Sugar: A Baking TCG


// 5th June 2009
Exchanged Double: mulledwine06 for fries06
Buffet: trifle19, soda20.
I won 1st place in the raffle! milk07, coleslaw05, tofu04, soda16, pavlova05 & 1 special choice, 2 regular choice (hotchocolate15/16), 2 choice ingredients (sausage, vinegar)
Lottery: eggnog08, blueberries16
Hangman: ramen02, 1 regular choice coupon
Scrambled: parmesan, mozzarella, vinegar, pizzacrust, indiancorn14, raisins14, hotdogs19, empanadas06, gingerbread12, hotchocolate10, mulledwine06, moussaka03, croissants18
Movie Night: canadianbacon, gingerbread03, guava13, jellybeans06, lemons06
Calorie Counters: hotsauce, cantaloupe04, jalapenopoppers02, sashimi17, yulelog13
What's Cooking: mozzarella, grains15, spookycookies16, lychees12
Membercard Request: crackers12, hotpeppers02, oil

// 2nd June 2009
Levelled Up - Level 4 to Level 5: fries03, wine15, hotxbuns09, hotchocolate13, hotchocolate14.

// 29th May 2009
Freebies - New Deck: parsley15, scrambledegg18, sundaes04, sundaes13, sundaes15, toppings03, toppings09, toppings25.
Game - Supermarket Dash: bakingsoda, bread14, fruits01, greenbeans20.
Game - Crossword:cheesecake07, foodcoloring, mulledwine06, pretzels09, watermelon03, hotchocolate12.
Game - Find The Cupcake: blueberries15, dragonfruit01, grains11, pizzacrust, ryebread04.
Game - Chips and Dips: butter, club05, limes04, raisins10.

// 28th May 2009
Levelling Up - Level 1 to Level 4: cauliflower16, cocktails19, goldeggs09, hotchocolate04, hotchocolate05, hotchocolate06, hotchocolate09, hotchocolate10, hotchocolate11, paella14, parsnips18, roasties04, sashimi09, sprinkles13, stollen08.
Game - Higher or Lower: licorice16, steak20 & 1 Regular Choice Coupon

// 25th May 2009
Bonus Cards: frozentreat06, olympics11 for including my referrer in the form, and for having my trade post up. :)

// 22nd May 2009
3-course meal: lemons13, empanadas07, strawberries16, baguettes18, fastfood10, watermelon17, creepycandy04, indiancorn05, bbq19, mozzarella, flour, pizzacrust. 
Blender: battenberg18, beef05, caviar07, greenbeans07, marzipan13, omelettes05, tomatoes18, vanilla x2, hotsauce x2, sugar, foodcoloring & a Regular Choice Coupon!

// 18th May 2009
Weekly Freebie: hotpeppers07, pancakes07

// 16th May 2009
Games: oranges15, frenchtoast10, burgers03, rice01, raspberries15, baguettes14, marshmallows02, baguettes08, hotchocolate08, gnocchi10, roasties12, plumpudding03, cinnamonraisinbread09, carbonara02, rice15, gum02, molasses, mozzarella, pepperoni.

// 15th May 2009
Doubles Trade-in: pomegranate14, cupcake04 in exchange for pierogi06 and hotfudge19.
Games: applepie19, apples04, avocados08, baklava09, bananas09, beef06, beef18, bellpeppers08, broccoli09, burgers11, candycanes04, carrotcake09, carrots05, caviar17, caviar12, cherries10, chicken02, choceggs19, chocolate18, chocolatecake05, chocolatecrinklecookies02, chocolatemousse08, cottoncandy08, cottoncandy14, crackers06, dragonfruit07, edam04, edam10, ethnic07, fishandchips05, fortunecookies14, frenchtoast08, garlic12, garlic18, grapefruit14, grapefruit15, halloween17, hotfudge19, hotfudge19, jackolantern15, ketchup07, liquor11, lollipops02, maplesyrup14, maplesyrup18, mushrooms10, onions06, pecans18, pecans20, peeps02, pierogi06, pierogi06, pineapple19, plumpudding05, pretzels04, pretzels18, pumpkins08, puto15, raisins20, redonion17, rhubarb12, scones08, steak11, sushi13, tofu02, tomatoes17, trifle02, trifle03, waffles12, watermelon02, whitebread05, zucchini02, zucchini13, raspberries20, boiledegg09, paella04.
Ingredients: bakingsoda, brownsugar x2, butter x3, canadianbacon, cheddar, creamcheese x2, eggs x12, foodcoloring x2, milk, molasses x2, mozzarella, oil x2, parmesan x2, pepperoni, salt x2, sugar x2, vinegar, yeast.
Easter Games: easter12, ethnic08, gummies09, ham18, hotxbuns10, easter14, eastercookies07, mangoes04, pricklypears16, spookycookies16.
Easter Egg Hunt:Egg 1: eggs x 12, easter01; Egg 3: coleslaw07, easter03, frenchtoast17, goldeggs09, pierogi17; Egg 7: dragonfruit17, drumsticks08, easter07, eastereggs08, grapefruit19; Egg 8: bacon16, bread07, easter08, goldeggs15, onions14; Egg 9: applepie01, avocados06, easter09, parsnips05, peeps06; Egg 10: baklava06, burgers02, easter10, goldeggs 02, sprinkles10.
Freebies: gingerbread02, toast07, recipe-paintedeggs

// 14th May 2009
Starter Pack: bento16, breakfast15, cinnamon09, hotchocolate01, hotchocolate03, hotchocolate07, pancakes13, pierogi02, ramen20, tuna16, veggiepizza05, recipe-whitebread, cream, mozzarella, pizzacrust, pizzasauce, salt.
// 9th June 2009
Traded with Katty: breast09, burgers01, burgers03, burgers19, burgers20, fries09, fries15, potatoes07, soda11, soda19, tea11, trifle09, trifle10, trifle14, watermelon13 for my club05, eggnog08, ethnic08, frenchtoast08, frenchtoast10, frenchtoast17, frozentreat06, grapefruit14, onions06, parsley15, pavlova05, ramen02, redonion17, tuna16, zucchini13

// 4th June 2009
Traded with Mary: fruits16 for my indiancorn05.

// 2nd June 2009
Traded with Betty: fries01, potatoes11, strawberries17, tea18 for my bbq19, ham18, steak11, steak20.
Traded with Cappn Nono (Lindsay): fries13 for my dragonfruit01.
Traded with Meldonya: fruits15 for my waffles12.
Traded with Nalin: trifle13, trifle17, trifle18, breast04, breast08, breast19 for my sprinkles13, eastercookies07, creepycandy04, breakfast15, jackolantern15, sprinkles10.
applepie01, applepie19, apples04, avocados06, avocados08, bacon16, baguettes08, baguettes14, baguettes18, baklava06, baklava09, bananas09, battenberg18, beef05, beef06, beef18, bellpeppers08, bento06, bento16, blueberries15, blueberries16, boiledeggs09, bread07, bread14, breast04, breast08, breast09, breast19, broccoli09, burgers01, burgers02, burgers03, burgers03, burgers11, burgers19, burgers20, candycanes04, cantaloupe04, carbonara02, carrotcake09, carrots05, cauliflower16, caviar07, caviar12, caviar17, cheesecake07, cherries10, chicken02, choceggs19, chocolate18, chocolatecake05, chocolatecrinklecookies02, chocolatemousse08, cinnamon09, cinnamonraisinbread09, cocktails19, coleslaw05, coleslaw07, cottoncandy08, cottoncandy14, crackers06, crackers12, croissants18, cupcakes04, dragonfruit07, dragonfruit17, drumsticks08, easter01, easter03, easter07, easter08, easter09, easter10, easter12, easter14, eastereggs08, edam04, edam10, empanadas06, empanadas07, ethnic07, fastfood10, fishandchips05, fortunecookies14, fries01, fries03, fries06, fries09, fries13, fries15, fries16, fruits01, fruits15, fruits16, garlic12, garlic18, gingerbread02, gingerbread03, gingerbread12, gnocchi10, goldeggs02, goldeggs09, goldeggs09, goldeggs15, grains11, grains15, grapefruit15, grapefruit19, greenbeans07, greenbeans20, guava13, gum02, gummies09, halloween17, hotchocolate01, hotchocolate02, hotchocolate03, hotchocolate04, hotchocolate05, hotchocolate06, hotchocolate07, hotchocolate08, hotchocolate09, hotchocolate10, hotchocolate10, hotchocolate11, hotchocolate12, hotchocolate13, hotchocolate14, hotchocolate15, hotchocolate16, hotdogs19, hotfudge19, hotpeppers02, hotpeppers07, hotxbuns09, hotxbuns10, icecreamcone02, icecreamcone03, icecreamcone04, indiancorn14, jalapenopoppers02, jellybeans06, ketchup07, lemons06, lemons13, licorice16, limes04, liquor11, lollipops02, lychees12, mangoes04, maplesyrup14, maplesyrup18, marshmallows02, marzipan13, mc-jennifer, mc-katty, milk07, moussaka03, mulledwine06, mushrooms10, olympics11, omelettes05, onions14, oranges15, paella04, paella14, pancakes07, pancakes13, parsnips05, parsnips18, pecans18, pecans20, peeps02, peeps06, pierogi02, pierogi06, pierogi17, pineapple19, plumpudding03, plumpudding05, pomegranates14, potatoes07, potatoes11, pretzels04, pretzels09, pretzels18, pricklypears16, pumpkins08, puto15, raisins10, raisins14, raisins20, ramen20, raspberries15, raspberries20, rhubarb12, rice11, rice15, roasties04, roasties12, ryebread04, sashimi09, sashimi17, scones08, scrambledegg18, soda11, soda16, soda19, soda20, spookycookies16, spookycookies16, stollen08, strawberries16, strawberries17, sundaes04, sundaes13, sundaes15, sushi13, tea11, tea18, toast07, tofu02, tofu04, tomatoes17, tomatoes18, toppings03, toppings09, toppings25, trifle02, trifle03, trifle09, trifle10, trifle13, trifle14, trifle17, trifle18, trifle19, veggiepizza05, watermelon02, watermelon03, watermelon13, watermelon17, whitebread05, wine15, yulelog13, zucchini02


bakingsoda, bakingsoda, brownsugar, brownsugar, butter, butter, butter, butter, canadianbacon, canadianbacon, cheddar, cream, creamcheese, creamcheese, eggs03, eggs03, eggs03, eggs03, eggs03, eggs03, eggs03, eggs03, eggs03, eggs03, eggs03, eggs03, flour, foodcoloring, foodcoloring, foodcoloring, foodcoloring, hotsauce, hotsauce, hotsauce, i-milk, molasses, molasses, mozzarella, mozzarella, mozzarella, mozzarella, mozzarella, mozzarella, oil, oil, oil, parmesan, parmesan, parmesan, pepperoni, pepperoni, pizzacrust, pizzacrust, pizzacrust, pizzacrust, pizzasauce, salt, salt, salt, sausage, sugar, sugar, sugar, vanilla, vanilla, vinegar, vinegar, vinegar, vinegar, yeast,