gof-hermione02, gof-hermione12, gof-hermione20, gof-hermione206, gof-hermione312, gof-jealous07, gof-jealous09, gof-jealous13, gof-lovely01, gof-lovely11, gof-lovely16, gof-madeyemoody01, gof-madeyemoody10, gof-morsmordre04, gof-morsmordre07, gof-morsmordre16, gof-morsmordre18, gof-morsmordre19, gof-physical04, gof-physical07, gof-physical09, gof-physical12, gof-physical20, gof-portkey01, gof-portkey02, gof-portkey03, gof-portkey05, gof-portkey08, gof-portkey20, gof-poster101, gof-poster102, gof-poster103, gof-poster105, gof-poster108, gof-poster110, gof-poster112, gof-poster113, gof-poster115, gof-poster116, gof-poster119, gof-poster203, gof-poster208, gof-poster214, gof-poster216, gof-poster219, gof-poster220, gof-poster301, gof-poster305, gof-poster306, gof-poster316, gof-poster318, gof-poster319, gof-prioriincantatem01, gof-prioriincantatem07, gof-ron03, gof-secondtask04, gof-secondtask15, gof-theriddlehouse01, gof-theriddlehouse05, gof-theriddlehouse08, gof-theriddlehouse09, gof-theriddlehouse10, gof-trio03, gof-trio04, gof-trio10, gof-unforgivablecurses07, gof-worldcup02, gof-worldcup04, gof-worldcup10, gof-worldcup12, gof-worldcup14, gof-yuleball01, gof-yuleball04, gof-yuleball19, grint01, grint06, grint09, grint11, grint12, halfbloodprince01, halfbloodprince16, halfbloodprince19, hbp-armchair04, hbp-armchair10, hbp-armchair11, hbp-armchair12, hbp-armchair13, hbp-armchair17, hbp-armchair18, hbp-armchair20, hbp-brokenheart20, hbp-cheeky06, hbp-cheeky09, hbp-cheeky10, hbp-cheeky12, hbp-cheeky13, hbp-cheeky14, hbp-cheeky15, hbp-cheeky18, hbp-cheeky19, hbp-chocolatecauldrons04, hbp-chocolatecauldrons06, hbp-chocolatecauldrons07, hbp-chosen10, hbp-chosen14, hbp-draco101, hbp-draco207, hbp-dracosnape09, hbp-dracosnape17, hbp-dumbledore104, hbp-dumbledore110, hbp-dumbledore306, hbp-dumbledoreharry05, hbp-dumbledoreharry07, hbp-dumbledoreharry12, hbp-dumbledoreharry15, hbp-dumbledoreharry17, hbp-felixfelicis04, hbp-felixfelicis05, hbp-felixfelicis06, hbp-felixfelicis13, hbp-ginnyron04, hbp-harry113, hbp-harry408, hbp-hermione102, hbp-hermioneslughorn06, hbp-lavendarron04, hbp-lavendarron05, hbp-lavendarron09, hbp-lavendarron12, hbp-lavendarron14, hbp-lavendarron16, hbp-lavendarron18, hbp-lavendarron20, hbp-luna01, hbp-luna03, hbp-luna05, hbp-luna09, hbp-luna19, hbp-luna20, hbp-poster108, hbp-poster210, hbp-poster306, hbp-potioneer02, hbp-potioneer05, hbp-potioneer08, hbp-potioneer14, hbp-potioneer19, hbp-prince01, hbp-prince03, hbp-prince07, hbp-prince10, hbp-prince12, hbp-prince19, hbp-quidditchmatch04, hbp-quidditchmatch05, hbp-quidditchmatch09, hbp-quidditchmatch10, hbp-quidditchmatch12, hbp-quidditchmatch16, hbp-quidditchmatch18, hbp-quidditchmatch19, hbp-ron106, hbp-ron108, hbp-ron111, hbp-ron113, hbp-ron116, hbp-ron203, hbp-ron207, hbp-smitten01, hbp-smitten03, hbp-smitten04, hbp-smitten06, hbp-smitten10, hbp-smitten16, hbp-smitten17, hbp-smitten19, hbp-snape01, hbp-snape02, hbp-snape03, hbp-snape05, hbp-snape07, hbp-snape08, hbp-snape09, hbp-snape10, hbp-stud06, hbp-stud09, hbp-stud10, hbp-stud11, hbp-stud13, hbp-stud19, hbp-terror03, hbp-terror06, hbp-terror09, hbp-terror10, hbp-terror11, hbp-terror14, hbp-terror15, hbp-terror16, hbp-terror19, hbp-waitressattreats04, hbp-waitressattreats05, hbp-waitressattreats09, hbp-waitressattreats10, hbp-waitressattreats11, hbp-waitressattreats12, hbp-waitressattreats14, hbp-waitressattreats16, hbp-waitressattreats18, hbp-weasleyisourking04, hbp-weasleyisourking07, hbp-weasleyisourking09, hbp-weasleyisourking10, hbp-weasleyisourking13, hbp-weasleyisourking14, hbp-weasleyisourking17, hbp-weasleyisourking18, hurt14, layout02, layout03, layout04, layout05, leung05, leung07, leung13, leung14, lewis02, lewis03, lewis04, lewis05, lewis08, lewis09, lewis11, lewis13, lewis19, lewis20, lynch02, lynch04, lynch11, mccrory01, mccrory02, mccrory03, mccrory06, mccrory07, mccrory12, mccrory18, mccrory19, mf-female04, mf-male03, mf-male06, mf-prejoin07, mf-prejoin08, mf-prejoin12, mf-prejoin18, oldman01, oldman07, oldman08, oldman11, oldman14, oldman16, oldman20, ootp-12grimmauldplace05, ootp-12grimmauldplace06, ootp-12grimmauldplace08, ootp-12grimmauldplace17, ootp-12grimmauldplace20, ootp-advanceguard04, ootp-advanceguard14, ootp-advanceguard17, ootp-bigd03, ootp-bigd05, ootp-bigd06, ootp-bigd07, ootp-bigd08, ootp-bigd09, ootp-bigd10, ootp-bigd11, ootp-bigd14, ootp-bigd20, ootp-dudleydemented02, ootp-dudleydemented04, ootp-dudleydemented09, ootp-dudleydemented18, ootp-dudleydemented19, ootp-dudleydemented20, ootp-expelled01, ootp-expelled02, ootp-expelled05, ootp-expelled09, ootp-expelled12, ootp-expelled15, ootp-expelled19, ootp-extendableears03, ootp-extendableears04, ootp-extendableears13, ootp-fireworks09, ootp-fireworks15, ootp-fireworks20, ootp-guard13, ootp-harry02, ootp-harry13, ootp-hemhem02, ootp-hemhem04, ootp-hemhem06, ootp-hemhem08, ootp-hemhem10, ootp-hemhem11, ootp-hemhem13, ootp-hemhem15, ootp-hemhem16, ootp-hemhem17, ootp-hemhem18, ootp-hermione07, 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orderofthephoenix19, participation01, participation03, participation04, pattinson01, pattinson04, pattinson05, pattinson12, pattinson16, philosophersstone02, philosophersstone03, philosophersstone05, poa-boggart01, poa-boggart02, poa-boggart10, poa-boggart12, poa-boggart13, poa-boggart15, poa-brilliant02, poa-brilliant04, poa-brilliant05, poa-brilliant06, poa-brilliant07, poa-brilliant08, poa-brilliant09, poa-brilliant10, poa-brilliant11, poa-brilliant12, poa-brilliant17, poa-brilliant19, poa-dementor01, poa-dementor02, poa-dementor06, poa-dementor10, poa-dementor11, poa-dementor13, poa-dementor18, poa-ferret05, poa-ferret09, poa-friend07, poa-friend09, poa-friend11, poa-friend12, poa-friend14, poa-godson03, poa-godson05, poa-godson06, poa-godson14, poa-godson16, poa-godson19, poa-hermione06, poa-knightbus13, poa-knightbus14, poa-knightbus15, poa-knightbus20, poa-leakycauldron18, poa-lumosmaxima07, poa-lumosmaxima09, poa-maraudersmap01, poa-maraudersmap07, poa-maraudersmap10, poa-maraudersmap15, poa-maraudersmap17, poa-mistake06, poa-mistake10, poa-mistake11, poa-mistake12, poa-mistake14, poa-mistake16, poa-mistake19, poa-monsterbooks01, poa-monsterbooks02, poa-monsterbooks06, poa-monsterbooks09, poa-monsterbooks12, poa-monsterbooks13, poa-monsterbooks14, poa-poster101, poa-poster104, poa-poster106, poa-poster108, poa-poster110, poa-poster112, poa-poster115, poa-poster118, poa-poster120, poa-poster201, poa-poster202, poa-poster214, poa-poster304, poa-poster318, poa-poster405, poa-poster409, poa-poster503, poa-poster504, poa-poster509, poa-poster518, poa-poster606, poa-poster611, poa-poster619, poa-prisoner03, poa-prisoner04, poa-prisoner08, poa-ron07, poa-ron19, poa-sirius07, poa-trio101, poa-trio102, poa-trio109, poa-trio110, poa-trio111, poa-trio118, poa-trio201, poa-trio207, poa-trio208, poa-trio218, poa-trio220, poa-trio306, poa-trio309, poa-wanted04, poa-wanted11, poa-werewolf01, poa-werewolf02, poa-werewolf03, poa-werewolf04, poa-werewolf07, poa-werewolf09, poa-werewolf10, poa-werewolf14, poesy11, poesy12, poesy15, poesy16, poesy20, prisonerofazkaban04, prisonerofazkaban09, prisonerofazkaban20, ps-alasearwax10, ps-boats02, ps-boats08, ps-boats15, ps-boats16, ps-boats17, ps-castle01, ps-castle02, ps-castle03, ps-castle06, ps-castle07, ps-castle14, ps-castle20, ps-chess01, ps-chess08, ps-chess12, ps-chess14, ps-clever08, ps-clever19, ps-dumbledore03, ps-dumbledore13, ps-dumbledore17, ps-giant11, ps-goblins04, ps-goblins07, ps-goblins09, ps-goblins16, ps-goblins19, ps-goblins19, ps-gringotts04, ps-gringotts10, ps-gringotts19, ps-gringotts20, ps-hagrid04, ps-hagrid06, ps-hagrid20, ps-harry07, ps-harry14, ps-hogwartsexpress03, ps-hogwartsexpress08, ps-hogwartsexpress09, ps-hogwartsexpress10, ps-hogwartsexpress11, ps-hogwartsexpress12, ps-hogwartsexpress14, ps-hogwartsexpress17, ps-hogwartsexpress18, ps-ickle10, ps-keeperofkeys01, ps-keeperofkeys02, ps-keeperofkeys04, ps-keeperofkeys05, ps-keeperofkeys08, ps-keeperofkeys11, 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// Ingredients

boomslangskin, cauldron, gingerroot, hornedslug, icepop, icepop, icepop, pufferfish, rat, redspider, rose, unicornhair, unicornhair, wormwood, wormwood

// Mastered Potions

curesofboilspotion, explodingpotion, lovepotion, polyjuicepotion, skelegropotion, sleepingdraught

// Member Cards 

Alecks, Ari, Artemis, Ashley, Bree, Brittany, Cami, Cate, Chii, Christina, Crissy, Echo, Fanyxia, Gosia, Jennifer, Jessy, Kayori, Lyn, Maron, Meg, Nanami, Robin, Ruka, Sanna, Sarah-Jeanne, Sarah-Jeanne, Srahina, Whitney, shbup

// Member Deck

jennifer01, jennifer02, jennifer03, jennifer04, jennifer05, jennifer06, jennifer07, jennifer08, jennifer09, jennifer10, jennifer11, jennifer12