Vision: A Lifestyle and Movie TCG


// 08th September 2014
- Vision has closed.

// 27th August 2014
- Doubles Exchange: (exchanged gold02, mask05, moulinrouge04, moulinrouge08, paris06, umbrella15, walle11, waterfall13 for) yellow05, umbrella14, india01, niagarafalls01, gold02, nailart02, balloons13, balloons14
- Doubles Exchange: (exchanged blueandpink01, colourful02, dotted03, england05, flipflops03, frozen-olaf05, ga-dennysdead10, harrypotter-dh02poster05, hungergames-katnisspeeta10, lotr-arwen03 for) egypt12, nailart14, lipart05, frozen-elsa08, flipflops13, fireflies04, costarica10, gold02, guardians09, lastunicorn05
- Mastered balloons: blue06, blue08, wallflower05, hungergames-katnisspeeta10, cupcakes05, blueandpink07
- Shop: 1 Choice Card - balloons13, (-100 Coins)
- Mastered blackandwhite: balloons09, balloons15, tangled-pascal09, crayons09, cinderella09, flipflops08
- Mastered black: blackandwhite08, balloons10, sushi02, ga-dennysdead10, balloons12, ga-dennysdead01
- Update Freebies: black12, blackandwhite04, blackandwhite06
- Missing Heart: dotted03, spain02, ga-dennysdead10, fruitylips05, 20 Coins
- Guess the Quote: guardians04, japan05, beachfeeling10, 8 Coins
- Guess the Movie: waterfall13, blueandpink01, waterfall02, 6 Coins
- Guess the Card: paris05, frozen-olaf05, hungergames-katnisspeeta11, 7 Coins
- Vote: fireflies07, mask05, 7 Coins
- Tic Tac Toe: moulinrouge04, books13
- Freebies: dotted08, ga-newlife05, paris08, hearts13, charmed-awaking12, 24 Coins
- Memory: blueandpink10, birthday15, egypt11, 11 Coins
- Tombola: gameofthrones-daeneryspuzzle12, black03
- Hangman: harrypotter-ofpposter14, brown02
- Card Claim: guardians03, walle06
- Higher or Lower: ireland14, frozen11, 7 Coins

// 17th August 2014
- Mastered purple: black09, black11, wallflower06, blackandwhite02, frozen-elsa07, paris06
- Level Up (3-4): purple14, buttons06, lotr-arwen03, frozen-letitgo15, spain10
- Shop: eyemakeup02, spain09, moulinrouge11, england05, keys13, moulinrouge08, finalfantasy-reunion08, harrypotter-dh02poster05, up-carlandellie05, eyemakeup04, towers11, usb01, hollywood10, nailart11, moulinrouge03, (-500 Coins)
- Mastered blueandpink: purple08, purple12, hollywood03, purple11, books15, flipflops09
- Mastered yellow: blueandpink10, blueandpink12, birthday04, colourful02, hungergames-katnisspeeta10, ga-whitewedding01
- Doubles Exchange: ga-whitewedding07, pocahontas01, flipflops03, flipflops12, danbo01, lotr-arwen03, blue11, wallflower13, books13, lipart15 (exchanged: fujipuzzle05, ga-newlife06, harrypotter-gofposter05, harrypotter-hermione08, india14, lastunicorn08, moulinrouge-yoursong05, moulinrouge04, niagarafalls12, twilight10)
- Update Wish: (Nina, AUGUST) black05, blueandpink09, green01, purple03, balloons03, dotted13
- New Deck (August 17): buttons01, buttons02, spain06, spain08, macaroons09, macaroons11
- Update Wish: (Nina, 1 choice) yellow09
- New Decks (August 10): grey04, grey09, cupcakes06, cupcakes02, sushi01, sushi10
- Guess the Card: eyemakeup03, harrypotter-psposter09, sushi14, 7 Coins
- Guess the Quote: japan09, dotted02, cinderella04, 9 Coins
- Heart Machine: harrypotter-psposter01, birthday07, wallflower10
- Tic Tac Toe: gold10, jamaica01
- Freebies: blueandpink13, umbrella15, eyemakeup15, fujipuzzle05, ga-newlife06, 43 Coins
- Tombola: dotted03, gold01
- Hangman: sushi12, powerfuloz10
- Paper, Rock & Scissors: crayons14, balloons02
- Higher or Lower: pocahontas-johnpocahontas15, birthday11, 16 Coins
- Card Claim: pink09, ribbon03
- Guess the Movie: red13, umbrella15, lastunicorn08, 6 Coins
- Lucky Colour: twilight10, flipflops15, pocahontas07
- Hit the dot: colourful02, frozen-olaf05, harrypotter-hermione08, 15 Coins

// 06th August 2014
- Mastered red: yellow05, yellow07, fellowship06, india14, harrypotter-hermione15, blackandwhite13
- Mastered eyemakeup: red14, red15, umbrella15, hungergames-katnisspeeta02, moulinrouge04, frozen-elsa09
- Update Wishes: OPENPHASE - yellow03, blueandpink05, eyemakeup12, balloons01, eyemakeup14, white04, black04, mask08, blueandpink03
- Update Freebies: special10, layout01
- New Decks (Aug 3): orange04, orange05, umbrella04, umbrella05, paris06, flipflops03
- Update Question (July 27): 1 choice card (eyemakeup02)
- New Decks (July 27): birthday09, birthday11, candles07, candles08, silver05, silver07
- Paper, Rock & Scissors: purple07, paris03
- Higher or Lower: harrypotter-gofposter05, tangled-wedding11, 16 Coins
- Hangman: harrypotter-hbpposter15, green07
- Tombola: lastunicorn14, fireflies10, silver06, red15
- Memory: colourful04, candles06, umbrella07, 14 Coins
- Freebies: towers07, walle11, chopsticks01, orange03, lotr-arwen07, 21 Coins
- Tic Tac Toe: lotr-arwen01, umbrella03
- Vote: yellow06, england05, 8 Coins
- Lucky Colour: tangled-wedding12, niagarafalls12, fellowship09
- Guess the Quote: moulinrouge-yoursong05, danbo04, colourful10, 7 Coins
- Guess the Movie: fruitylips09, blackandwhite12, egypt13, 9 Coins
- Card Claim: birthday10, blackandwhite07
- Guess the Card: frozen-olaf13, paris02, hollywood14, 9 Coins
- Missing Heart: birthday10, chopsticks09, india14, gold02, 30 Coins

// 22nd July 2014
- Mastered nailart: red05, red07, frozen-letitgo11, twilight10, pocahontas04, nailart06
- Shop: 1 Choice Card (nailart15) - spent 100 Coins
- Update Wish: (Nina) blue05
- Level Up: nailart14, tangled14, balloons14, red03, pink02
- Doubles Exchange: hearts01, india09, black15, hollywood11, blackandwhite09, chopsticks11 (exchanged: crayons09, ga-newlife06, lotr-arwen11, redbeach04, redbeach05, walle12)
- Hit the dot: redbeach04, yellow01, eyemakeup11, 22 Coins
- Guess the landmark/city: ga-newlife06, eyemakeup06, kyoto14, 16 Coins
- Guess the thing: nailart13, england14, blueandpink07, 10 Coins
- Guess the movie: walle12, redbeach05, chucks07, 12 Coins
- Guess the card: crayons09, eyemakeup07, books07, 6 Coins
- Doubles Exchange: blueandpink08, surfer09, ga-whitewedding10, lotr-arwen11, india15, gold14, towers03 (exchanged: charmed-awaking01, harrypotter-gofposter10, hollywood08, keys04, twilight06, wallflower09, white02)
- Make a wish: moulinrouge08, crayons06, 7 Coins
- Melting Pot: give blue02 take eyemakeup03
- Card Claim: mask07, egypt09
- Vote: black14, up-carlandellie14, 5 Coins
- Freebies: twilight05, jamaica12, twilight11, balloons12, england07, 50 Coins
- Tombola: up-carlandellie12, egypt03, balloons02, frozen-olaf06
- Hangman: twilight03, wallflower09
- Tic Tac Toe: lotr-arwen11, up-carlandellie06
- Higher or Lower: red05, frozen-letitgo07, 11 Coins
- Memory: blueandpink04, harrypotter-cosposter08, ga-whitewedding04, 9 Coins
- Paper, Rock & Scissors: cinderella06, frozen-olaf15
- Heart Machine: hollywood15, frozen13, harrypotter-gofposter10

// 07th July 2014
- Shop (Cost 350): lipart06, redbeach05, thelionking02, jamaica12, pink05, redbeach04, statueofliberty13, hollywood08, red01, up-carlandellie11
- Mastered england: nailart10, nailart13, blackandwhite14, moulinrouge04, moulinrouge12, redbeach12
- Mastered brown: england14, england15, charmed-awaking03, towers04, beachfeeling10, towers14
- Mastered keys: brown08, brown14, frozen-letitgo13, black08, books11, red12
- Shop (Cost 100): 1 Choice Card (keys14)
- Update Wishes: (Jennifer, 2 choice - same deck) england11, england12, (Maron, TOKYO) nailart09, brown03, keys08, keys09, brown07
- New Decks (July 6): gold01, gold02, redbeach01, redbeach02
- Melting Pot: give beachfeeling06 take walle01
- Guess the thing: redbeach03, gold04, gold12, 5 Coins
- Guess the movie: hollywood09, keys04, india02, 15 Coins
- Guess the landmark/city: mask09, harrypotter-hermione08, charmed-awaking01, 9 Coins
- Guess the card: mask13, twilight06, ga-newlife06, 12 Coins
- Vote: blueandpink01, japan12, 13 Coins
- Freebies: lipart09, hearts05, harrypotter-dh02poster05, frozen-olaf03, harrypotter-gofposter08, 41 Coins
- Card Claim: fireflies12, wallflower09
- Tombola: ga-newlife04, danbo05
- Tic Tac Toe: wallflower02, statueofliberty04
- Memory: harrypotter-gofposter10, green03, red02, 5 Coins
- Paper, Rock & Scissors: gold12, dotted03
- Heart Machine: keys04, red08, fellowship08

// 01st July 2014
- Level Up: keys04, moulinrouge-yoursong08, hollywood13, surfer11, white02
- Doubles Trade-In: Exchanged danbo09, harrypotter-psposter10, thelionking14, wallflower14 for england01, yellow08, white15, thelionking04
- Shop: (Spent 500 coins) thelionking09, chucks15, up11, waterfall08, india10, surfer14, niagarafalls07, blue02, gameofthrones-daeneryspuzzle02, dotted14, purple13, dotted09, gameofthrones-daeneryspuzzle04, moulinrouge-yoursong05, surfer08
- New Decks (June 29): ribbon05, lotr-arwen06, harrypotter-dh02poster07
- Update Wishes: (Robin, 1 choice TV) harrypotter-gofposter05, (Donna, SUMMER) keys02, blue04, mask01, eyemakeup01, england08, nailart06
- Guess the card: beachfeeling06, blackandwhite12, beachfeeling07, 20 Coins
- Card Claim: up01, frozen07
- Melting Pot: give chopsticks09 take purple15
- Higher or Lower: twilight03, frozen-letitgo05, 11 Coins
- Guess the thing: frozen-letitgo13, fireflies02, brown11, 9 Coins
- Guess the movie: mask05, white07, niagarafalls08, 19 Coins
- Guess the landmark/city: chopsticks12, moulinrouge14, black13, 18 Coins
- Vote: walle12, books01, 7 Coins
- Freebies: thelionking14, thelionking06, harrypotter-psposter10, hollywood12, charmed-awaking01, 44 Coins
- Hangman: gameofthrones-daeneryspuzzle08, green04
- Make a wish: pink05, up04, 7 Coins
- Tic Tac Toe: chucks10, blueandpink14
- Memory: surfer02, harrypotter-cosposter12, harrypotter-gofposter06, 6 Coins
- Heart Machine: fujipuzzle05, guardians14, harrypotter-dh01poster15

// 27th June 2014
- Donate reward: wallflower14, lastunicorn02, danbo09
- Donate reward: red10, harrypotter-gofposter03, harrypotter-dh01poster10

// 24th June 2014
- Trade Card Rewards: pink03, brown06, walle13, 50 Coins
- Update Freebie: special07
- Update Wishes: (Jenny, 20 coins) 20 coins + (Srahina, WORLDCUP) white03, brown02, nailart04, england01, england07, black03, blue01, purple01
- New Decks (June 22): colourful01, colourful02, books01
- Doubles Exchange: chopsticks09, fellowship02, yellow12, twilight06 (Exchanged: eyemakeup06, ga-newlife01, harrypotter-cosposter09, jamaica02)
- Card Claim: blue07, yellow08
- Guess the thing: lastunicorn08, fruitylips07, mask15, 19 Coins
- Guess the movie: yellow02, white02, wallflower14, 19 Coins
- Guess the landmark/city: balloons14, purple11, mask05, 19 Coins
- Vote: harrypotter-psposter10, dotted11, 9 Coins
- Freebies: hearts07, cinderella05, nailart07, cinderella07, eyemakeup06, 22 Coins
- Tombola: fellowship06, harrypotter-gofposter02, jamaica02, jamaica02
- Hangman: brown15, fireflies08
- Tic Tac Toe: harrypotter-poaposter03, waterfall13
- Higher or Lower: usb11, up13, 12 Coins
- Memory: harrypotter-psposter07, hollywood08, usb06, 15 Coins
- Paper, Rock & Scissors: india09, ga-newlife01

// 16th June 2014
- New Decks (June 15): blueandpink01, blueandpink02, white01, white02, black01, black02, nailart01, nailart03, waterfall05
- Wishes (June 15): (Donna, choice fave colour) purple02
- Melting Pot: exchanged beachfeeling05 for england13
- Guess the card: kyoto07, towers08, nailart02, 19 Coins
- Heart Machine: guardians10, england03, red04
- Guess the thing: moulinrouge-yoursong11, chopsticks04, thelionking14, 17 Coins
- Guess the movie: eyemakeup06, guardians07, danbo15, 12 Coins
- Guess the landmark/city: dotted08, walle11, keys06, 5 Coins
- Make a wish: blackandwhite01, blackandwhite02, 10 Coins
- Freebies: moulinrouge09, moulinrouge12, white10, red11, beachfeeling08, 28 Coins
- Card Claim: crayons09, balloons08
- Tombola: frozen-letitgo04, danbo12, purple10, 10 Coins
- Hangman: niagarafalls12, japan12
- Tic Tac Toe: dotted12, white15
- Higher or Lower: harrypotter-cosposter09, eyemakeup10, 11 Coins
- Memory: eyemakeup04, wallflower07, up-carlandellie14, 6 Coins

// 08th June 2014
- Hit the dot: wallflower08, chucks06, gameofthrones-daeneryspuzzle14, 26 Coins
- Card Claim: fellowship12, towers07
- Guess the Movie: brown11, england04, up07, 7 Coins
- Guess the Landmark: yellow15, up-carlandellie13, kyoto12, 13 Coins
- Make A Wish: mask05, frozen-letitgo03, 7 Coins
- Freebies: kyoto07, balloons11, eyemakeup15, moulinrouge-yoursong09, red09, 30 Coins
- War: hearts07
- Tombola: harrypotter-gofposter04, fellowship01, guardians01, mask03
- Tic Tac Toe: brown05, statueofliberty07
- Higher or Lower: blackandwhite14, beachfeeling05, 15 Coins
- Memory: green05, chucks05, harrypotter-dh01poster11, 9 Coins
- Paper, Rock & Scissors: danbo06, fireflies06

// 07th June 2014
- Update Question (June 8): keys05
- Update Freebies (June 8): purple07, red10, keys01, japan11, dotted09, pink02, england05
- Update Event (June 8): special01
- Starter Pack: keys07, keys12, keys13, ga-newlife01, up04, mask04, england10, blackandwhite10, danbo09, green08, 100 Coins
// 01st September 2014
- Traded Kiori: my birthday10, gold02, hungergames-katnisspeeta11, tangled-pascal09, tangled-wedding11 for blue15, dotted01, candles01, colourful14, cupcakes08

// 18th August 2014
- Traded Kiori: my frozen-elsa09, harrypotter-gofposter02, harrypotter-hermione15, hungergames-katnisspeeta02, lotr-arwen01 for balloons04, blackandwhite05, blue12, books03, buttons12

// 15th August 2014
- Traded Catherine: my frozen-olaf13 for balloons06

// 04th August 2014
- Traded Nina: my beachfeeling07, pocahontas04, up07, up11, up13, up-carlandellie06, up-carlandellie11, up-carlandellie14 for balloons05, balloons07, black07, black10, blackandwhite03, mask06, gold07, books04

// 31st July 2014
- Traded Kiori: my lotr-arwen11 for purple06

// 24th July 2014
- Traded Kiori: my frozen-olaf06 for eyemakeup13
- Traded Nina: my frozen-letitgo07, frozen-letitgo11 for purple04, purple09

// 23rd July 2014
- Traded Nina: my balloons14, beachfeeling10, frozen-olaf15 for books05, books06, books14

// 15th July 2014
- Traded Kiori: my fellowship06, fellowship12, cinderella05, cinderella07 for blue10, blueandpink15, books07, colourful08

// 14th July 2014
- Traded Kiori: my fellowship06, fellowship12, cinderella05, cinderella07 for blue10, bluepink15, books07, colourful08

// 12th July 2014
- Traded Nina: my frozen-letitgo05, frozen-letitgo13, frozen07, harrypotter-dh01poster04, harrypotter-dh01poster10, harrypotter-dh01poster15, mc-Jennifer for yellow04, mc-Nina, books06, colourful10, mask04, pink01, pink10

// 10th July 2014
- Traded Kiori: my chucks05, chucks10 for eyemakeup05, eyemakeup11

// 08th July 2014
- Traded Robin: my harrypotter-psposter07, harrypotter-psposter14, jamaica12, statueofliberty04 for purple05, eyemakeup07, eyemakeup08, eyemakeup09

// 07th July 2014
- Traded Kiori: my guardians10, fellowship02 for keys11, yellow06

// 05th July 2014
- Traded Kiori: my twilight03, chucks15 for brown10, brown13

// 04th July 2014
- Traded Robin: my chopsticks12, guardians14, india10 for brown04, yellow13, black06

// 30th June 2014
- Traded Kiori: my japan11, chucks06 for red06, green10

// 25th June 2014
- Traded Robin: my india09, jamaica02, mask15, usb06, usb11 for blueandpink13, yellow01, yellow10, yellow11, yellow14

// 20th June 2014 (1/2 = 8/28)
- Traded Kiori: my frozen-letitgo03, frozen-letitgo04, mc-Jennifer for nailart05, blueandpink08, mc-Kiori (2)

// 19th June 2014 (1/6 = 7/26)
- Traded Fanyxia: my moulinrouge-yoursong09, moulinrouge-yoursong11, up04, up-carlandellie13, up-carlandellie14, moulinrouge12, mc-Jennifer for purple13, red13, blackandwhite11, blackandwhite15, brown09, green06, mc-Fanyxia (6)

// 17th June 2014 (4/9 = 6/20)
- Traded Maron: my japan12, kyoto12, mc-Jennifer for keys10, keys15, mc-Maron (2)
- Traded Whitney: my wallflower07, wallflower08, mc-Jennifer for keys03, england06, mc-Whitney (2)
- Traded Michele: my kyoto07, dotted08, dotted09, mc-Jennifer for harrypotter-dh01poster04, harrypotter-psposter14, harrypotter-cosposter09, mc-Michele (3)
- Traded Srahina: my towers07, towers08, mc-Jennifer for england09, mc-Srahina, red02 (2)

// 16th June 2014 (2/11)
- Traded Robin: my fireflies06, guardians07, statueofliberty07, mc-Jennifer for blue03, blueandpink11, brown01, mc-Robin (3)
- Traded Jenny: my beachfeeling08, chopsticks04, danbo12, danbo15, mask03, mask04, mask05, hearts07, gameofthrones-daeneryspuzzle14, mc-Jennifer for england02, blue02, blue09, blueandpink06, brown12, green14, nailart08, nailart11, nailart12, mc-Jenny (9)
My currency count was 434.


balloons01, balloons02, balloons03, balloons04, balloons05, balloons06, balloons07, balloons08, balloons09, balloons10, balloons11, balloons12, balloons13, balloons14, balloons15, black01, black02, black03, black04, black05, black06, black07, black08, black09, black10, black11, black12, black13, black14, black15, blackandwhite01, blackandwhite02, blackandwhite03, blackandwhite04, blackandwhite05, blackandwhite06, blackandwhite07, blackandwhite08, blackandwhite09, blackandwhite10, blackandwhite11, blackandwhite12, blackandwhite13, blackandwhite14, blackandwhite15, blueandpink01, blueandpink02, blueandpink03, blueandpink04, blueandpink05, blueandpink06, blueandpink07, blueandpink08, blueandpink09, blueandpink10, blueandpink11, blueandpink12, blueandpink13, blueandpink14, blueandpink15, brown01, brown02, brown03, brown04, brown05, brown06, brown07, brown08, brown09, brown10, brown11, brown12, brown13, brown14, brown15, england01, england02, england03, england04, england05, england06, england07, england08, england09, england10, england11, england12, england13, england14, england15, eyemakeup01, eyemakeup02, eyemakeup03, eyemakeup04, eyemakeup05, eyemakeup06, eyemakeup07, eyemakeup08, eyemakeup09, eyemakeup10, eyemakeup11, eyemakeup12, eyemakeup13, eyemakeup14, eyemakeup15, keys01, keys02, keys03, keys04, keys05, keys06, keys07, keys08, keys09, keys10, keys11, keys12, keys13, keys14, keys15, nailart01, nailart02, nailart03, nailart04, nailart05, nailart06, nailart07, nailart08, nailart09, nailart10, nailart11, nailart12, nailart13, nailart14, nailart15, purple01, purple02, purple03, purple04, purple05, purple06, purple07, purple08, purple09, purple10, purple11, purple12, purple13, purple14, purple15, red01, red02, red03, red04, red05, red06, red07, red08, red09, red10, red11, red12, red13, red14, red15, yellow01, yellow02, yellow03, yellow04, yellow05, yellow06, yellow07, yellow08, yellow09, yellow10, yellow11, yellow12, yellow13, yellow14, yellow15


blue01, blue02, blue03, blue04, blue05, blue07, blue09, blue10, blue11, blue12, blue06, blue08, blue15, books01, books03, books04, books05, books06, books07, books11, books13, books14, books15, dotted02, dotted03, dotted08, dotted09, dotted11, dotted12, dotted13, dotted14, dotted01


birthday04, birthday07, birthday09, birthday10, birthday11, birthday15, buttons01, buttons02, buttons06, buttons12, candles01, candles06, candles07, candles08, colourful01, colourful02, colourful04, colourful08, colourful10, colourful14, crayons06, crayons09, crayons14, cupcakes02, cupcakes06, cupcakes08, gold01, gold02, gold04, gold07, gold10, gold12, gold14, green01, green03, green04, green06, green07, green10, green14, grey04, grey09, mask01, mask05, mask06, mask07, mask08, mask09, mask13, orange03, orange04, orange05, pink02, pink03, pink05, pink09, ribbon03, ribbon05, silver05, silver06, silver07, umbrella03, umbrella04, umbrella05, umbrella07, umbrella14, umbrella15, white01, white02, white03, white04, white07, white10, white15


layout01, special01, special07, special10


mc-Fanyxia, mc-Jennifer, mc-Jenny, mc-Kiori, mc-Maron, mc-Michele, mc-Nina, mc-Robin, mc-Srahina, mc-Whitney


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