Zest (Rebooted): A Food & Baking TCG

This was the rebooted version of Zest. It was abandoned in less than six months.


// 08th February 2017
- Zest hasn't been updated since July 21st, but the last update on the Exposure Forums (November 9th 2016) was that it will be returning in 2017.

// 08th August 2016
- Update Freebie (July 21): [GRANDOPENING] eggs01, broccoli05, almonds04, friedchicken02, icedcoffee05, coffee05, sp-pepsi01, coffee06, friedchicken07, broccoli06, almonds06, eggs05

// 09th June 2016
- Update Freebie (7 June): broccoli09, cauliflower10
- New Decks (7 June): milkshakes03, blackberries03, blackberries08, milkshakes15, congee13, peachcobbler07, sp-panerabread04, sp-panerabread08
- Card Error Switcheroo: sp-events02 exchanged for sp-subway02
- Card Claim (June 9): tomatoes03, cauliflower13
- Slots: parsley08, cocoa07
- Hangman: cherries02, pretzels12, maccheese12
- Card Puzzle: chickennuggets10, sushi03
- Memory: lemons12, steak03, papaya06
- Guess the Number: paella04, watermelon03
- Blackjack: friedrice01, almonds03, eggs04, chocolatechipcookies02
- Twitter Freebies (9th June): cocktails06, coffee04, eggs02
- Twitter Freebies (6th June): coffee03, sp-pepsi02
- Update Freebies (5th June): coffee01, eggs10

// 07th June 2016
- Rejoin Rewards (regular): brownies01, friedplantains04, eggs13, truffles05, maccheese11

// 06th June 2016
- Forum - June Freebies: brownies04, broccoli10, sp-events02
- Starter pack: coffee09, coffee02, coffee13, chickenwings10, icedcoffee02, persimmons14, bbq03, mintchocchip12, friedrice14, smokedsalmon02, sp-prejoin203, sp-prejoin10
- I have (re)joined Zest!			
// 15th August 2016
- Traded Isothena: my papaya06 for almonds02

// 29th June 2016
- Traded Jams: my chickennuggets10, mc-Jennifer for cauliflower15, mc-Jams

// 25th June 2016
- Traded Isothena: my friedrice01, mc-Jennifer for steak12, mc-Isothena

// 20th June 2016
- Traded Hotaru: my sushi03 for broccoli13

// 16th June 2016
- Traded Minty: my milkshakes03, mc-Jennifer for broccoli11, mc-Minty
// Regular Cards
almonds02, almonds03, almonds04, almonds06, bbq03, blackberries03, blackberries08, broccoli05, broccoli06, broccoli09, broccoli10, broccoli11, broccoli13, brownies01, brownies04, cauliflower10, cauliflower13, cauliflower15, cherries02, chickenwings10, chocolatechipcookies02, cocktails06, cocoa07, coffee01, coffee02, coffee03, coffee04, coffee05, coffee06, coffee09, coffee13, congee13, eggs01, eggs02, eggs04, eggs05, eggs10, eggs13, friedchicken02, friedchicken07, friedplantains04, friedrice14, icedcoffee02, icedcoffee05, lemons12, maccheese11, maccheese12, milkshakes15, mintchocchip12, paella04, parsley08, peachcobbler07, persimmons14, pretzels12, smokedsalmon02, steak03, steak12, tomatoes03, truffles05, watermelon03

// Special Cards (Worth 2)
sp-pepsi01, sp-pepsi02, sp-panerabread04, sp-panerabread08, sp-prejoin10, sp-prejoin203, sp-subway02

// Member Cards
mc-Isothena, mc-Jams, mc-Jennifer, mc-Minty